Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz are way too classy

August 28th, 2007 // 191 Comments

Ever seen a former UFC champion tongue kiss a duck? You have now. Well, assuming your eyes made it out of this alive. I’m pretty sure mine are just for show now.


  1. Mama N. Nem


  2. k

    look how big her pupils her pupils are–it’s like she got them dialiated by an optometrist. that is not normal at all.

  3. @100 Hey Veggo, did you see your troll wants to do me at lunch?

  4. Um….I’m back from the liquor store….where’s the new post?


    You are making me type with such violence. I don’t like my letters in all caps that way….

  5. FRIST you got mail

  6. jrzmommy

    Lily Allen got a beer dumped over her fat ugly head!! HAHAHA!!!

    And Amy Winehouse’s crotch looks like it went 8 rounds with Mike Tyson.

  7. DamnItFish

    So yesterday, I thought “Fish must be in a pretty crappy mood to keep us all looking at Kid Rock’s crack.” Today I wonder, “What have we done to you? Have we all offended you in some way???” I am scared for what tomorrow’s top post holds.

  8. Natty

    Puh-leeze put a new post up! Pretty pretty please!!!

  9. Danklin24

    Good god, im sure after he kissed her, his lips melted and his penis dropped out of his pants, squirmed around on the ground and scampered off never to be seen again.

  10. Mike


  11. alf oldland

    thanks a whole lot for these pictures, editor(s). you really came through this time. god damn.

  12. Mike, Where are these picture?

  13. Mike

    #112, it was, but only one picture. Wanted to see more pictures.

  14. veggo

    well ya fuckers, I’m out. Drink one for me Frist!!!

  15. Mike

    #114, where the heck you going?

  16. Have a good evening Veggo. Talk to you tomorrow

  17. @115 She is on her way to my house to cook me dinner!!! Just kidding. It is 4:45 and she is off work and going home

  18. veggo

    Whatch it…!!!

  19. @113 That is freaking it??? Big deal!! I thought it was something good

  20. Do you punish love?

  21. veggo

    You should have received your pledge card packet on your desk in the past few days.

    Did you feel yours out?

  22. Mike

    #121………Veggo answer my e-mail before you leave PLEASE

  23. ubee0173

    wow, i was wondering why ive been shitting my insides out and nauseated all day… then i remembered that i saw this right before it started.. coincidence? i think not.

  24. Alayney

    God, he looks retarded! Literally!

  25. Jimbo

    Me Jimbo. Me like rough gay sex and hairy balls in my mouth. Yummmm! Off work… Yeeeeeeee!!!

  26. @124 How much brains do you think a UFC has? I think retarded would be a step up for him

  27. AntiChrist

    Apparently, nasty disgusting diseased cocksuckers like this pair need lovin’ too.

    She can’t go back to being the “old Jenna”….because now she’s old ugly and diseased.

    Let’s send these 2 to Britain in retaliation for sending the nasty disgusting Beckham sissies to L.A.

  28. His Old Meth-Addict Mom

    That’s nasty. She looks like his dirty old mom.

    I’m sicked out now.

  29. Jbo

    She does look healthier now that she took those circus balloons out of her chest. I applaud this slut-bag, CuM-BuCkEt porn whore for taking those nasty saline bags out of her anorexic chest. he he he – talk about a back-handed compiment – eh?

  30. veggo

    Semen duck stuffed with red hot AIDS sausage – that’s my favorite dish!

  31. @125 TROLL, we all know you are a female and that is what your brother use to do to you. Stop living in the past and move on.

  32. Wedgewood

    Guess I pasted that into the wrong place.
    Nevermind now.

  33. Jimbo

    @125… hey douche… u think ur pretty funny huh? i do too… hahahaha..

  34. veggi

    Now we got your email adress bitch.

  35. Wedgewood

    Cool it with the emails man.

  36. Rachael

    She looks wired as hell!

  37. @134 Hey troll bitch!! Yes I am and I a tired of you!!! So fuck off and die like someone else you know

  38. Spook

    Why not a little politics today?

  39. Spook

    A presidential impeachment would hurt democracy

  40. I dont know about y’all, but I’d hit it for sure. Raw too. Then I’d grab Veggi by the throat and bust all over his face. Oh yeaaaaa!!!

  41. Spike

    She bang, she bang,,,, oh baby. She moves, she moves…..

  42. @141 hey fucking troll bitch

    Is that the best you can come up with? You say the same shit over and over again. “I’d hit that and bust all over Veggi’s face” If you are going to be a troll come up with some better shit you fucking retard.

  43. I’d like to fuck Tito in the asshole.

  44. Paint him green and he looks like Shrek.

  45. woodgone

    Jimbo, where are you from?

  46. The real me is from Southern California. The troll bitch is from the around the great lakes area.

  47. Thank you JESUS there is a NEW POST!!!!

  48. woodgone

    Do you know this other person or are you just lucky today?
    Great Lakes to Cali is a long way to hate on someone.

  49. Jimbo

    @146…. dammit troll! The real me is from where else…San Francisco!!!! Gay area… holla!!! Castro district honey.. where the saying goes.. once you go fag, u never go back! Veggi is my neighbor… and we love to share holes. Buttholes.

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