Jenna Jameson has a night out

December 18th, 2007 // 106 Comments

Jenna Jameson attended the premiere of The Bucket List in L.A. Afterwards she hit up Club Hyde where she signed autographs for fans before heading home. That’s all well and good, but I can’t get over how sexy her legs are. Her tattoos blend right in with the varicose veins. It’s like something out of a dream where you’re making love to a decaying mummy. But the mummy has lots of makeup and breast implants, so it’s a really romantic dream that you can tell your girlfriend about over breakfast.

Photos:, Bauer-Griffin

  1. jlkasdf


  2. Ally


  3. jlkasdf


  4. chauncey gardner

    Is her chest pregnant?

  5. JVM

    Not bad – she’s keeping the duck-factor to a minimum.

  6. 10pound

    She looks like Marc Anthony

  7. Cmon Now

    Who the hell cares about this? If you do, then you suck and need a life!

  8. whatever

    Not to defend this brainiac, but those are tatoos. They look terrible, but they’re tatoos.

  9. havoc

    The fact that her legs are even together is a step up…….


  10. RENEE...

    Oh come on now, she’s looking much better than she has in months. She must have eaten a sandwich or two. Really, its a shame she messed with plastic surgery so much, because she was a cute & sexy (though sleazy) girl before. Maybe that Tito guy was a bad influence on her and had her hooked on drugs or something, and now he’s out of her life? Anyways, I hope she keeps getting better and keeps on eating. And no more plastic surgery! Ack!

  11. Texas Tranny


  12. steve

    skanky ugly ho. I think my eyes just got herpes.

  13. Splooge

    What a babe. I hear she has a site at There she explains how she “signs autographs” by wrapping her collagen inflated lips around the meat poles of fans (female fans have to get by with a quick ass grab).
    The fag in the ad on the right was so inspired by this that he’s in the process of mouthgrabbing the meat pole of his fellow underwear model!!

  14. @12 TT, if she got on her knees, you would say no??

  15. shanipie

    1. what the hell is with the way she stands all pigeon toed. Has she been fucked too many times, does she think its cute and endeering, or is she nervous? WHAT THE HELL?

    2. Ok wait, I thought that she got her implants removed? So why do they still look huge and fake?

  16. She is so adorable. I love her style

  17. Gerald_Tarrant

    I don’t think Einstein could quantify how many genitals (male and female) have been on that mouth over the years.

  18. D. Richards (Pansy.)

    You know when your dog drags it’s ass across the kitchen floor? Well, next time your dog pulls this most awesome of manuevers look closely at the track and you’ll just barely be able to make out the beginings of a Jenna Jameson.

    That’s where Jennas are formed. From a couple hundred dog-ass smears. It’s scientific fact.

  19. juliabella

    12-talking to yourself is a form of insanity.

  20. Texas Tranny

    I would let her suck my cock, but no way in hell I’m going close to her pussy.

  21. Tapeworm

    Hideous and disgusting human being.

    Other than that, she’s great.

  22. ph7

    She looks ten years older than her real age.

    Not good for a career in show business. If you can call hard core porn show business.

  23. Texas Tranny


    I may be a slut but what are you??????


    Fuck off bitch…………………..

  24. D. Richards

    #15? I’d say no to Jenna trying to blow me. I mean, with lips like that there would be no seal. The job would consist of a cacophony of horrendous fart sounds. I’d get so mad that I’d just start beating her fake tits.

  25. juliabella

    24-r u crying? I didn’t mean it….so so sorry!

  26. @21 TT I don’t think you have that much will power..

  27. juliabella


  28. kirsten

    I’m interested to hear “foot fetish” guys take on this pair feet. I’m pretty convinced myself that if she took off the shoes they’d be more like talons.

  29. kirsten

    Whos that guy in the snazzy shiny jacket and chain bolero??

  30. Michael Vick must Die

    She actually looks way better here than a few months ago, she’s gone easy on the make up and dress. The tattoos are unfortunate, she probably thought she would always want to look slutty but damn she should get them removed if it’s possible, it’s a horrible look.

  31. Wow, she’s still very thin, but the black number is pretty flattering and she *is* looking distinctively less duck-like…and a tad less likely to drop dead at any moment.

    Can’t say that the pornography industry is one that prompts my admiration, but still, the celebrity realm has enough people knocking on death’s door, so I hope she doesn’t get gross-walking-duck-skeleton-skinny again….and keeps heading away from that. :)

    On a side note: the whole bottom half of that first roll-neck number does nothing for her. The top looks quite nice, but the pale strappy shoes….the stick-like, over-tanned legs…with a heavy fabric, knee-length skirt, just doesn’t work. Makes her look kind of disproportionate and odd! Like an attractive torso that ends too late, atop of two rusty pikes. Don’t you think?

  32. tp

    She looks more normal here than she has in months! But she’s still too skinny and too tan…she looks like an anorexic oompa loompa. Eat a pork chop, girlfriend!!!

  33. funny, she does not look like a duck here.

  34. Jenna’s pussy is almost as abused as veggi’s. Almost.

  35. theShizaan

    I think I got the crabs just from looking at her.

  36. Ted from LA

    I feel sorry for this woman. She looks much better than when she was hanging around with Michael Jackson’s brother, but has a ways to go. I feel much more sorry for the losers asking her for her autograph. I will never understand some people. I’m guessing they are the same people who voted for George W. Bush a second time.

  37. tp

    I like the poop. poooooooooooooooop! I haven’t been this excited since I shaved my balls.

  38. sla

    At first glance I thought it was Lindsay Hohan.

  39. Jimbo

    @35- Fuck off troll.

  40. veggi

    Only Jimbo’s mom had a pussy with more rips in it than Jenna’s.

  41. Ript1&0

    If this chick has managed to actually keep herself disease and child free, she just might be my new secret hero.

  42. Jenna is nasty!!! She was hot about 10 years ago but now not so much there is a certain age you should not be allowed to do porn anymore and she past it. Doing porn with Jenna is like doing porn with an android.

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  44. scooby

    she’s looking much better now, certainly better than after her surgeries. in the first set she looks kinda like kylie minogue!

  45. Jenna

    She doesn’t have breast implants anymore, she got them removed. She looks better than normal, but still nothing like her old self…

  46. IHaveNoLifeAndIStillDon'tCare

    I have no life. I’m so lonely I could spit. I always looking to see what celebrities are doing. All the things I have type are true and still I don’t give one shit about this. Well ok, maybe one fart. Here it comes I’m squeezing it out right now. Whew you all are so luck we aren’t at a party cuz the smell of my fart would change your life. Badly.

  47. Uh

    Damn, for a second I was like, is she pregnant? Then I realized those are her tits.

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