Jenna Jameson still skinny

April 6th, 2007 // 119 Comments

  1. HollyJ

    Someone give that girl a KFC biscuit QUICK!!

  2. mrs.t

    A biscuit and a Big Gulp of Gravy to wash it down.

  3. She has also more dicks in her mouth than most of us have had forks.

  4. HollyJ

    BTW, do we know what happened to Tito’s right eyeball?

  5. Cabaret

    her stomach is uh starting to look a little bit like tara reid’s and thats not good… not very good indeed lol but I don’t think shes too skinny shes doesn’t quite have skeletor arms

  6. She has also HAD more dicks in her mouth than most of us have had forks.

  7. FRIST!!!

    Note to self:
    Get rid of ablounge

  8. DeArmond

    god dammit. all skinniness aside.
    someone needs to have a talk with this woman about dressing AGE APPRORIATE.

    you are 32 years old jenna jameson.
    you dress like a 13 year old.
    cover that shit up.
    you are terrible.

  9. Truthseeker013

    Esteemed AuthorPerson, you left out frackin’ *hideous*…

  10. JaeMae


  11. herb3


  12. crazycowlady

    Wait – this woman did porn? I mean, really?

  13. lawboy

    Wow. She is just frightening. Someone get her off the meth before she kills herself. She looked way hotter when she was a sexy porno star. Now she is just plain pathetic. Thanks Tito.

  14. HollyJ

    that’s why her hair looks so good 12 .. sperm is GREAT fertilizer ..she’s a splooge Chia-Pet

  15. erta

    This is scary. What about HIM? His features are soooo fucking steroidal. And she got known so much because she didn’t just “fuck”, she let guys beat her up while they fucked her. Look at her disgusting ass body, all anorexic and fake. I’m glad to see her demise. Demise from the biggest slutty scumbag ever, of course. Shit, what does that make her? Hilarious that her fucking VAGINA OPERATION made her beat-up slash “ugly”. It was probably to actually remove warts the size of the Rockys.

  16. 1MILFhunter

    Sure, she’s losing weight. She’s not on a strict jism diet anymore. Less liquid protein, less body mass. Without the silicone rack, there’s not much left of JJ.

  17. omelette ze roar

    That woman is all kinds of ew.

  18. chaunceygardner

    I think that guy was that big thing that was chained to those dudes with the masks in 300.

    And, now that I think about it, Jenna looks like that hunchback traitor guy. I guess they used less CGI in that movie than we thought.

  19. i didn’t know skeletor and He-Man were dating

  20. TurdFerguson

    Her man-hands are wider than, well, everything BUT her vajayjay

  21. Manistoned

    Sooooooooo many better looking pornstars than Jenna. And with nice real tits. Jenna was/is ally hype.

  22. TJH

    Hey man, can you blame Tito for loving the way he can bury his dick to the nuts in her mouth?? Not to mention, the poop chute jamming. Gotta be heaven.

  23. Cardinal Ximenez

    Agreed, so many Real porn stars who are so much hotter…
    Tania Russof
    Suzan Nielsen
    Nikki Blonde
    Anita Blonde
    Laura Angel
    And any girl who works for Private and these babes take it up the ass.

    Jenna was a fake, and overplayed. She played to the mainstream media and got a huge following which she didn’t deserve. Ya know Hillary Duff looked just like Jenna then got skinny, maybe that is what Jenna is trying to copy now.

    Can’t wait to watch this meathead boyfriend destroy her career. The good news… if her career tanks, she’ll start taking it in the ass! Shalom niggas.

  24. johnnywad

    Geez…. his arm is almost as big as she is.

  25. redsonja1313

    OMG that is so gross….and she was once so hot. Jesus she looks like she could die od anorexia weight. Hello Karen Carpenter !!

  26. anotheruselesscomment

    Tito has the Barry Bonds “big head” steroidal cranium syndrome….it’s so f*cking obvious, but he’s a tough UFC warrior who will protect Jenna from all this editorialism.

  27. hilaroushillary

    in the last pic, I had the feeling, I looked into the eye of Death. *shudder*

  28. hotguy

    Undoubtedly AIDS!!!

  29. LadyJane

    My pussy and I were talking the other day, and she personally thanked me for never going into porn. I mean, my pussy is hot, yo, but she’s a little shy.

  30. NicotineEyePatch

    Jenna’s laughing now, but it’ll be a different story when they hit Mr. Chang’s for the all-you-can-eat wing special, and a stray drop of honey-garlic sauce hits her, and Tito just fucking inhales her.

  31. DeArmond

    somebody should nominate her for that show “what not to wear”

    now if only there was a show called “who not to date”

    i should invent that.

  32. That’s rough..

  33. kickservebt

    who the hell is Tito?

  34. HollyJ

    33.. I think Tito is one of the Jackson’s

  35. BaldingSuperhero

    Damn you, the Superficial! There are plenty of good celeb stories I could see on E! right now, but instead we end the week with a random story about Jenna Jameson being skinny. Nice.

  36. “She has also more dicks in her mouth than most of us have had forks.”

    Oh, my God. That was brilliant.

    But yeah, get this woman a sammich. Not a sandwich, she’s too far gone for that. A sammich.

  37. DMM

    I know she is a huge ho and all but I think She looks great in these pictures.

  38. Hollywoodchick

    the reason this is a story is because she has AIDS but no one can say it outright because they are afraid they will get sued

  39. I am pretty sure this woman has never been hot. Just a shameful display.

  40. stoplookingatme

    Why are there no pictures where these two look like a real couple? It always looks like Tito is some frat boy who met Jenna Jameson at a porn convention and got her to pose for a few pictures with him…

  41. bigponie

    I hope he burns himself fucking that twig.

  42. DrDanny

    I’m not afraid: Jenna Jameson has AIDS.
    And an ugly Cro-magnon boyfriend.

  43. Jenna doesn’t have AIDS. I don’t think Tito would be down with that. And to answer the earlier poster who asked what happened to Tito’s eye, what happened was Chuck Liddell.

    Why all this new about Jenna? She is lower than Lohan on the “Who Gives A Fuck” meter. She was news 10 or even 5 years ago, now she might as well call herself Driftwood Jameson.

    Fish, c’mon. You are better than that… At least you were.

  44. DUDE! don’t stand so proud… Everyone has done your bitch!

  45. Lizzikins

    @ #4…

    She probably poked him with one of her many protruding bones. She could use those suckers as weapons. Not to mention that her huge melons look totally out of place and look like they’re sucking the life outta her in the previous post about her.

  46. Gerald Tarrant

    We really really gotta stop ending Fridays with a story about this scat queen.

  47. McShez

    She’s twinsies with Victoria Beckham…equally as creepy and scary and rubber-doll looking, and with that stupid-ass hair too, even.

  48. ivve

    Jenna, wow, what happened girl? You were smokin’ hot, now you’re just smokin’ cocks for rocks. :(

  49. Forbidden

    Jenna may have gone a little crazy and she may not look near as good and hot as she used to look not too long ago, but still she’s WAY hotter than 99% of females out there. So she’s still a hottie. Not super hot by porn hotness standards but super hot for the real world. You all would kill for a chance to bang a chick half as hot as she is right now. She used to be so insanely hot she made up for the rest of her life, she has already beaten every female in this world when it comes to hotness. So give the girl a break, she doesn’t look like she used to but she looks good.
    And WTF is that mega ridiculous and bad Tara Reid stomach joke? wether whoever came up with it hasn’t gotten to see or touch a woman’s stomach in their life and has only seen women stomaches in pictures or/and they are the baddest, most ridiculuous and pathetic joke-writers ever. Her stomach looks fine, tight and hard as a rock. Tara Reid? WTF? It’s like saying Angelina Jolie and Rossie O’Donnell look a like because they both are brunnettes. Sad.

  50. imran karim


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