Jenna Jameson is, uh, sexy?

March 20th, 2007 // 105 Comments

I’m sure there was a time when Jenna Jameson was sexy, but judging by these pics you’d think that was a time of dinosaurs and unicorns. She looks like a disgusting version of Victoria Beckham, and Victoria isn’t all that non-disgusting to begin with. She doesn’t have AIDS does she? I’ll feel pretty bad if she has AIDS, but at least that’d explain why she looks like this. When the plastic surgeon asked what kind of look she was going for she probably responded, “Monster.”

jenna-jameson-posh-spice-02-thumb.jpg jenna-jameson-posh-spice-03-thumb.jpg jenna-jameson-posh-spice-04-thumb.jpg jenna-jameson-posh-spice-05-thumb.jpg


  1. Jiimbo

    First, This is much better

  2. whackjob

    Yeah, there is something very “up” with Jenna. Those pictures of her from last month were gruesome. Though I don’t know much about her other than that TV story shit, she WAS hot. now…not so much.

    and now, standby for an important message from from the porn/men/slut/everything haters, in three-two-one:

  3. imran karim

    didn’t she use to have more meat?

  4. jeeb

    wow seriously she was way hotter like 10 years ago

  5. Germany

    Besides her Jolie lips i think shes still kinda hot…

  6. Grita

    Oh god, her hipbone, HER HIPBONE!!! It’s about to pierce through her skin!!!!!!

  7. teetee

    What a skank-a-rella!

  8. Zoey


    She should ride smoothly wot with all that synthetic stuff damping thing out…

  9. LilRach

    Damn she’s lost some weight. Face looks ok – for a whore. But what’s with her fugly pants and boots??

  10. combustion8

    I’m convinced the real jenna jameson died in a triple anal accident and this is merely her doppelganger.

  11. crazyotto

    this whore must be using the same plastic surgeon as Susanne Somers and Kathy Griffin because they look like triplets

  12. Cookie V.

    coked out. just like Poop Spice. duh.

  13. BarbadoSlim

    Ugh, rough, all of the sudden I feel the need to condition the leather seats of my Yukon.

  14. crazyotto

    her boy toy is a punk bitch

  15. danielle

    The two people in the background take the cake in this picture.

    You can just read their expressions.

    They’re thinking:

    “That’s the end result of baked semen. I think I’ll have a good laugh now.”

  16. pookiedoo

    What happened??? She used to be one of the most beautiful women in the world… I guess if you don’t have an eating disorder these days, you’re just not cool. Have these girls never heard of what happened to karen Carpenter?

    I’m going to go eat a greasy cheeseburger now. At least my heart-attack will be food-induced as opposed to lack of.

  17. Jiimbo

    Damn, I thoght I was going to go home with that stupid image of KR in my head. Now it is Jenna. Much better image to have in my head as I drive down the freeway!!!! No only if they could have posted some good naked ones of her.

    Yes, I know. All I have to do is a google search on her and tons of them would cum up.

  18. pookiedoo

    And to whomever I will have inevitably offended with my post, yes, I’m a ignorant cracker. And very much still hungover.

  19. buzz_clik

    I can’t believe I ever used to have my pants off around moving images of this woman.

    Not that the two were linked, mind you. It was pure coincidence. See, I’d walk into the room, and then I’d go to close the window because it was blustery outside. THEN a strong wind would blow my pants off and… oh, Lisa! Hi honey! Wh-what are you doing home so early?

    #10 – Surely you mean doppelgangbanger?

  20. Angry Ferret Jones

    There is only one way this whore looks good: With a cock in her mouth, and a load on her chest.

  21. Whammer Jammer

    No eating disorder here……this is crank abuse. Look at her arms and that hip bone……pretty sickening.

  22. Superevil


  23. freakspeely

    Aww damn, I thought being a porn star, she’d have more control over herself and not fall victim to low self esteem! I’m SHOCKED she’s so sick and deteriorating…just stunned…yeah…

  24. luvinit

    You can tell exactly what the woman in the background is thinking. She’s like:

    Oh My god that skeleton prostitute actually thinks she hot! Her ugly outfit bring it all together.
    then she proceeds to laugh because…
    She just stabbed and killed her date with her sharp hip bone.

  25. Conky

    Walking AIDS with skinny little arms and legs.

    Those skinny ankles are kinda disturbing and makes one wonder if they might just snap under the combined weight of those lip and breast implants. Yikes, that thought killed any chance of a boner out of me. :(

  26. NicotineEyePatch

    What happened to Jenna is exactly what should be happening as a result of her selling her soul to Wicked in the nineties.
    “Fuck for ten years straight – BUT, make enough money to try to surgically erase ten years of paid fucking.”

  27. luvinit

    OMG! I just noticed that the picture of the girl across the page under the heading ” Who Is the Sexiest Vegetarian Alive?” is posing the exact say way as Jenna. Except she doesn’t look like a crack whore!

  28. no1justminda

    wow, she totally destroyed her face

  29. pookiedoo

    #27, you’re right! … it’s fucking surreal…

  30. buzz_clik

    #27 – Nice call!

    …and now I can’t stop looking between the two, like some sort of hyperactive terrier watching a video of tennis in fast forward. Thanks a bunch.

  31. Truthseeker013

    “Jenna Jameson is, uh, sexy?”

    Uh, NO. NEVER WAS.

  32. fosho

    ewww…lool at her arms…they’re nasty..

  33. mentallo

    NASTY …. I remember when she was hot in the late 90′s…now she is just disgusting

  34. julyper

    #27 LOL

  35. Hilarious outfit. Those shoes look like they came direct from the Olsen Twins’ freak show closet. Also, her bizarre leathery stomach is almost more disturbing than Tara Reid’s.


  36. Carsten5577

    This is what your face looks like after you’ve swallowed 50 gallons of cum, boys and girls.

  37. Dan

    It’s been all downhill since she hit 18. Same with all women.

  38. HollyJ

    Dan, may the fleas of a thousand camels breed on your groin.

    That bitch has some SKINNY ANKLES. Damn.

  39. che1964

    Meth will do this to you…

  40. HollyJ

    She’s not even 33 yet (Apr9), and she already looks like THIS?! I thought she was more like 45! =0

  41. iamsosmrt

    So what happens in porn when a girl is being banged and her arm breaks off? Do they keep going? Is it seen a cool kinky turn on and the arm is then used as a giant dildo? What?
    Is she still even in porn? Because I don’t think she should be passing on whatever terminal disease did that to her, especially if it’s terminal SSDW (stupid self destructive whore) we don’t need any more of those.

  42. heysailor

    I didn’t know skeletor was hiding a blonde bob under his purple hood.

  43. Hohlraum

    yeah she was a porn star but she was so beautiful. why do these women do this to themselves? are they really that damaged emotionally?

  44. bunnyhugger

    fortyfive? FORTYFIVE?
    i love ya, girl, but 40 and 50 gals aren’t all jerky skinned and wasted. life BEGINS at forty, and i’m livin’ it to the max!

    and she’s a waste, but i want that rag hangin’ out of her back pocket!

  45. bunnyhugger

    uh, AGE 40 $ 50.
    sorry for the confusion. pass the aricept.

  46. fritobandito

    Thanks for the pic.’s. I almost forgot, I need to get toothpicks when I go to the store!

  47. fritobandito

    also, who is paying for my new monitor?? Her hip bone poked right through the screen. Almost put an eye out.

  48. Dan

    Oh wait, I was getting her mixed up with Traci Lords anyway. It’s not my fault: all women look alike.

  49. marme

    It doesnt even look like her anymore….shit man. Shes right up there with cortney love.

  50. wink

    She’s tryin for the new look to get away from the porn queen image and into a legitamate motion picture (so called) star !

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