Jenna Jameson wants you to see her bruises

CHRIST, HER FACE!! …. Okay, I’m good.

Pulling a page from the Tila Tequila playbook, Jenna Jameson conveniently allowed a group of photographers to snap pics of her at the park yesterday while wearing a T-shirt that revealed what appears to be bruises on her arms. Considering I have absolutely no medical training whatsoever, I can’t tell if they’re real or not, but based on the fact both Tito and Jenna were in a hurry to shut the other one up, I’m going to assume the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Namely Tito catching Jenna popping Oxy like candy and then both of them using their infant twins as swords until her dad called the cops. Stop me if I’m getting close.

Photos: INFdaily