Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz are way too classy

August 28th, 2007 // 191 Comments

Ever seen a former UFC champion tongue kiss a duck? You have now. Well, assuming your eyes made it out of this alive. I’m pretty sure mine are just for show now.


  1. Well there goes my tuna sandwich…

  2. veggo

    FRIST!!! did you have to use the word tuna? just sayin.

    and @50- blades of glory is out today!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. @51 FRIST, try scrapping scrambled eggs off your monitor

  4. big

    Those earings are the same diameter as her nasty hole!!

  5. keith

    no more jenna jameson – she looks terrible and it is such a shame considering she was once one of the hottest whores on the planet.

  6. veggo

    @48- better, as in, I said hi……….. not ignoring you…..

  7. mabbo

    why is The Fish wasting time on this? They have not printed the pics of Britney driving around without her extensions in, nor have they said anything about that dumb slut, Miss South Carolina and her deplorable “answer” to why 1/5 of Americans cannot find their own country on a map. The Fish keeps printing pictures of Jessica Alba and Jenna Jameson every two seconds….enough already!!

  8. BaldAsBritney

    Hey Tito how does half of California tatse?

  9. Bite Me, we need to learn to wait at least one hour after eating to get on the Fish…kinda like swimming!~

  10. Opps I am using my other computer and had not changed back to Jimbo on this one.

  11. Radar

    I agree with you Mabbo. Fish goes through some weird phases. I shouldn’t even mention this, because he’ll probably dig up more pics, but I haven’t seen any of that fat-ass Kim Kardashian in a week. He’s obsessed with the lard asses!

  12. Whatever, I know who you are :)

  13. Ok, if I don’t get a new post in like 5 seconds, I swear to GOD I will go back to WORK!!!!!

  14. Scared cowgirl

    In the second pic, she has CRAZY eyes! She is definitely on some ecstasy there my friends!

  15. ok time’s up. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. BYEEEEEE

  16. Mdiz

    Doctor… that woman needs a buffet …STAT!

  17. YouRang

    Nice one. Like it Romans, Like it. Posting this right at my lunch time. There are better, less offensive ways of suggesting somebody should eat less.

  18. Malffy Hernandes

    that’s just completely vile; I called my children in to see and now they’re calling up child services. I don’t blame them.

  19. Sixty ate


  20. veggo

    Maybe she could move to Texas and get the death penalty.

  21. ssdd

    rotflmao……….. these two .. my god.. lol

  22. LouLou




  23. mimi

    #38—I remember the androids you are talking about. The robot duo was called Shields and Yarnell. Totally cheesy. They sucked.

  24. Moe Greene

    folks, do your part, go to that fruitcup PEREZ’s site, & flood his comment boxes with the following (he’s had my IP blocked for weeks now), so we can drive that fat fuck into obscurity of some kind or another : “i love how the reason Perez got so big is because Paris Hilton bankrolled him back when he was just a tiny little blogger under the condition that he not write anything bad about her – I notice he still refuses to write anything bad about her, which begs the question: are ya still getting those checks from the Hiltons monthly, you flabby parasitic no-talent fuck????”

  25. JrsyGrl

    Anyone see “Hot Fuzz”?

    Looks like Tito walks around going “Yarp.”

  26. ssdd

    Daffy Duck and Donkey Kong………………………… lol these pictures are just totally making me sick and laugh at the same time..

  27. gimmegimme

    EWWWW! It looks like they’re barfing into each others’ mouths!!! BLECCCH.

  28. Jimbo

    @75 – i’d love eat your hot fuzz… anyday.

  29. @78 You one funny troll!!

    Damn, I come back from lunch and the same shit is still up. This SUCKS about as much as my troll does.

  30. veggo

    no shit jimbo. I say we go back to brit………I can’t keep seeing this picture. I’m becoming an involuntary bulimic.

  31. Involuntary bulimic…I like that

  32. It’s noon here on the west coast. So I’m off to lunch, of course with this picture stuck in my head I will hardly be eating, I’ll just hit the vodka store for later…

  33. lulu


  34. Lindsey Lover

    Donkey Kong just got AIDS from Daffy Duck

  35. Does anyone else think that Jenna should go back to old Jenna? How far the mighty have fallen.
    When celebrity goes hip-hop. So raw it hurts.

  36. What is for Lunch FRIST?

  37. hotty chef

    There’s no toothbrush, toothpaste, or mouthwash in this world that could convince me to stick any part of my body in her mouth……..f*n putrid.

  38. jimena

    look at her eyes in pic #2………….. is she an android or something???

  39. no1justminda

    duck lips with fish eyes

  40. Veggi

    I need some hot cock for lunch. Want some Jimbo dear?

  41. @90 Yeah Veggi, I am all over it you fucking troll

  42. What a nasty pair of fuckers.
    Looks like she is giving birth into his mouth.

  43. Chop Shop

    Hey Tito, get that out of your mouth!
    Do you know where it’s been?

  44. my comment

    I may never kiss anyone again after looking at that.

    Thanks alot!

  45. Don Dawn

    Funny stuff.
    He does have sort of a Homer Simpson quality about his looks.

  46. LadyJane

    looks like a vagina giving birth to a slug.

  47. Mama N. Nem

    Yes !!!!!
    I’m number 100 !!!!

  48. Mama N. Nem

    Yes !!!!!
    I’m number 100 !!!!

  49. Mama N. Nem

    Yes !!!!!
    I’m number 100 !!!!

  50. veggo

    ahaha!!! OH LadyJane!!!!!! More involuntary bulimia for me. blaaaaaahhhhhhhggggh!

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