Jenna Jameson reportedly pregnant

August 6th, 2008 // 87 Comments

Jenna Jameson is carrying a smaller version of Tito Ortiz in her uterus which brings her one baby closer to achieving her lifelong dream of becoming Angelina Jolie. Only five more to go along with a shitload of plastic surgery. You can do it! Page Six reports:

“She had a bunch of meetings and things planned for Fashion Week, including meetings for her own line, but she’s postponed everything,” said our source. “She’s completely thrilled, this is something she’s wanted for a very long time.”

My sources tell me the baby is really enjoying itself. Lots of room and someone crammed an entire entertainment center up there, so no complaints: “Though would it hurt to get some popcorn up in this joint? Wait, never mind. I just found Orville Redenbacher in the laundry room. Pop a squat, bro, but don’t get your feet on the couch.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. jo

    Tito has a really big head

  2. veggi

    In a month or so it’ll end up as a red stain on her couch. Another red stain on her couch.

  3. Mike

    They for sure that Tito Ortiz is in fact the father?

  4. woodhorse

    That child will look like Donald Duck whether it is male or female.

  5. Peter North

    I think with all the jizz I shot into her the baby will be mine. Or maybe Ron Jeremy’s.

  6. Jim

    He must have gotten tired of skeeting in her eyes and stayed in, somehow – maybe by tying a board to his ass to keep from falling in. Reminds me of the retired male porno star who went to medical school but failed his clinical training because every time he was supposed to give a shot, he pulled the needle out of the vein and squirted the medicine all over the patient’s face.

  7. Johnonymous

    Paint that fucker red and it’s Hellboy.

  8. Andy

    Hard to tell if the kid will grow up to be a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist.

  9. uh, let’s hope its a smaller version.

  10. Jenna, has aids! She is a selfish bitch and I feel sorry for their kid!

    loose pussy wh0re

  11. PunkA

    With everything that has gone into her vaj over the years, it is about time something came out. I mean, the Smegma Babay from Hell is due.

  12. Mike

    You suppose she got pregnant from swallowing so much?

  13. Dick Bush

    That Tito is one mean looking dude.

    Either way, they’ll have an ugly girl.

  14. Brooke

    That poor poor child! Not only will it have a whore for a mother, it’s father’s head belongs in a museum.

  15. Crystal

    What is she famous for again? Doing 1,000 guys at a time or something? At least it will be an easy delivery…the baby will shoot out like a slip & slide!

  16. scooby

    so now something disgusting is coming out of her cunt instead of going in. joy.

  17. Sam

    Ironically if it’s a girl she’ll be so ugly she’ll have to really put out.

  18. Dr. John Blackheart

    I wonder if he knows that every time he kisses her he’s kissing everyguy that fucked her in the mouth and we all laugh about it?

  19. that man has the scariest jaw bones i have ever seen. he looks like he swallowed a cinder block.

  20. Crabby

    Where trillions of sperm have died before…

  21. Tito just signed w/ Affliction too!
    They said he’ll be the highest paid MMA fighter to date.

  22. Summer Kat


  23. John Smith

    Doesn’t anyone see the fact that Tido keeps three fingers out of his pocket? This traditionally is a sign for the KKK. The three fingers represent each K.

  24. Tim O'Guin

    She has gotten way too damn skinny. Bring back the old Jenna!

  25. Blah

    @7 …spot on!

  26. tp

    Pretty sure that dude’s a caveman…look at the size of that noggin!!! Something’s just not right!!

  27. Tito Jr

    Man look at that dudes head. . . . That poor baby. It’s going to have a giant head. Just think. . . .when it comes out it’s going to tear the rip the hell out of that pussy. . .Oh wait. Jenna Jameson ? Nevermind on the pussy ripping part. This baby will have the smoothest exit ever .

    New invention time : Do they make bungie cords to strap in fetus ?

  28. woodhorse

    Somebody photoshop a baby with giant hands and a really big square head so we can look at it and think of some names. Like Encephalitis Baby or Incredible Hulk Baby. OK those aren’t really names but I don’t have a photo to go by yet.

  29. Jumpin_J

    Jenna’s baby? As they say, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck…

  30. Kim Lardassian

    Porn stars should not be allowed to have children, it’s just awful that those kids will be able to see footage of their mother getting fucked in the ass and mouth.
    This whore has NO shame or decency bringing a child in to that. DISGUSTING.

  31. Kim Lardassian

    Porn stars should not be allowed to have children, it’s just awful that those kids will be able to see footage of their mother getting fucked in the ass and mouth.
    This whore has NO shame or decency bringing a child in to that. DISGUSTING.

  32. humpin frog

    Magilla Gorilla meets Daisy Duck. If I had to bet on this mutant outcome, I would put my chips on Platypus, but with more chest pounding.

  33. adeliza

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’ll be Jenna Jameson’s baby.

  34. lindsey

    at least she gained some weight, i think she looks good

  35. nipolian

    #23 The KKK lynch people named Tito Ortiz…….not make them members.

  36. humpin frog

    17 – Let’s try and stay positive. She could very well become the first female MMF heavy champion. I see a vicious “ass to mouth” submission hold in her future. Mama and Daddy learned her good.

  37. The_Ghost_of_Lady_DI_says....

    I think hubby is falling asleep from sheer fuckin boredom or the strain from keepin that HUGE fuckin noggin in the upright position. His head has it’s own weather system.

  38. humpin frog

    (37) She’s right! Check out the cold front, coming in, over the left lobe. I’ll be in the basement, if needed.

  39. l thing she a baby in her ass!!!!!!!!!!! o.k .ha ha ha ha.

  40. l thing she a baby in her ass!!!!!!!!!!! o.k .ha ha ha ha.

  41. TheJoker07

    Woah looks like she’s eating. She’s looking better.

    @21 catch up with the times buddy.

  42. President Bill Clinton


    Hmmm… Ortiz looks like one of those cardboard displays in picture number two.


  43. blah

    she looks really pretty in these pics

  44. #31 very wrong

    Sorry #31, but you can not find Jenna doing anal. It is a fact she does not do it. Check your facts…

  45. Hamper Lint

    To all of you who hide behind your glass girlfriend and make fun of Jenna, you could never get a girl like her !

  46. Lloyd

    What the fuck is up with that dude’s head? It’s so scary!

  47. britney's weave

    @45, no one wants a girl like that.

  48. surly


    LOL! a fucking duck!!!

  49. dude_on

    Should we really be laughing at Jenna and her boyfriend? Yes, I think so. –Explaining what mommy did should be a riot.

  50. kirk

    so after all that sperm being fired at her all these years, one has finally done its duty.

    hmm. must be a strong feckin’ swimmer.

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