Jenna Jameson wants you to see her bruises

May 3rd, 2010 // 82 Comments

CHRIST, HER FACE!! …. Okay, I’m good.

Pulling a page from the Tila Tequila playbook, Jenna Jameson conveniently allowed a group of photographers to snap pics of her at the park yesterday while wearing a T-shirt that revealed what appears to be bruises on her arms. Considering I have absolutely no medical training whatsoever, I can’t tell if they’re real or not, but based on the fact both Tito and Jenna were in a hurry to shut the other one up, I’m going to assume the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Namely Tito catching Jenna popping Oxy like candy and then both of them using their infant twins as swords until her dad called the cops. Stop me if I’m getting close.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. I’m fully on Titos side on this one. This girls is complete trash and she is addicted to pills. Who the fuck can trust a porn star? This girls swallowed more protein then bodybuilders.

  2. Jon

    I don’t know who Tito is and don’t fucking care.

    Why is this shit in the news? I don’t care about personal lives of celebrities. You people that care about this like these are your friends or relatives are just as pathetic as the people who condone hitting the whore. I don’t care about how many people Tiger Woods has fucked. I don’t care if Jesse James is a Nazi. And I don’t care if this woman is getting hit or not. I don’t even know who Tito is and I don’t fucking care.

    Once upon a time, there used to be real celebrities that were posted on this site. Not attenion seeking whores that would anything for a bit of attention, known for doing sweet fuck all. No talent. These plastic surgery horror stories, fake boob horror stories, dumbass brainless reality celebs… all these types are invading blogs like this and for what? Who cares?

    Celebrities should be…

    a – desirable
    b- have a shred of sanity

    THEN I will care what happens to them. Snooki, Tila Tequila, Lohan, Hilton, Jenna, Montag, Spears, the bitches with the babies, Ke$ha and all these other noname whores who fucked someone or did some other stupid shit to get into the medias eye, that I don’t even know who they are can all go and get fucked.

  3. mia

    i think you’re all disgusting
    the woman was fucking abused. porn star or not, no one deserves it

  4. Enigma_2099

    That’s true, mia…

    … it is also true that this woman comes close to making Amy Winehouse look hittable…

    … do you know how fuckin’ ugly you have to be to pull THAT off?

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  6. MRCUS

    Unless you have a nose as big as Texas don’t get any other surgery on your face especially at a young age. Just look at her!!

  7. captain america

    American Dombo is watching her……….

  8. Jack Mehoff

    She used to be so hot before all of the plastic surgery but I would still pound her dirt chute.

  9. well, she is out in the sun. maybe a not so much make-up day. but yea, a bit aged. no need for violence though.

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  11. She says she produced, but she gave me an example of my opinion differing from hers, not me stating fact that was proven false.

  12. fritboom

    How old is she? 60?

  13. che cazzo

    Tito is surprised that his ex porn star wife is doing drugs?
    Really.The shock.

    My dad, Mr. Old Man Slippers should be surprised that his wife, Sunday Church Filomena, does drugs-

    Tito, buddy, your wife, is doing EXACTLY what someone of her background, is supposed to be doing. I’m not so sure that Tito, reads the morning paper while sipping his green tea, to protect his prostate cancer.

    If you wanted to marry a woman who knits, and makes hard break your teeth almond biscottis, you should have married Filomena Ramazotti, my overweight mama.

    You ‘married’ each other for reasons exactly my parents DIDN’T marry, orgies, drugs, and eventually, tattooing your children.

    fucked up celebrities with fucked up parents, and the beat goes on…

  14. LPB

    You call those “Come here, Bitch!” bruises.

  15. toolboy

    quack a little less and listen a little more and this kind of shit won’t happen. Where’s my chicken pot pot pie bitch?!?!

  16. erich

    one cock, two cocks, three cocks, four cocks…

  17. titsonsnack

    whoa her neck.
    whoa her neck.
    whoa her neck.
    whoa her neck.
    whoa her neck.


    Hey, stupid fucks. TIto did NOT beat the shit out of her. If you have ever been unfortunate enough to have to deal with a Oxy head, you will see how crazy shit gets — they attack you mercilessly because you won’t give them their drugs. He allegedly pushed her into a bathtub (according to Jenna) . If he even beat her she would not be changing her story. She is toxic goods and a liar. Best wished for the kid.

  19. Mitchell

    Those are bruises , no woman should be abused like that and I think she has pretty legs .

  20. Lookin’ good for 60! *shudder*

    @ 50 – Dr. John “Always at Your Cervix!”
    Looks like he went pretty easy on her. Maybe just bumped into her or something? She’d probably disintegrate if he really hit her.

  21. rob

    dude thats eyeliner smeared on the surface of the skin… you can see the X marks from application… FAKE!

  22. God they look bad! Are they real? If so then I really feel sorry for her…

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  24. Reyce

    Feel sorry for her!? Are you kidding me!? She’s reaping what she’s sown. Haven’t any of you read her book? She’s has a crazy fucked up life, and chances are she’s probably still got a crazy wicked problems. I mean look at her! Are you trying to tell me age did that to her face!?

  25. she got beat bad

  26. can’t believe she is denying it

  27. I like your style so much, I am your honest reader.

  28. A little terrible.

  29. Me

    That bruise is fake. I am in makeup school, and we have learned how to do this. It looks really amateurish, like she did it with black eyeshadow or something.

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