Jenna Jameson isn’t completely ugly

June 25th, 2007 // 104 Comments

Jenna Jameson brought her ginormous boobs to a signing at the ’07 Erotica convention in Los Angeles over the weekend and showed up walking that horrifying line between hot and disgusting. She looks better than I’m used to seeing her, but considering she used to look like this, she could’ve shown up with three eyes and a fin and it would’ve been an improvement.


  1. Rachel

    Wow, she does look a LOT better.


    She looks like a plastic piece of dried up dog do.

  3. Paris Hilton

    That’s hot.

  4. Penis Mightier

    Nope, still disgusting

  5. corey


  6. wedgeone

    Anyone know if she ever really did a porn with Ron Jeremy? Ron’s been known to ruin a vaginoplasty or two.
    Those pics of the two of them look as out of place as Paris Hilton in a MENSA meeting.

  7. Hotyute

    I disagree, is “this” what’s really appealing in your country? I mean, look at it,it’s not even real: an ass load of plastic to poke, insect hormones, and horse hair.

  8. Wanky

    as you guys can see, jenna gave me a warm hug

  9. yolatengo

    all the supposed things that have been
    force-fed to us as sexy/hot are there, but its all so damn exaggerated to the tenth power, it just ends up looking like a blow up doll.

    don’t want.

  10. charm

    FAKE pretty isn’t pretty.

  11. Danklin24

    Yes she is. Superfish, its already been established you have bad taste in women.

  12. bungoone

    8, not it’s not but clearly some people think they look good like this & can’t stop getting plastic surgery.

  13. #6: calling a porn star a slut? original.

  14. Superfish

    #12 wow! thank god im not the REAL superfish. u totally dissed him. LOL

    man i remember a time when she used to be soooo hot. i can remember all the porn i had downloaded onto my mobile phone and computer and the good times i shared whacking off to her moans and cries and just wishing and HOPING it was me. oh, how those were the good days. now she’s just a restaurant pig with blonde hair…and a loose vajayay

  15. N@ughty

    actually, i like her look…her boobs i mean. they might not look nice on her, but i wouldn’t mind taking her boobs and putting them on Kelly Clarkson’s body

  16. catseyesvc

    i think she looks “job” appropriate ;-) porn stars are supposed to look like that….porn is fantasy. hello, she basically is a blow up doll. now if only we could keep the doll from losing more weight.

  17. my comment

    She’s looking very Joan Rivers lately.

  18. Superfish


    Where have you and YOUR boobs been all this time??? and you’re right! i’d definitely put them on KC’s body. i’d even put jenna’s BODY on KC’s body. she’s still fat you know.

  19. Coco

    her skin looks like Blohan’s. Unlucky.

  20. melinda

    Ugly troll she makes me sick a complete disgrace to all women. If i ever run in to her im going to kick her in the beef curtains

  21. swerdlow

    It’s b/c her facelift finally relaxed.

  22. hey superfish. long time no…diss. how’s the virginish and whacking off life going for you nowadays? still horny, depressed and single? no one will date you still?

  23. parker's mom

    nice wig.

  24. Superfish

    #23 HAHAHA! how’s the boobs? how’s the vajayay? i heard it was gooooood.

    you don’t. you slap her down and piss on her again and again and again…

    **gently rubs penis

  25. You have to respect an 83 pound girl who can take a 17 pound cock … and by “respect,” I mean, “loathe.”

    More idiot skanks here:

  26. mmm

    Bones + Plastic = The Sex


    If that bitch….just gain an ounce of weight then maybe……just maybe, she would look better! I thought that swallowing SEMEN makes you healthier?

  28. I don’t agree. She’s completely ugly. I’d still fuck that fake, plastic, warm water like vagina though.

  29. baby

    she looks like hilary duff in the first picture.

  30. Chauncey Gardner

    WTF? She looks like a crashed Roswell alien after a bad gender reassignment.

  31. kix

    Just another plastic moron. Yawn.

  32. Jenna was teh hawt about 10 years ago. Who wants to see a 33 year old porn star ?

  33. If I had thoze gigantor
    titz, I’d be trying to:

    1)tear them out in my zleep,
    2)trying to zee my feet
    3)not fall off the surfboard
    4)zitting drinkz on top of them

    they R ugly and un=natural..
    I zee Ron Jeremy iz in the
    pic..he waz funny on that
    reality zhow with Vanilla Ice.

    I zee U fuckerz had a field day
    in here *techclerk* yea, fucker,
    I’m 18 not 11, azzdicklicker..not
    that it matterz for U or anyone elze.

  34. leelee

    She’s still waay to thin. I feel like if she turned sideways she would completely disappear.

  35. Chauncey Gardner

    Jesus Christ, that hatchet-face is only thirty-three?!? I figured she’d have to be pushing forty, by now. I guess coating yourself with semen every day doesn’t really have a rejuvenating effect, like they said on Nip/Tuck.

  36. Kamiki

    She looks so ugly, I really think all the fakeness is disgusting peeps. Plus ho many dicks has she had in her? Shes a whore and there’s no getting away from that, even if she looked like Grace Kelly she’d still be a whore.

  37. ranabe talipee

    she should get rired of nuts…shoved down her throat day-in, and day-out! I would kike to think that all nuts son’t taste that great!

  38. JaeMae

    I was just about to say i thought she looked like hilary duff in 10 yrs!

    Yea, Im a blonde named Jenna, and its impossible to introduce myself to anyone without a stupid little giggle…

  39. gerard Vandenberg

    Listen, the older you become in my eyes, the less beautifull become your BOOBS, it’s a fact, ask Demi Moore.
    I simply love the WISDOM that comes from the inside!
    And of course a lot of LESBIAN-TRICKS!

  40. ranabe talipee

    So sorry….I was carpet munching! i meant to say that”she should get tired of nuts shoved down her throat day-in, and day out, I would like to think that all nuts, don’t taste that great” thank you!

  41. zippysweetcheeks

    she’s dating tito ortiz. poor guy

  42. Kim

    Ron Jeremy makes me want to throw up.

  43. mr gossip

    Jenna seems like shes getting hotter as the years go by. fantastic.

  44. I like her. she knows how to make money out of sex. she really knows.

  45. Crocstimpy

    She never did anything for me, even before all the plastic surgery. She was just a mediochre looking girl with way too much makeup on. She looks terrible lately.

    It was cool to see The Hedgehog again though.

  46. Solaera

    Well, the new longer weave is an improvement over that bob which elongated her face so that she looked like a damned horse.

  47. JennaJamesonIsASkank

    Jenna Jameson is a worthless piece of shit. She owes over $20,000 to a local vendor here in Phoenix for products supplied to her strip clubs and won’t pay up. I hope this woman dies…

  48. maeby

    #22 I totally agree..ashe definitely had a facelift.
    Although, She does look like less of an alien I guess. Shes probably has weak ankles from the weight of her head and gigantor boobs making her top heavy though.

  49. maeby

    #22 I totally agree..she definitely had a facelift.
    Although, She does look like less of an alien I guess. Shes probably has weak ankles from the weight of her head and gigantor boobs making her top heavy though.

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