Jenna Jameson expecting twins

September 23rd, 2008 // 63 Comments

Jenna Jameson is definitely doing her best Angelina Jolie impersonation, according to sources for Perez Hilton:

“They’re having twins,” a friend of the superstar tells us. “Jenna and Tito just found out. They are beyond thrilled!”

This, of course, answers “Nope” to the age old question: Can Jenna Jameson do anything without getting double teamed?


  1. Abe

    So is it okay to ask her, “How are the twins?”

  2. jaysdesk

    I may be first

  3. jaysdesk


  4. Boofoo Bob

    So much for the vaginoplasty…

  5. surlywench

    So I take it no one tries to conceive without using invitro or hormones anymore.

  6. Why not, after years of being plowed, poked, pounded, and plastered that should be a nice retirement present…

  7. i have to say that i was blown away when i heard that she is pregnant… especially with tito ortiz’s kids. wtf are THEY gonna end up like? we have a reality series in the making now. who’s got the home video camera!?

  8. boomershine

    No C-section necessary. She could probably pass twins simultaneously

  9. Sway

    how is breast feeding with the twins for the twins supposed to go down

  10. Jeff W.


  11. Slut

    She is so loose…how does that trap stay closed for 9 months?

  12. Ted from LA

    You can tell from the picture they’re twins. But what about her pregnancy? Is that guy with the 4 foot head circumference the father? If so, she’s fucked (for the 96,000th time).

  13. Hello Again

    Rumor has it the twins are expected to walk out of her vagina holding hands, side-by-side.

  14. mike

    man when they get old enough and start accessing the internet….there will be some interesting conversations in that house :P

  15. Ted from LA

    Are you going to try to adopt the kidds?

  16. 1 MILF Hunter

    Her delivery doctor better have a catcher’s mitt to snag those two on delivery. Must have been an invitro. Naturally would’ve been like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

  17. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    I feel so sorry for those unborn kids having a publicly known slut for a mother and a meathead for a dad.

  18. grobpilot

    I’m surprised she actually got pregnant. Figured her uterus would have been pounded into hamburger long ago.


  20. shar


  21. These are the first DIVA-SIGNALS.
    ………..BURN HER!!

  22. gotmilk?

    yeah, i’m sure she’ll be a good mother.

    she’ll sneeze in the third trimester & those things will come flying out.

  23. Bernardo

    Twins?????????? Because she uses both holes?????????????

  24. Ted from LA...back...again (please go away)

    Dude, this site was breathing fresh air while you were away. Far away from the stale, fetid odor of your polluting commentaries.

  25. forrest hump

    Lawd hep dem keyyyids

  26. sunshine

    Bernardo #24, you are too funny, that is kinda sick, but you sure made me laugh this morning.

  27. supersex

    the doc wil walk in pick up the twin and carry them out.

  28. English Bob

    She might be known to be a slut, but i heard she’s worth $100 million…..Come on, which of you out there wouldn’t take a pounding for that kind of money..? Just me again then eh? You lying bastards…!
    Congratulations Jenna and Tito (Seriously, he’s called Tito?? – No fucking way dudes!!)

  29. Splooge

    How could they have a thousand fathers? Every movie I’ve seen her in the splooge all ends up in her mouth, on her tits or on her face. Tito may have been the first to actually splooge down the tube.

  30. Mimi

    24- What are you talking about? He’s the funniest poster on this board day in and day out. You’re obviously a hack troll. Try being funny instead of jealous. Anyone agree?

  31. Airmail

    ‘Hey, What’s your mom do for a living?’

    The question should be: ‘ Who does she do for a living?’ With the answer being “Everyone”

  32. minerva

    I can picture the day in school when those kids have to tell the class what mommy does for a living…

    Kid 1: My daddy is a doctor.
    Kid 2: My mommy is a teacher.
    Jenna Jameson kids: My mom gets pounded by 4 men at once…

  33. cltsig

    Fucking her would be like fucking a glass of water.

  34. cltsig

    Fucking her would be like fucking a glass of water.

  35. Stiles

    “So I take it no one tries to conceive without using invitro or hormones anymore.”

    Not when her uterus has had a train run on it by every STD on the planet.

  36. Stiles

    “So I take it no one tries to conceive without using invitro or hormones anymore.”

    Not when her uterus has had a train run on it by every STD on the planet.

  37. Bunnie

    OMFG those poor poor children…. imagine what those kids will go throu.. “Hey Timmy I saw your mom being F*u$Cked by twenty guys last night while giving a blow job to a hung horse in this movie”
    Those car pool rides to soccer practice shall be very interesting to say the least. God bless those children.. She is one of the few people who the government should have demanded she remove her uterus.

  38. JaidenPaidin

    I wonder if she’s gonna do PREGGIE PORN?

  39. Ferdinand Narcos

    Soon,we will all fall in love with Herpes Starship and Donkeypunch Jetlag Jameson-Ortiz.

  40. Hey mimi

    Ted from LA is funny? Really? ok.
    Me? Jealous of Ted? Why would you say that? All of us read this shit and post more or less idiotic statements about nothing and each other. That’s all this site is about you cock gobbling 2 bit whore.
    Aren’t you the one always saying “praying for Amy’?? Ha ha ha AHHH HAAA HAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Dumb useless bitch with no life.

    God I wish more people would have worn condoms when having anal sex. Oozing semen has obviously been responsible for the procreation of more malformed mentally unstable bitches like mimi than we are aware of.

    Poor sorry slut. Without love and penis and life.

  41. Drunkman

    Well…on a more positive note, at least we know she couldn’t possibly need a c-section.

  42. oivay

    hi there mimi (somewhere nowhere a 2 foot tall ball of gelatinous veiny humanoid tissue with exterior vital organs laden with feces and a dripping penis/vagina configuration and several compound eyes many missing from the assemblage and winking and bleeding and pussing outward with every twitching of the general mass of the organism, holds it anus closed and then farts loudly and long and visibly for an extended time. It begins to cry and sob and heave wriggling it’s torn flesh where arms and legs once were.)
    “I misses my mimi”, the filthy glob bellows. “I took pity on her and let her lick me asseshole and then she be want to kiss me so I tore out my arms and my legs to make her leaves me alones”
    (The torn confusing misconfiguration falls over and rolls merrily upon it’s way down into the valley where mimi is usually picking through the raw sewage of the old town looking for corn to call her own. To place lovingly upon old cobs to try to sell at a New Age art gallery in New York, where all the ignorant peasent folk with too little talent and too much time on their hands peddle their junk in the name of art but truly to fuel the trash wars of capitalism.)
    “Me sees you mimi” screams the orbiculate amputated bleeding mass as it crashes directly into the unclean crotch of lonely mimi, causing her to drop a handful of shitty corn into the creek. “NO NO OH GOD NO MY LIFE’S WORK!
    (Horrified she dunks her greasy haired head into the creek and her lover, without appendages, is unable to save her. )

  43. haha

    Twins, if girls their future is already written!!!

  44. Deva

    Jesus, these two’s kids are going to basically look like Golem from The Lord of the Rings. She’s a used up anal-whore, and Tito “spick” Ortiz is laughable at best in UFC. He sucks, she definitly sucks and they’re kids are going to have to pass through that diseased interstate highway called her vagina. Should child welfare be involved with this because I’m pretty sure it’s a crime to endanger kids like that.
    I wonder what hole these mutants are going to pop out of? My bet is her ass.

  45. HughJorgan

    It is gonna be pretty cool being the only kids in school witha mother that loves ATM.

  46. I expect these kids to be uber hot and pack an awesome punch

  47. sexy brains

    No, no,no, NO!!! This slut bag cannot reproduce! I sincerely hope she has a C-section because giving herpes to children via the birth canal is really dangerous – in all seriousness.

    Now the HIV, syphilis, and gonorrhea she probably also has – well, those poor kids are doomed! Not to mention having a gang banged porno whore for a mother and a father with an abnormally sized head for a father.

    Someone call Barnum and Bailey.

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