Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz are way too classy

August 28th, 2007 // 191 Comments

Ever seen a former UFC champion tongue kiss a duck? You have now. Well, assuming your eyes made it out of this alive. I’m pretty sure mine are just for show now.


  1. Jillia

    My eyes!!! MY EYES!!! DAMN MY EYES!!!!

  2. bob

    her bottom lip looks all sorts of deformed.

  3. I am sure she has had bigger things than that in her mouth before

  4. Binky

    These UFC guys like nick-name’s – ‘Iceman’, ‘The Natural’ etc.

    Looks like Tito’s going for ‘Homer Simpson’.

  5. jrzmommy

    My goodness, her mother should have named her Grace.

  6. shanipie

    How can he stick his tongue in her mouth knowing how many penises have been in there?

  7. veggi

    Jimbo u fucktard. Gross.

  8. ashley

    i just threw up a little

  9. veggo

    does he have a penis for a tounge? This picture has a very high gross ratio quotient.

  10. Hoo-Hoo

    Almost yakked up my Hamburger Helper. A gorilla and a duck, what the fuck?

  11. lambman

    gross, how can a guy that big and hulking be with a stick/duck mutant? Couldn’t he accidently break her in half?

  12. veggi

    @10… morning troll. go fuck off now.

  13. Morning Wood

    Tito, put your condom on, put two condoms on and then double wrap with “duck”
    tape for insurance…

    Maybe they will make a new porn flick, Daffy Duck Does UFC Champ Doggie Style or maybe The Quack Nextdoor.

  14. veggo

    @4, 8, and 13-I can hear your one brain cell bouncing around in that empty head of yours from here!

  15. combustion8


  16. Ooba Gooba

    Apparently, this girl used to be good looking, or so I’ve heard. Not seeing it now.

  17. 12:51

    ha thier baby would get laughed at by a duck billed platypus

  18. @15 Veggo, #4 was me and not the troll. However the troll is lucky to have one brain cell bouncing around like a pong game.

  19. Kate

    What is going on with her eyes? She looks like a robot..


  20. Confused

    I thought Jenna wasn’t doing porn anymore. This girl has forgotten how to have sex in a room without a camera.

  21. gotmilk?

    shouldn’t all you people who got off from her movies be turned on by this shit?

  22. Good god they’re multiplying

  23. Jimbo

    Veggi… so when can I cum in your hair again? Last time was siiiick!!!!

  24. Frick!

    You post this right in time for lunch?! You bastard!!!

  25. @24 you so funny troll.

  26. veggo

    I HATE THIS POST!!! Serioulsy, I’d rather watch a munch of munchkins fuck watermelons. Er, where’d that come from?

  27. hill

    wow, I’ve seen more class and beauty in a trailor park. jesus

  28. veggo

    *bunch*… get the picture…….

  29. smegma

    Looks like she’s frenching one of his intestinal polyps.

  30. Chauncey Gardner


    Maybe his own inbred mutant cyborg semen has some sort of antiseptic quality that eliminates any remaining traces of those thousand other guys’ issuances.

  31. Those are the most horrific eyes I have ever seen in pic #2. I do not understand them – nor do I want any part of them.

  32. veggo

    oh chauncey gardner, I love it when you talk big word talk!

  33. Big Mama

    Both of their mouths look so twisted and contorted that I can’t tell whose tongue it is. These two are so disgusting. They look like two abortions. I’m going to go puke now.

  34. Dizzybenny

    on the 3rd pic it looks like they shaved a gorilla and sat him down.
    the kissing pic is enough to make anyone throw up!!
    well i guess this guy likes to go threw roads well traveled.

  35. @29 I like munch of munchkins better.

    Out here in California, those kinds of videos are not hard to find. If you want one, I can mail it to you

  36. Pa-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaase! Change this I think I’m catching the gay from this pictures.

  37. Chauncey Gardner

    Oh, and I’ve got a mind-duster for some of the older posters here…

    Do any of you remember a male and female perfomance art duo from the ’70s who pretended to be a couple of married robots? They would go on variety shows and act out normal domestic scenes, but move around in slow unnatural movements as if they were androids.

    Anyway, Jenna has that same blank android stare in these photos.

  38. Mike

    HEY FISH………how about getting the pictures of Sheryl Crow’s see-through shirt? WOULD LOVE TO SEE CLOSE UP SHOTS OF THOSE TITS.

  39. veggo

    @36- well well well…..a video of a munch of munchkins it is then! Don’t know how I’m gonna explain that to my TV.

  40. Mike

    #40 Veggo, you been ignoring me?

  41. veggo

    Hi Mike. Better?

  42. Nikky Raney

    that is disgusting
    she is a pornstar
    she should know better

  43. Guy

    I bet he has a big cock, just saying…

  44. TS

    @22, the thing is, when she used to do porn, she was actually really hot (post chin implant, of course). Now she flat out looks like shit. So, to answer your question, not really.

  45. @44 Guy, thanks for letting us know that tid bit of information. I have been wondering that all morning.

  46. Pink

    The King and Queen of intelligence

  47. Mike

    #42 Veggo, what do you mean better?

  48. veggo

    Why do their mouths look like stretched out vaginas?

  49. bluejeanbaby

    HELP ME TOM CRUISE!!! Use your witchcraft and make this disappear!

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