Jenna Jameson gets waxed

August 3rd, 2006 // 98 Comments

  1. combustion8

    I’d hit it.

  2. HarryNipples

    I wonder how many candles had to die to make those tits of hers???

  3. At-Law

    I would do her…I mean it…I mean…I am just lonely and horny!!!

  4. MUCH better idea than a sculpture of some ugly little midget baby.

  5. Aww I coulda been 1st );

  6. HarryNipples

    Do you suppose they do everything anatomically correct? Like a wax clitoris??

    And SECOND, NYAHHHHHHH, nyaaaahhh..

  7. Italian Stallion

    I’ve seen her get waxed for years, how is that news?

  8. fierce

    It does look ridiculously real, though.

  9. MrsHoilman

    She is alot more tan than the wax figure.

  10. HarryNipples

    Sadly, I think the wax figure looks better – probably more lively in bed too…I think the other one has snorted too much coke…

  11. penguinwaddle

    @9 ..Yeah the tan, that’s what we are all looking at.

  12. CoJo

    I think the effect would of been 1000 times better if Jenna came dressed just like her wax counterpart.

  13. combustion8

    Jennas starting to look like that catwoman freak.. btw when did she move to Newport Beach?

  14. HarryNipples

    By the way, I know this is just TOO obvious, but who the fuck is Jenna Jameson and what does she do, besides spread her legs for a living??

  15. I love that she makes more per year than Paris Hilton.

  16. ScriptRadar

    That’s the best pose they came up with? Wickity-wack!

  17. HarryNipples

    I’ll bet the guys who work at the museum sneak into the displays late at night and masturbate to Jenna’s waxy little twat and probably more…

  18. Jules

    i don’t think I like the pose they used for her wax figure…

  19. Bioplant

    My penis approves.

  20. MissE

    Jenna Jameson is awesome and all, but it’s been what, like 2 days since the last LoHo in a bikinni… and my work day is incomplete without her fire crotch, skeletor self. Fantastic.

  21. HarryNipples

    I guess if ther’s a power failure and they run out of candles they could always light her nipples…

  22. CoJo

    I think this was just something that they caught the wax artist making and forced him to put it on display as punishment.

  23. HarryNipples

    I wonder if they flip a coin to see who gets to “make” her tits, or her little wax snatch…

    Probably if you get written up you get delegated to making wax figures of Barbara Walters or Rosie O’Donnell or Star Jones until you shape up!! Then you graduate back to Pammy Anderson or some other waxy little slut…

  24. endometriorama

    i love jenna. i can’t help it. i miss her brown hair. where is the ron jeremy wax figure?

  25. HarryNipples

    I’ll bet they get boners while they make these wax figures…

  26. combustion8

    I cant get over her kelly lebrock’ish face.. its freaking me out.

  27. At-Law

    I wonder if the wax figure is racist too?

  28. Damn. Maybe there were too many questions about where the wax baby came from by tourist kids, so they put Jenna in to answer them. Next they’ll recreate the Britney Spears Birth Statue in wax next to in, to truly clarify. or maybe that’s next…Britney pushing out Kid #2.

    Ew. I grossed myself out.

  29. HarryNipples


    I just puked up a teeny bit of my Cheez Whiz and toast after reading that…

  30. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    Oh my god! Shades of Hammer horror. The wax figure moved between pictures 1 and 2!!! ooooo-wwweeEEEEeee-ooooooooo

  31. @20 – Here’s a nude shot of firecrotch… who knew??? Click above ↑↑↑

    What a ripoff. I want to see the waxed ones tits full on!!

  32. andrewthezeppo

    Who visits wax museums? Honestly, what kinda of person wants to walk around and see wax figures that look like somebody killed their favorite celebrities and dipped them in plastic?

  33. andrewthezeppo

    ps On second inspection, the wax figure is much prettier and looks a lot more human than the actual Jenna, that’s kinda sad….I still like her because she said she took her name because she liked that kind of whiskey.

  34. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I know what I want for Christmas now, Santa…

  35. jrzmommy

    Hey Brangelina–you’re right up there with the porn stars! good for you guys!

    What do people tell their kids when they come across this display? “Oh, Suzy, that’s Jenna Jameson, a famous adult film star. She does double penetration!! Want a juicebox?”

  36. RichPort

    It would have been more fun if flesh Jenna were photographed going down on wax Jenna… better than incestuous twins I tell you.

    I remember seeing an Ali G Show episode from the UK where he was visiting the Cannes Porn Film Festival. Before interviewing Jenna he said “Imagine meeting someone you’ve had over FREE TOUSAND masturbations over…”. That still kills me.

  37. penguinwaddle

    I feel bad for the poor bastard who has to do the janitorial work around there, as he is now a jizz mopper like in the 25 cent peep booths.

  38. combustion8

    Now if only her wax snatch were a pez dispenser, I’d be in heaven.

  39. MultipleSpaceys

    I don’t get why the wax figure is trying to touch its elbows together.

  40. jrzmommy

    Fake hair
    Fake lips
    Fake tits
    Wait, what’s the difference between the two again?

  41. MultipleSpaceys

    Is it doing that to taunt Jessica Simpson?

  42. pinky_nip

    I wonder how many will wax off to this?

  43. DancingQueen

    Wouldn’t it have been more life-like if it had a cock in it’s mouth?

  44. all wax museums are retarded!

    “oh look son, there is some wax that looks like somebody”

    “you suck dad”

  45. Kg

    #5 but you weren’t ^^

    Looks pretty real, I bet the janitor will have alot of “late nights”

  46. biatcho

    Why did they go to all the trouble covering up those mammoth balloons? I say if you’re gonna do it, do it all the way. You want porn stars in your tourist dump of a wax museum you gotta show tits & vagina.
    It’s what Jesus would want.

  47. biatcho

    This is also kind of like a fountain in a mall – instead of throwing coins at it you spooge on its face for good luck.

  48. Her dad was on the Las Vegas Metro P.D. when I was living there. He pulled me over once when I was drunk and doing 85 mph in a school zone. I got belligerent with him and spouted, “you motherfucker I’m going to fuck you” and “the fucking jews are the cause of all the wars… you’re not jewish are you?” I looked at his name tag through bleary eyes I saw JAMESON. I slurred out, “Isn’t your daughter the porno star with the “sugar boobies”?” Who knew twenty some years later, old Mel Gibson would refine my statment to include sugar tits.
    My hand to God, the above story is true.

  49. Mandi Rewis

    Don’t tell me I am the only one who noticed you can see real Jenna’s underwear in picture 2… Does this make me a lesbian?

  50. RichPort


    Juicebox?!?!?!? Is that sort of euphemism for coochie??? And to little kids no less… I thought I was bad for telling my nephew his mom was a cum gargler, but you, my lady, have taken it too far…

    (p.s. do you have that DP movie? I’m, er, doing research…)

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