Jenna Jameson wants you to see her bruises

May 3rd, 2010 // 82 Comments

CHRIST, HER FACE!! …. Okay, I’m good.

Pulling a page from the Tila Tequila playbook, Jenna Jameson conveniently allowed a group of photographers to snap pics of her at the park yesterday while wearing a T-shirt that revealed what appears to be bruises on her arms. Considering I have absolutely no medical training whatsoever, I can’t tell if they’re real or not, but based on the fact both Tito and Jenna were in a hurry to shut the other one up, I’m going to assume the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Namely Tito catching Jenna popping Oxy like candy and then both of them using their infant twins as swords until her dad called the cops. Stop me if I’m getting close.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. WayneBradysASS

    did wayne brady have to slap a hoe??

  2. aaaa


  3. dfs


  4. Mr. Language

    Is Tito smart enough to realize that when we say “I’d hit that,” we’re talking about sex?

  5. Goddam, maybe Tito was startled by this monstrosity and thought only of saving the lives of his children, and the world. Next time go for the head Tito!


    I’m assuming this is just the beginning of the end. When a man hits or physically hurts a woman, it’s just a matter of time before it happens again. The dysfunction is slowly rising to the surface.

  7. oh i know

    …not to condone any type of domestic voilence but…….her arm seems to be WORKING just fine considering the *ahem* bruising…and on a positive note, her kids have probably been outside more in the past WEEK than they have in the past YEAR!

  8. Mike Nike

    Ya , don’t forget she’s a dirty whore who likes rough sex and 5 dong gang bangs.

  9. JesseJimmy

    I absolutely don’t condone violence against women, unless it’s German porn.

    But, I sense Jenna’s uterus has more bruising from her “acting” days than her arm has from Tito pulling her away as she tried to gobble up OxyContin like it was Peter North’s jizz.

  10. Joe Mahma

    Those are not real bruises.



  11. justifiable

    Jenna Jameson apparently wants me to see her weird-ass pencilled on eyebrows, too.

    #9 Don’t forget you watched every single minute wishing you were one of those dongs. What’s that make you?

  12. Deacon Jones

    Her face is FUCKED up. Her facelift is so tight I’m surprised she doesnt quack like a duck (what does that even mean?)

  13. Cartman

    She is not attractive. I’m not feeling the whole “pink ribbon in her hair/mommy” thing either. She looks like she wants to ditch the kid and go suck a crackpipe.

  14. Mike

    Goddamn…how many gallons were wasted on this piece of shit? She looks awful!!!

  15. cindy

    Old Navy sell flips for $4.

  16. cindy

    old navy sells flip flops for $4

  17. She's a druggy

    jenna jameson = ATTENTION WHORE! (feel free to take “attention” ouf of that phrase)

  18. Robigus

    Why did they make that one Bjork out of leather?

  19. I was wondering how that baby did not just fall out of her twat when she was pregnant?

  20. I thought this was a story about Jenna Jameson. Who is that in the photos?

  21. noodles

    Kids look like a couple of monkeys! WTF?

  22. havoc

    My God, what did Tito do to her face?!?!?




  23. Sport

    She doesnt mind showing the bruises yet wont hide the FACE?

    Yikes. Maybe Tito beat her with the Ugly Stick.

  24. Frankenfurter

    All women should be made to look at these pictures before considering cosmetic surgery. It ages/fossilizes the face something awful.
    The sloppy fake tan is nasty too.
    I remember when this girl was so pretty & fresh faced. The business is a hard one…pun intended.

  25. why is this disgusting whore being treated like a celebrity?

  26. alex

    When a whore put a cute little flower barrette in her hair and plays kissy-kissy with her infant, SHE’S STILL A FUCKING WHORE.

    Why does not sperm dumpster have to be mixed in with my celeb news? Yuck.

  27. Chenush

    @5 HHAAAAAAAAAAA That was funny!

  28. Ripper Owens

    My god are those nicotine stains between her index and middle finger in pic #7? Fucking disgusting.

    Girls who smoke the cancer sticks are gross.

  29. Rex Kramer-Danger Seeker

    Those bruises aren’t the right shape. Those are self inflicted.

  30. salsa

    Did they miss a spot spraying her face with orange paint? (check the hairline)

  31. jt

    1) Real looking bruises. Not sure what they are from, not a grab though.
    2) Not a rotator cuff tear. Location fail.
    3. She is definitely on Oxy and needs help.
    4) I cannot stand Tito. But there is no way he hit her.

  32. #8, bruising in your arm doesn’t cause you to lose function in it *ahem*, moron. Anyway, I don’t know why anyone would be surprised by Tito’s actions. Men that do that for a living are psychologically damaged. Call me judgmental or that I’m stereotyping, but it’s the truth. Either way, it’s obvious she wants attention. Women of domestic violence, or especially in her case, who are high profile, attempt to HIDE the physical signs of abuse. P.S. her face looks bunk.

  33. TTOO

    Ummm, she is a psycho druggie and Tito is a delusional diva. That said, Tito has the most credibility.

  34. Sam A

    Ugh slut…..

  35. im mom

    what is all that other shit all over her then? her chest on the leftside is all funky and her face looks a mess too. something else is going on..gotta be drugs

  36. Dread not

    Gotta feel bad for the kid. Breast feeding from Jenna, has got to be like taking a shit in a public bathroom, only the kid can’t hover.

  37. PostmortemG

    *SHOT*. Jenna Jameson is abso-fucking-lutely over, kids. Damn… just *LOOK* at her! I feel terrible for her offspring, because they didn´t ask for or deserve this. Jeeeee$uuuuu$ Chri$t.

  38. dude

    porn has aged her 40 years. Look at her neck in the main pic, and contemplate the fact that the girl is only 36! Sad.

  39. l

    Look at her neck/left shoulder in #2. WTF is going on there???

    I seriously hope she’s going to be ok. Cannot believe moronic/sociopathic comments here.

  40. l

    jt – you’re full of shit.

    how do you know she’s on Oxy and that Tito didn’t hit her??

    absolute BS.

    i do agree with you though that her bruises look real and that she needs help.

  41. Mama Pinkus

    it must be sheer hell to be terrified of aging – plastic surgery has made this gal look like the Joker. Cute kid though.

  42. jt

    @41 – How do you know he did? And BTW, she has a known issue with substances.

  43. gueibor

    Tito prolly thought he was being attacked by a carrot-droid from planet Orangia over in the Tangerine system, and lashed out in terror.

  44. Jas

    I’m not trying to be judgemental, but I really think that if one decides to become a major porn star, perhaps this is a life choice that does not cater to “motherhood”. Even Jenna said it on that Oprah interview, once a porn star always a porn star. It will NEVER leave her and her children will grow up with that.

    Perhaps the boys will be mature and simply live with the EW factor their mom is doing guys on film. Or, they might be totally messed ….. cuz that’s some ef’d up sh*t

  45. fap

    WTF? Someone said she was 36? I was sitting there feeling bad for her under the assumption she was like 45-50+ and everyone was slagging her off a bit prematurely. But 36? :S

    Plastic surgery is evil.

  46. L E UT

    She was so attractive back at the beginning of her *ahem* acting career. She completely fucked up her face with all that plastic surgery, and her over-tanning makes her look like leather. Good god, what a waste.

  47. I have never seen a film of Jenna, but I knew who she was. I sympathize with her after being in DV myself.I wish him good luck.

  48. When trying to resist temptation,are you an ABSTAINER or a MODERATOR? I’m an abstainer

  49. Dr. John "Always at Your Cervix!"

    Jesus Christ — what a bunch of rotten pricks posting here!

    Tito allegedly beat the tar out of her. THAT is the issue.

    1. Her face lift? Irrelevant.
    2. Her skin tone? Irrelevant.
    3. Her former employment? Irrelevant.
    4. Attention whore? Gee, what was the clue? The fact that she used every part of her body as a semen receptical on film for the world to see? Also irrelevant.
    5. Her alleged drug use? Irrelevant.
    6. The color of her bruises? ALSO irrelevant.

    Tito is a trained fucking animal and could probably snap most of us in two in his sleep. He shouldn’t be smacking anyone around, let alone a woman. And for my money…??? He’s fucking guilty.

    Fuck all of the rest of you who seem to think it’s OK because she took (takes?) drugs. That is not an excuse to beat someone!

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