Jenna Jameson has vagina surgery

March 30th, 2007 // 237 Comments

Jenna Jameson is reportedly pissing off producers who want to turn her book, “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star,” into a movie because she keeps missing meetings. Although it’s allegedly because she got plastic surgery on her vagina and she isn’t happy with it. A source says:

“She underwent a vaginoplasty at a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, and she is very unhappy,” said the source, who added, in perhaps an unfortunate choice of words, “she has decided to hole up and not speak to anybody. The producers are about to pull the plug on the movie,” which would be a mainstream production.

You’d think Jenna Jameson would’ve learned her lesson by now. If she went to the same plastic surgeon that did her face and body, her vagina probably came out looking like some sort of squid. I don’t even think the guy’s a doctor. Judging by his work I’d guess he’s an out of work janitor. Or a puppy.

jenna-jameson-vagina-surgery-02-thumb.jpg jenna-jameson-vagina-surgery-03-thumb.jpg jenna-jameson-vagina-surgery-04-thumb.jpg jenna-jameson-vagina-surgery-05-thumb.jpg jenna-jameson-vagina-surgery-06-thumb.jpg jenna-jameson-vagina-surgery-07-thumb.jpg jenna-jameson-vagina-surgery-08-thumb.jpg jenna-jameson-vagina-surgery-09-thumb.jpg



  1. BarbadoSlim

    Tranny protocols in full effect, not a drill!!!

  2. PunjabPete

    LMAO Barbados…

    So she got her vajayjay lasered… I wonder if they killed all the Klingons…. Lord knows that thing has seen enough photon torpedos…

  3. LukeWarmwater

    Look at those vericose veins on her calf in pic 8. *barfs*

  4. danielle

    She is fucking hot. So is Lohan. And Paris of course is.

    My va-gee-gee is going to explode!

  5. danielle

    #3, that’s a tattoo, you moron.

  6. aww its deb

    that face! looks like a leather jacket

  7. Pikachelsea

    LukeWarmWater, that’s her ugly tattoo, not her veins.

    Anyway, that’s a pretty dress she’s wearing… too bad she decided to fill it up with those two lopsided canteloupe-esque excuses for fake breasts. Vaginoplasty… good grief, I didn’t know such a thing existed. Is nothing sacred anymore? (Stupid question) What she really needs is a brain donor.

  8. heisthejuan

    What did she really expect of the surgeon? That thing has been getting blasted by some hefty meat for at least 12 years now.

  9. BigJim

    Tito is so huge he split her like a log.

  10. Binky

    Well guys are often accused of thinking with their dicks – but I seldom have mine sked my business meetings.
    And I think the reporter misinterpreted the producers. My sources are saying “Pulling the plug” is still in the second act of the film.

  11. danielle

    They are the 2 most disproportionate people on Earth. Tito’s head is so out of control it needs its on satellites. And Jenna’s knockers look like, well, like Tito’s head.

    Ah fuck it. They’re both hot. I’d love to wrap my vagina around her face, despite the fact that her own cooter probably looks like a sleeve made out of corned beef.

  12. danielle


  13. BarbadoSlim

    And fishdoode, you had me there ’til the last sentence. I’ll let it slide because, well, I love puppies. *sigh*

  14. That’s Joan Rivers.

  15. #2- Klingons circle around Uranus.

  16. danielle

    Ignoring 4, 5, 11 and 12 aka neo maxi pad:

    I am seriously doubting that Jenna made any kind of money in the porn industry. Her face probably is an exact replica of the inside of her vajayjay. Yuck.

  17. veggi

    I hope she got it sewn shut.

  18. ponk

    after banging on this leather speed bag for a while, i’m a little nervous about what tito is going to show us next in the octagon.

  19. schack

    Slim- i thought you were some kind of hard-nozed tough guy! puppies?

    Binky- point well taken

    danielle- i don’t know why you wouldn’t want 11 to be you. thats the cleverest thing you’ve ever posted!

  20. veggi

    that first picture is cracking me up! WTF is she doing? Trying to hold down the spew from earlier? yuckers!

  21. NicotineEyePatch

    By ‘vagina’, hopefully they mean ‘massive reconstructive facial’.

  22. danielle

    Ignoring 16 aka shit for brains:

    It’s a known fact that Jenna has built an empire out of getting shlong blasted and is worth close to 100MM. Then again, you ARE my great imposter, my dear troll.

    Try harder, Ms. Dumas.

  23. Jimbo

    @17 you would need rope to close that thing up

  24. danielle

    I see a fucking enormous wedding ring on her hand. You know, the same hand that she used to jerk out some throat yogurt from Peter North’s wang chung.

    Tito, you sly dog. Congrats, my man. May you both live happily ever after.

  25. veggi

    industrial leather sewing machine.

  26. danielle

    In her break-out movie with Randy West where she took a creampie, she looked so much more like the girl next door and so much less like, well, a whore.

  27. schack

    i doubt she’s worth 100 MM. most people i know who have seen her didn’t pay a cent for it, and she’s clearly retired (eh-ehm) so…

  28. Pegasus

    eww shes so ugly she looks like a crackwhore with anorexia. Shes like a scary clown with those lips.

  29. Jimbo

    You could make a couch out of her left over lips.

  30. ImaCracka

    I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again….. that is one ugly looking pussy….

    Tito Ortiz I mean!!!!!

  31. CCClub

    Normally, extra skin means more canvas to work with. This would have been like painting the ceiling of a chapel.

  32. veggi

    why is million abbreviated mm? Isn’t that millimeter? Maybe she’s worth 100 shots to the head?

  33. lovescontroversy1

    wow. so is danielle done insulting herself now so i can read these catchy comments without having to scroll past her shit?

    if he/she was smart, they/it would simply start posting under another name and end this ignorantfest.

  34. Craig & "em"

    “or a puppy” That’s Hilarious!

    Either that or I’m still drunk.

    It’s probably the latter, cause I just imagined Scrappy Do in a doctors uniform and Jenna saying, “please Dr. Do…I need you to inspect my Scooby Snatch”!

  35. veggi

    hahaha Jimbo. Who would ever sit on it though? And what could you possibly clean it with?

  36. daηielle™↵

    Why in the hell is her skin the color of a tangerine?

    Oh well, I heard that tanning causes cancer. Maybe she’ll die soon? If not the anorexia, it’ll be cancer.

  37. Saera

    and this makes my vagina hurt.

  38. schack

    if you’re so smar, lovescontroversy (and that name does sound OH SO smart), then maybe you’d realize that she fucking LOVES it.

    “dude, i think your dog vomited on your couch, or chewed it up, or something”


    “um, well, all over it.”

  39. ImaCracka

    #38 smar….? Yea that’s smart……

  40. BarbadoSlim

    In her case vaginoplasty would be akin to trying to decrease the diameter of the London to Paris Chunnel with a pair of surgical thongs and some chicken wire.

    Not gonna happen padre.

  41. schack

    hooked, line and sinker :X

  42. Jimbo


    I have no idea who would sit on it or what to clean it with. I am not sure why that disgusting thought came into my head.

  43. daηielle™↵

    I don’t think she even got a vaginoplasty.

    She probably had a sex change so Tito wouldn’t leave her for Gay Al.

  44. #6 “that face! looks like a leather jacket”

    So cum doesn’t work as skin cream, guess I need a new line.

  45. schack

    jimbo- i’m still waiting to hear about big fat fanny…

  46. schack

    44. lmao

  47. daηielle™↵

    Caption for the 1st pic:

    “I dunno why I’m here. I thought this was a strip joint.”

  48. PunjabPete

    #15…. LOL
    Phaser set on kill…. We are going in people…

    So here is what she had done I am guessing…

    Smiley sons of bitches aren’t they… The Dr. must be living his dream… As a child I can only imagine the times he dreamed of vaporizing vag with an argon laser…

  49. Let that be a lesson to all the myspace sluts out there. Consuming galvanized buckets of semen is not a wise career choice. And that goes double for Lohan.

    The last time I saw a face like that, it was working as the Mouth of Sauron.

  50. Jimbo

    No No, I do not think all women are evil. To the contrary, I love women. They are so much fun.

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