Jenna Jameson gets her dance on

July 10th, 2007 // 123 Comments

Jenna Jameson showed up to her boyfriend Tito Ortiz’s birthday party in Las Vegas yesterday looking about as good as she’s ever looked lately. Although in some of these shots her boobs are looking oddly pointy. Considering how much surgery she’s had on them, I guess it’s a wonder they’re even still attached to her chest. You’d think by now they’d be in the shape of cauliflower and possibly alive. You know, talking in a funny French accent and smoking cigarettes.

NOTE: Beef Jerky Jenna Jameson. Never forget.


  1. Hulla

    She was so damn beautiful once.
    What did she do to herself???

  2. stef

    she needs to do something about the hair extensions in her bangs, ’cause that is starting to look gnarly.

  3. lastangelman

    Hey, hey, hey! Just wanna announce me and Jenna, well we’re gonna have EGGS .. a whole carton QUACK!QUACK!QUACK!QUACK!QUACK!QUACK!QUACK!QUACK!QUACK!QUACK!QUACK!QUACK!QUACK!QUACK!

  4. Clem

    Jenna Wildenstein.

  5. Clarence the Clown

    Those fucking lips (just realized that is literally the case) look like something from a fish or a duck’s bill. And then the fake eyelashes, fake boobs, a nip here & a tuck there…. what a piece of plastic trailer trash.

  6. Man, compare what she looks like now to her first porn, and it’s like she’s not even the same person.

    (Not even remotely safe for work!!)

  7. Considering her line of work, she looks pretty spot on. You don’t exactly need business attire at her office.

  8. francesca

    She’s an asswhore. Why do women do this to themselves? Plastic surgery of the face is soooo ugly!! She looks fucking Asian..yeah, like an Asian duck!!

  9. Evangeline

    Is she trying to look like me and my billboard? I am just sayin, she needs the pink corvette.

  10. Smoking Hot

    Why can’t she just accept that she isn’t sexy anymore and if she did have any sexiness left no one knows because she is so far removed from her natural self at this point. Sorry, but fish lips, fake, hard boobs attached to an anorexic frame and wearing lingerie whilst desperately attempting to dance erotically is just pathetic. That’s why women should never get into a field where they rely solely on their sex appeal and/or willingness to open their cooter to any man, woman or child. They can never be normal after that and can’t grow old gracefully. Yuck.

  11. roughdaddy

    whats wrong with these bitches with access to money hungry surgeons? i remember when this ho was fresh faced it was nice…

  12. whathaveyou

    Go out to a club tonight. You will notice that most of the guys chase the fake-faced blonds with the tan skin,size 2 pants and saline boobs. Strangely, this is also the look that requires the most cosmetic enhancements to achieve…..

    Could it be that the marketing of this particular female stereotype is to make us SPEND more MONEY???

    I’m 35, female, retaining water, and I just discovered I look like Mandy Moore in my bikini. Mr.Superficial would think I was a fatty if he saw me at the beach today, I suppose, but I’m totally happy with my body.

    After seeing so many bad fake boobs,cheek implants,lip implants and the like, why do women continue to spend so much freaking money doing this crap?

    It’s bizarre that the plastic surgeries that were once used to correct facial deformities are now deforming faces.

  13. nagger please

    Why do white women get monkey lips? They end up looking like clowns..

  14. iamsancho

    am i the only one who thinks she looks like one of the muppet characters from “The Dark Crystal”? kinda creeps me out

  15. Jimbo

    #71 schack – recovering? nah. I’m a full-blown meth addict, looking to get even higher. They say there’s nothing like the high you get from drinking the blood of a beautiful virgin. But you have to start slowly, say, with the blood of a skinny whore. So I’ll be in Chicago this weekend…you’ll be around?

  16. yodel

    Hi Barbie!
    Hi Ken!
    You wanna go for a ride?
    Sure, Ken!
    Jump in!
    Ha ha ha ha!

    I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world
    Life in plastic, it’s fantastic
    You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
    Imagination, life is your creation

    Come on, Barbie, let’s go party!

  17. spentnsighing

    Whatever Jenna’s still hot!
    Although I must say beef jerky Jenna was quite a downfall.
    I still bang her, and I’m a chick!


    Whatever Jenna’s still freaky looking!
    If you’d still bang her, I’ve got a disease-encrusted partially deflated “fully functional” doll you might fall in love with.
    And it doesn’t matter one bit if it’s girl-on-alien or boy-on-alien. The only difference will be how the STD symptoms are expressed.

  19. farty_mcshitface

    never understood the hype over this broad. she was NEVER hot or even attractive accidentally. there are so many more women who do/did the porn thing who are so much more attractive than this nasty/frightening club-hag.

  20. lucky7

    It’s a goddam chinaman with a blonde wig and tits.

  21. charm

    since when do porn-stars get to become famous?

  22. Public at LARGE : So Binky – where’ve you been ? Can’t stop masturbating ?
    Binky : No Comment. You know, lousy internet at the Lake. Toil and trouble. The usual. But it was great to see Mike Moore destroy Wolf Blitzer and the MSM …
    And since it’s the eleventh day of every month –
    Jenna looks great…
    And 9-11 was an inside job.

  23. Mike

    The sad part is that she used to be so hot, and would have still been hot if she hadn’t stopped eating and wouldn’t have allowed Dr Frankenstein to work on her.

  24. As if

    haaa who cares about her anyway

  25. jus'stupid

    This chick is just gross. I wouldn’t screw her with kraziskank kelliz dick.

  26. Rach

    Do you think you can hear her bones clacking together when she dances like that?

  27. I think she would sound like dropping your fork on a stone floor!

  28. Aubree

    She looks like a Simpson’s cartoon of herself. Yet she’s real, scary.

    Those lips….next time, Jenna, just use a nice lip liner in Prostitute Pink before you run for more injections.

  29. amber

    why the hell did she do this to herself?
    she made millions off of her old face/body– she was beautiful in this strangely skanky way.
    now she’s skanky in a strangely transvestite kind of way.

  30. but I would screw her with mierable bastard’s dick, I have seen it and it is
    hugh. I could hardly get the whole thing in my mouth. We had a threesome with a couple others on here that I’m not going to mention.
    The dick was so big and hot, Jenna would love it.

  31. she’s still not attractive…

  32. Aubree

    105….what the hell

  33. you heard me, that dick is fine. It is all mine, I claim it. So back off bitches, I mean it. I’m a horney bitch, and Jimbo, I love skinny whores to.

  34. Aubree

    perfect user name, to a tee

  35. 109 Aubree, you want to talk about my username? yours is so fine, I want to aubree
    with you, but I can’t because you are one of those stupid whores that can’t get laid and no one wants to put their dick in you, ho.

  36. Aubree

    oh my God!!! How’d you know?!

    Oh, wait cause you’re JUS’Stupid. What a potty mouth

    Now go, mom is calling you for lunch, peeled grapes and weiners today, yummy!!!

  37. miss oblivious

    #90…oh my gosh, you suck. I just realized that after I read your post, I started jammin’ to that Barbie song in my head; humming it out loud and bobbing my head. Then I caught myself and was like, what the hell am I doing, and where did that come from??? Then I remembered your post! Argh! Anyways, God am I a dork. An impressionable one at that :0

  38. venus

    all i can say is, i can’t wait for their progeny. that would surely be a triumph in evolution! 65 year old women can have kids nowadays, can’t they? i always say old women & gorillas make beautiful kids! hmmm can’t wait to see jenna jamison circa 2028..she resembles joan rivers as it is, it can only get better.

  39. When did she become Chinese?

  40. Michelle

    She’s starting to look like Amanda Lepore.

  41. gladiadorsexual



    At nite when I go to bed, I take
    my dildo and ram it in my azz zo
    proudly. Salute!

  43. christy

    Bitch looks like parasite hilton more and more everyday!!!!!!!!

  44. bliss

    she looks like a duck the bad boy of hunnington beach must be blind to be with her (jenna)

  45. SAM

    she is really f*cking ugly
    it’s the meth Hiv thing
    guess you gota do the meth to do all those dicks

  46. coco

    she fucked herself up.

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