Jenna Jameson cries about the abuse she claims never happened

Even though Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz both claim absolutely nothing happened the night of his arrest, Jenna is still shoving her face in the press saying she was abused. This time it’s a teary-eyed Us Weekly exclusive. (Read: Cha-ching!):

She tells Us Weekly their argument erupted when he accused her of being “high” on pills. When she declared “I’m not on drugs!” he didn’t believe her and flew into a rage. “I was standing in the bathroom – naked, by the way – and he said, ‘It’s over!’ grabbed my arm and pushed me aside,” she recalls.
The 36-year-old Jameson — who has 13-month-old twin boys with Ortiz, 35 — melts down when asked about their future (Ortiz has retreated to Costa Rica while a police protection order keeps him away from her for a week; she has declined to cooperate with a police investigation).
Unable to control her tears, Jameson tells Us Weekly: “It’s just so hard to trust … anybody in my life.”

You know what you don’t do with somebody you supposedly don’t trust? Let him move back in with your infant sons then continue to give interviews saying he abused you after agreeing to keep everyone’s dirty laundry out of the press. This is exactly why I’ve lobbied for mandatory helmets on porn stars. Too many penises to the brain is no laughing mat– PFFTT HAHAHAHAHA!

That was a mulligan.

Photos: INFdaily