Jenna Jameson cries about the abuse she claims never happened

May 6th, 2010 // 60 Comments

Even though Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz both claim absolutely nothing happened the night of his arrest, Jenna is still shoving her face in the press saying she was abused. This time it’s a teary-eyed Us Weekly exclusive. (Read: Cha-ching!):

She tells Us Weekly their argument erupted when he accused her of being “high” on pills. When she declared “I’m not on drugs!” he didn’t believe her and flew into a rage. “I was standing in the bathroom – naked, by the way – and he said, ‘It’s over!’ grabbed my arm and pushed me aside,” she recalls.
The 36-year-old Jameson — who has 13-month-old twin boys with Ortiz, 35 — melts down when asked about their future (Ortiz has retreated to Costa Rica while a police protection order keeps him away from her for a week; she has declined to cooperate with a police investigation).
Unable to control her tears, Jameson tells Us Weekly: “It’s just so hard to trust … anybody in my life.”

You know what you don’t do with somebody you supposedly don’t trust? Let him move back in with your infant sons then continue to give interviews saying he abused you after agreeing to keep everyone’s dirty laundry out of the press. This is exactly why I’ve lobbied for mandatory helmets on porn stars. Too many penises to the brain is no laughing mat– PFFTT HAHAHAHAHA!

That was a mulligan.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. Sport

    Classy. Had to mention you were naked and scald our retinas with the mere thought.

  2. First!

    I’d hit it.

    I threw up in my mouth a little.

  3. Dumb b*tch

    “You know what you don’t do with somebody you supposedly don’t trust? Let him move back in with your infant sons then continue to give interviews saying he abused you after agreeing to keep everyone’s dirty laundry out of the press.”

    PERFECT; I can’t phrase it better. She’s a stupid slut, an attention whore and a c*m dumpster. The only reason she should open her mouth is to glom on my schlong…

  4. RoboZombie

    Too many schlongs banging the back of her throat and damaging the medulla oblongata!
    (I just like saying medulla oblongata)

  5. Captain_Insano

    He missed the perfect opportunity for a “rear naked choke”.

    He should have finished her off. Dumb crazy whorey bitch.

  6. tc

    You can still see the scars on his head where he fell out of the womb.

  7. how in the world did this whore become a celebrity?

  8. lol

    a professional whore and a professional assaulter don’t mix well :/

  9. oh i know

    good GOD she looks like she’s got gangrene!! and that’s on the UNCOVERED areas….yikes!!

  10. Man she looks like hell, enough tanning or whatever she is doing to that face!

  11. God

    I made her for one reason only, and that’s to give trillions of sperms a second chance at keeping warm for a little before they slowly die, panic stricken as their comforting semen begins to dry, wasted, in an old sock. Of course, now they get digested or used to slicken a turd, but that’s as far as I took it. Look, it’s all an experiment. I’ll never do it again. I promise. Also, I have to admit that the skin she sports in these pictures was a prototype for a new type of dog-chew I’m developing in contract with PetSmart, but it turned out to be too bitter and tough.


    How cute, the little one…..

    And to think that in a few short years, he will be coming home from school crying his poor little eyes out, because one of his classmates showed him a video of his mother sucking a bone.

    And even better, the bone is not attached to his biological father.
    What a great Christmas story that will make…..Artofwar

  13. BennyfromThames

    Tito Ortiz to God in 2006- “Turning a whore into a housewife… what’s the worst that could really happen?!” God to Tito Ortiz while sitting in jail- “You figure it out yet?”

  14. D

    Who cares about this whore? The only thing important about this story is her poor babies. I truly hope their parents take care of them and don’t eff them up the way they have effed themselves up.

  15. lollll

    lol at the end when she says its hurts “cos we are america’s couple”.. haha funny but true

  16. D

    I just caught the part where she says, “we were America’s couple.”

    Umm…really?! She’s not only a whore, she’s delusional…

  17. hahahahha


  18. bassackwards

    You gotta love the sappy “Lifetime Tv” music playing in the background.

    I also love how she describes being thrown towards the tub and getting her ass kicked in a club by him and follows it up with “He’s NOT a wife beater!”

    I bet if you get a crosswind on this chicks cooch, it makes the same sound as holding a coke bottle out a car window at 60mph.

  19. Dante lived in a simpler time. A time before internet pornography and entire networks devoted to nothing but food, so it’s safe to reason his levels for such vices as lust and gluttony are far, far overcrowded, and that a need for some more specific, more horrifying Hells has arisen.

  20. buck naked

    Wow 3, 11…effin’ great.
    @12…true, unless she dumps the kid on someone’s stoop after this photoshoot. She is having a hard time looking like a caring mother. Forced.
    That poor kid looks fried..momma likely had a cock in every orifice at the time of his conception while loaded. And, judging by her appearance, she stayed loaded.

    And she’s worth how much while we slog for a pittance???

  21. Internet pornography and nothing but the whole network devoted to food once before, so it’s safe to lust and greed as a flaw because its level far, too crowded, and that something more specific, more Only a need for Hells arisen.The terrible story about the poor children it is important. I really hope that their parents do not eff up after them and they way they have effed themselves.

  22. I must admit that sports skin in these images was a prototype of a new type of dog-Chew, he is sure of the reason for their level of vices like lust and greed are very, very crowded.

  23. She is really in trouble for this wrong abuse.This should not be happen

  24. Jon

    She looks so pretty in these pics. Her arms look muscley and toned, and her face looks really natural and pretty. She’s so hot. Her cheekbones and eyes look sooooo good.

    Pffft.. hahahahahahaa.

  25. bitch PLEASE

    @#11 OMFG!!!!!! I laughed so hard I have TEARS in my eyes. FUCKING CLASSIC!!!!!!!! LMFAOOOOO

  26. What a great Christmas story that will make…..Artofwar

  27. She looks like a doll in this pictures. I am not her fan but she looks too sweet in these pics and also that little baby looking cute with her.

  28. captain america


    ………………..for real, folks?

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  31. Darth

    Who is this woman?!

    PS:How do you hack Net Nanny folks?

  32. Rhialto

    I don’t know if Tito O. did cause these bruises. . But i don’t think playing peek-a-boo with her child could have caused these bruises.

  33. bimbamboing

    TITO,that could be a good matching name for an executioner… Is he bald too?!

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  36. Rex Kramer

    When Tito moved back in he had a couple of newly purchased items: A wood chipper, tarp, duct tape and a shovel. He said he would make it up to her by taking her camping in the Nevada desert.

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  38. Jules

    Umm…yeah…what was she talking about…nothing she said made sense.

  39. Jules

    …and did she seriously say they were america’s couple?

  40. Lila

    You know some porm stars get into porn for money to go to school, get farther in life etc…She got into porn and got dumb, if anything she is getting dumber by the minute!! Oh and ugly too, good thing those kids look like Tito. Hopefully they will grow up, turn 18 and move to Idaho.

  41. Jay

    Making a living taking dicks in your ass may eventually chip away at your credibility.

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  43. fuckyou

    SKANK… Hope her kids don’t get made fun of when they go to school. She doesn’t deserve to have kids.

  44. fevzi

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  45. TheYoungAndTheBreastless

    When did Mickey Rourke get a sex change?

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