Jenna Jameson reportedly pregnant

August 6th, 2008 // 87 Comments

Jenna Jameson is carrying a smaller version of Tito Ortiz in her uterus which brings her one baby closer to achieving her lifelong dream of becoming Angelina Jolie. Only five more to go along with a shitload of plastic surgery. You can do it! Page Six reports:

“She had a bunch of meetings and things planned for Fashion Week, including meetings for her own line, but she’s postponed everything,” said our source. “She’s completely thrilled, this is something she’s wanted for a very long time.”

My sources tell me the baby is really enjoying itself. Lots of room and someone crammed an entire entertainment center up there, so no complaints: “Though would it hurt to get some popcorn up in this joint? Wait, never mind. I just found Orville Redenbacher in the laundry room. Pop a squat, bro, but don’t get your feet on the couch.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. This is an abomination. Oh, well. Tito signing with Affliction was only a rumor, but it could happen. Tito won’t find any orgs that could pay him the money he wants.

  2. Dorito Man


  3. venomhed

    Teto Ortiz = LOSER!

    Who in their right mind would date an old, worthless whore when there are brand new whores to be had?

    Teto uses no rubber on a woman that has had sex in each hole 10,000 + times? Does someone here think he’s cool?

    Lame man. Give me a brazilian teen any day pre-porn and thats what i define as cool.

  4. faseforeal1

    Is anyone in agreement with me??? this bitch really destroyed herself…i remember first seeing her with that white dude with a jheri curl… he was the first one to bone her in a porno but i don’t remember his name i think its randy something…anyway i was watching that porn and while i was beatin my meatin i was thinkin “wow i really wanna bang this broad!!!” now i look at her and i think “damn what a fuckin waste……”

  5. Looks like a monkey playing with an old boot!

    Let’s fuck some whooores!!

  6. BaconRain

    10 bucks says the baby falls out randomly at four months.

  7. venomhed


    you’re on. I say it falls out in 3 months and it’s black.

  8. Kim Lardassian

    @44 obviously you are some really sad act loser who knows all about porn, how pathetic, excuse for not having got my PhD in Jenna Studies.
    HOWEVER was not the point I was making you thick pervert it WAS seeing your mother getting fucked in the mouth, pussy, ass what’s the difference? No kid wants their mom to be seen by all their school mates doing those things and basically being the whore/slut that she is ON FILM for the world to see.
    Honestly you Americans are truly the MOST stupid national breed on the planet.

  9. English Bob

    This woman’s made $100,000,000 from making porno movies, and what kind of peadophiles are you saying that her kids gonna be affected growing up by this…? WHO LETS KIDS WATCH PORN??? Maybe a bit of jealousy from the women on this site….I’m sure there’s alot of people out there that have choked back a few fat dicks in there time, just not on film and getting paid for it like Jenna, so in other words you whores do it for FREE….Now that’s disgusting..!

  10. whataho

    shit!!! they even breed, kill it with fire!!!

  11. Stroker

    Can you imagine eighth grade?

    “Your mama let people film her sucking cock and taking it in the ass for money.”

    Not much room for comeback there.

  12. Paolo Maldini

    You would think that Tito would own some shirts that dont say “Punishment” on them. At some point even the biggest losers buy shirts with collars on them that button down the front.

    Im sure Jenna is nice and all, but what man wants to have a baby with a Porn star unless he is one himself. Im sure we all would like to fuck one once or twice in our lives, but for him to choose her to be a mother of his children just shows what kind of brainless idiot he is.

    She can be smart and actually get paid millions to have all that sex, but she is still a skank or whore or whatever definition you want to use, money or not.

  13. CougarTexas

    that dude is just fucking ugly. i mean. come on. call the hulk and ask him how he gets his brows to match his dye job at least, if you’re going to punish us by continuously allowing cameras to take your picture.

    that is going to be one ugly fuckin baby and i think ALL babies are cute.

  14. Huh?

    Am I the only one who notices the bottle of champagne in the last picture…..There is no child or at least won’t be one long.

  15. I would imagine the sperm that managed to swim by were akin to US warplanes surveying the “Highway of Death” in Iraq after Desert Storm.

  16. Cattyluo

    Congratulations! I saw Jenna Jameson’s profile onmilllionairedatingsite -”M i l l i o n a i r e 4 m e . c o m** last week. It seems he can’t wait to date new girl when she is pregnant!

  17. Tito

    How could you be stupid enough to hit that nasty pussy without a rubber? Tito is a dirty motherfucker.

    …………………………………..of what exactly?

  19. Jay

    id still bang her

  20. lulu

    she holding that wine bottle like a pair of dick & balls.

  21. JPRichardson

    A steroid freak and a silicone, anorexic, porn freak having a baby. How sweet. What do you think they will call it? Trog?

  22. pewpewpew

    they are pregnent follow the link to see pictures

  23. aa

    “You would think that Tito would own some shirts that dont say “Punishment” on them”

    it’s his merch clothing company, duh

  24. Robert Acquafresca

    Hey 73, lets just assume you owned Walmart instead of just worked there, would every shirt you owned say “Walmart” on it? Would you get all your free pictures taken at the fire station in a Walmart shirt? I know Tito owns his own company, but dude needs to show a little class.

    Just curious.

  25. 1 MILF Hunter

    His head has it’s own gravitational pull and her snatch is a black hole. They are a match.

  26. GimmeMeAFuckinBreak

    Poor kid. It better get used to eating sperm sandwiches..

  27. discusted

    maybe the dirty whore will turn into a decent mother…… sometimes having a child can change a person for the better, and if that ends up happening I will bet she will be mighty ashamed of all those videos.

  28. Deva

    Jesus she looks like a retarded duck.

  29. Kodos

    It would have to be a ultimate fighters’ kid, in order to punch its way out through that calloused hole Jenna calls a birth canal….


  30. Natalie Fabian

    That is going to be a messed up kid. Can you imagine when they get to junior high? All the kids will make fun of him because his mom is a whore. People in porn should not be allowed to have kids, ever.

  31. mr.camel toe

    What a fucked up family that will be.Should make for intresting conversation at the dinner table.

  32. UnclePervy

    Damn she looks like a duck human hybrid and that guy looks like some sort of devolving mongoloid…. The dude is fugly.. Looks like he should be wearing a football helmet to the park and playing in the sand box yelling “GRETZKY!!”

  33. Tito = InchWorm

    “… that guy looks like some sort of devolving mongoloid…”

    Exactly. And ironically he probably has some kind of penile dystrophy that causes inchworm syndrome. Bet he has to use a strap-on dildo to do her.

    If this poor conception survives the prenatal phase and actually becomes a recorded birth its outlook is likely bleak. Defective parents who, as adults, participate in the porn industry. A person has to wonder how many diseases each of these prospective parents has, or has acquired through the porn industry.

    Poor kid….ugly, fugly, duckling, mongoloid, disease carrier etc etc

  34. Josh

    Why do all these big, doofy mother fuckers get hot women and I get shit!

  35. source

    You spelled ‘repugnant’ incorrectly in the title.

  36. boooo

    Pfft, you guys are so cruel! so what? they’re having a kid- that’s cool…sex would be like throwing a hot dog down Madison Avenue but…regardless, it’s a lovely surprise and good luck to ‘em!

  37. steve

    oh come on, she wants to try and have a normal life after porn. she is a beautiful woman and i would love for her to have my baby. yeah, she’s screwed alot of guys, but it doesn’t mean she can’t be happy. i wish her all the best. but as far as tito goes, he’s ugly and has a personality of a rock, he’s a real asshole.

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