Jenna Jameson in a bikini

July 6th, 2009 // 65 Comments

Here’s a post-pregnancy Jenna Jameson relaxing over the weekend with Tito Ortiz, and I can’t tell if these pics are hot or the most depressing thing I’ve seen in days. I mean, on the one hand it’s Jenna Jameson in a bikini. On the other hand is… surprisingly not my penis. Huh. Figured there’d be more of a reflex action, and I’m pretty sure if Jenna read this she’d burst into tears. Don’t blame yourself! (Completely.)


  1. Looks better with some curves. Doesn’t appear TOO skeletal.

  2. willie dixon

    no thanks.

  3. Death2Speidi

    WTF – how do these celebrities do it?? FML, FML!

  4. db


  5. Deacon Jones

    She looks like a mom from northeast Philly; menthol cigarettes and tattoos abound

  6. carte blance


  7. memories

    We always have videotape, DVD’s and web porn to remember her by. There is no aging there.

    Anyone remember the early ones? She was covered with “love” in some of those.

    Good memories…

  8. The Hulkster

    I hope she dies of superAids

  9. dude

    “I mean, on the one hand it’s Jenna Jameson in a bikini. On the other hand is… surprisingly not my penis. Huh.”


  10. Why is she taking pictures with Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend?

  11. JPRichardson

    At least she doesn’t look anymnore like the rotenning corpse she used to be a year ago or so. But yeah, we pretty much lost her.

  12. Tad Bit Tipsy

    I love how her bathing suit bottom seem to disappear into the gaping holes that reside between her legs….
    When she spit that baby out it must have blown the doctor down and then bounced off two or three walls before coming to a complete stop.

    Thanks Jenna for giving me the O’ face for all those years!!!

  13. HooDoo

    #10- Why is Tito Ortiz dating Kanye and Chris?

  14. the infamous danielle

    @10. FAIL

  15. California Red

    what is the big deal with a bikini when she has done years of hardcore porn. It’s like we are staring at the wrapping paper after we have already opened the present.

  16. lizzy

    “on the one hand it’s Jenna Jameson in a bikini. On the other hand is… surprisingly not my penis.”

    AHAHAHAHA — such a way with words, hilarious.

  17. #14 – I guess central booking gets out early on Monday, danielle… the only thing here that’s a “FAIL” was your parents attempts at children that are both attractive and intelligent.

  18. yawn

    I am with you #15.

    I can pop open another tab and show this whore gobbling on knobs like a starving homeless woman on a free corn dog.

    I wonder if she did preggo pr0n? Are we going to be seeing a new video here in the near future?

  19. What is up with porn and tattoos? I think there is an opportunity for tattoo free porn out there.

  20. dude

    It’s weird, when I enlarge the thumbnails I smell rotting tuna and fermented semen. Also, that overwhelming smell when you come back from vacation and somebody forgot to flush for 7 days.

  21. the infamous danielle

    @17. ummm, no sir. i’m straight sexy.

    i believe it was YOUR parents who failed their attempts at sucking you out of the womb with a plunger before the world got a look at your grotesque appearance.

    tsk tsk. such stupid rodents. i wonder how many people you make vomit everytime you step outside your trailer??

  22. Hey danielle @22
    I think we can all agree that the only women who say they’re “straight sexy” look like what you see when you click on my name.

  23. the infamous danielle

    @22. I think we can all agree that the intended phrase was “i’m not ugly” and the previous phrase was meant to be “sarcastic”, at best. run along.

    I think we can also agree that there is no way in hell I’ll be clicking on that name of yours, for fear that your special ed school i.d. might pop out and choke me through the computer.

  24. shellibelli

    she looks semi normal but i cant help but think after the sun and fun
    all 3 went home for a threesome
    i cant ever imagine her living a normal life.

  25. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck!

  26. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck!

  27. F*ckRandal

    I don’t get it…rather than have her when she was young, fit, attractive and sporting a super nice rack he gets her when she is stretched out, saggy, old and nasty…

    How can he not be pissed that thousands of dudes wore out his bitch while he gets the shit left over at the end?

    I know I sound cold…but this shit just does not make sense…love can’t be that irrational

  28. Danielle, danielle… You really should consult with a team of experts before attempting humor. How was your holiday weekend? Throw some Spam and Wonderbread on the “grill” (stove) again? Banana and mayonnaise sammiches all around!

    I’m kidding, of course. We all know Spam is, how do you people say it? “Maaaaaaaad” expensive, yo… It always amazes me how you moneyless fucks can be so obese.

  29. This place sucks

    I’m surprised the thesuperficial guy isn’t jerking it to Tito.

    Fucking faggot.


  30. jfy

    she looks different without a cock in her mouth.

  31. LOL

    You can tell Fish pissed off some Republicans when comments like #29 pop up.

    Now someone explain to me why Tito let Jenna get cellulite…

  32. marcus

    pic 11: “Fuuuuck, I can’t believe I procreated with this whore!”

  33. jt

    what woman’s breasts get smaller after giving birth?

  34. Kelley

    Eeeeww is all I’ve got to say … too much surgery, including gross cheek implants, and too many ugly tattoos. Blick.

  35. Meg

    @24 LOL I thought the same thing! I mean sex can’t mean too much to her now. I’m not hating on Jenna though, she was pretty smart with the marketing, and creation of her name brand in her bizz.

  36. Mama Pinkus

    tattooed skanks – WTF – why do women think these things look even remotely attractive

  37. lol

    her pussy is probably like the containment tank from ghostbusters

  38. DrainBamaged


    Go home Perez

  39. Lifeguard

    Did you see the size of the sand bucket that she had to get for her enormous baby, just look at picture nine of her blonde baby in the polka dots swimsuit, the size of the baby and the size of the pail, both are disgusting. These people are freaks, I tell you, freaks.

  40. Walter


  41. La Bella Vita

    # 38
    hahahahahahaha that’s so true ;D

  42. Jennas_Cesspool_Vagina

    Is that a tranny?

  43. Sandy

    That is Janice Dickision ! not Jenna Jameson

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  46. Jenna was soo 2002 lol

  47. Darth

    She isn’t even That old.

  48. Codi

    You guys are crazy, she looks amazing.

  49. linda

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  50. captain america

    I now undestand quite well why she ended her ADULT-MOVIE-CAREER.
    ………………my penis refuses to become a stiff one, folks!!

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