Jenna Jameson is definitely pregnant

January 26th, 2009 // 96 Comments

Here’s Jenna Jameson at the World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts Championship this weekend demonstrating the worst possible ending to one of her movies. Then again, who’s actually seen the end of a porno? Just sayin’.

NOTE: Yes, I’m aware the third pic is clearly fetus abuse and have notified child services. They said “Are you shitting me?” and promised to mobilize the Britney Task Force. Good people.


  1. Alfredo


  2. mer

    Oh… oh no.

  3. shosh

    she’s so adorable!!~
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  4. Jason

    Anyone seen the size of Tito Ortiz’ mug. Ouch!

  5. Mel

    There’s just something wrong about this…

  6. Splooge

    Interesting. I didn’t think you could get pregnant by getting your face covered in c*m!!

  7. Beth

    Man, that baby is gonna shoot out without the slightest resistance.

  8. sunshine

    She needs to go into the witness protection program or that poor child will never hear the end of it. The sins of the fathers. . . (in this case, mothers)

  9. boo

    Looks like she has the same extensions that Lindsay does.

    Can a judge emancipate a child at birth?

  10. Rachell

    I really hope that baby gets delivered via C-section. It’s not fair to make an innocent child run an STD gauntlet.

  11. Bringbackbabalu

    Hehe what is “World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts” it was at AFFLICTION: DAY OF RECKONING! BABALU even fought=) Get your shit straight

  12. lulu


  13. Jim

    “Ummm…maybe that could happen…” is what Jenna said when Heidi asked if she could get pregnant from kissing Spencer while he still has semen in his ass (so, always).

  14. Jacob

    LMAO! Rachel

    But in all seriousness, I really feel sorry for that kid when he/she grows up.
    The amount of ridicule they’ll face, wow.

  15. OnlyGayEskimo

    Who knew that fat would look so good on her? She should stay pregnant indefinitely.

  16. Vince Lombardi

    I see a new medical alert coming – “Swallowing semen goes straight to your stomach fat!”

  17. That kid will be just like mommy so why shouldn’t he/she know how she paid the bills. In 18 years the kid can take a turn just like mom. Let’s move on. By the way if a woman can get fake books why not a fake preggy tummy? Just sayin.

  18. WTF!! Is she having a litter?

  19. D4P

    Is that Jessica Simpson…?

  20. TJ

    She’s got a psychadelic pussy from all the colored dicks being in it.

  21. Ew

    No, really… that/those babies are going to fall right the hell out of her uterus Even if they do have the head of their dad. I did hear she was having twins, right?
    Like… she should possibly put hang some sort of netting from her bra that would hang down between her knees anytime she is standing up in case it happens spontaniously. Plop Plop, Jenna. Babies are just falling out of her.

    But seriously…. her head does not look as repulsive as it normally does. I didn’t wince in pain and disgust when i looked at her. Though, the thought of having her pussy stretched over those babies heads is kinda making me throw up in my mouth a little. Yes, everyone. Start praying for a caesarean.

  22. Doah

    She looks a lot better with a little weight on her. She was looking like Zombie Madonna with 2 balloons leading way before. Hopefully once she has the kid she won’t go back to the anorexic look, might be nice for the kid sake to quit the porn too.



  24. alex

    hahahahah psychadelic pussy! LMAO you just killed me with that one TJ

  25. tiffany

    She looks way better preggo. She needed some weight. She was looking gross.

  26. Damaged Goods

    Wow…for once a couple sperm got into that nasty crotch cavern instead of caking her whorish face and tits.

  27. Peter North

    I remember when I used to do porn I fucked Jenna in the ass, and there was a piece of poop hanging out of her ass. We just kept fucking. Then I rewarded her as I unleashed about 12-15 streaming loads of hot jizz all over her face. She just kept sucking my cock after I came all over her, and it still had some shit remnance on it, but she didn’t mind. She was a good cocksucker.

  28. Jrz

    I can only imagine the names they have picked out….

    Jenna: Well, if it’s a girl, we’re going to call her either Money Shot Molly or Anal Annie…..if it’s a boy we’re definately going with Ricky Ram Rod.

  29. Bickus Dickus

    How proud her father must be. To see his daughter get gang fucked by a bunch of porch monkeys and then blow sickle cell jizz all over her face. That must give Daddy a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

  30. Webster's

    “shit remnance”

    Gotta add that one. Seems like a combo of shit, romance, and remembrance. As in, “I’ll never forget how intimate it felt while I was pushing in her stool. It was a true shit remnance.”

  31. Joe

    She’s not pregnant, just full.

  32. Chauncey Gardner

    How the fuck is she going to explain her job to her kid? I bet he/she will be thrilled to take his/her mother into school for Career Day.

  33. gits

    it’ll be more like “take her mother” day.

  34. sahara

    god, she looks so different than she used to..

    heidi needs to go die

  35. Pat

    Heidi’s saying “What? It’s the GIRL who takes it up the ass???”

  36. Andy

    It’s twins, right? Here’s what they have to look forward to: 7th grade birthday party for one of their friends, everybody in the basement, adults upstairs, somebody says they’re going to play “prisoner” and they tie the twins to chairs, then they play “Jenna Loves Pain!” while Mom is upstairs drinking coffee and trying to have a normal conversation.

  37. MMA

    @11 are you retarded? Affliction’s last match was for WAMMA heavyweight title. Maybe *you* should get your shit straight. <3 Fedor

  38. Aja

    The weight makes her look ten years younger, filled out her face. Good Luck to the family. Good for her.

  39. Aja

    Hey number 29 – get your pprno facts straight, Jenna has never done an interracial porno.

  40. Aja

    * porno

  41. No self respecting sperm would have done this. That sperm was duped.

  42. Oops.

    Not again.

    hilarious vid about GUY WHO GOT TRAMPLED AT WAL-MART:

  43. Just sayin'

    That kid is going to have some very interesting moments later in life. Like, when he meets his girlfriend’s dad: “Oh, wow, I used to masturbate to your mom for hours.” “It’s cool, you’re daughter sucks my dick”

  44. Noelle

    I actually think she looks much prettier here than she did before she got pregnant. She was way too skinny to the point her face was lookin all kinds of weird. Some meat on them bones has done her good.

  45. T-Mon

    that’s just sperm all stuck together a little bit more each time. And when is that other blond girl starring in a porn?? I would definitly download it

  46. T-Mon

    FUCK that… what about the kid… He’s gonna grow up, learn about porn and sees his mom getting laid by like a thousant guys…

  47. Delgo

    I feel old. The bitch I beat off to my whole childhood is bouts to be a mom.

  48. Delgo

    Heidi – harnessing the power of the unborn’s chin.

  49. Squirt

    How do you tell your kids you used to take hot men’s baby batter on your face for cash?

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