Jenna Jameson and Aubrey O’Day? Okay, sure

March 28th, 2008 // 81 Comments

Let’s say you’re Aubrey O’Day (yellow dress) of Danity Kane. You’ve got a hit CD and a huge performance last night at Opera Nightclub in Hollywood. Who do you show up with? She figured “How do you lose with Jenna Jameson?” Makes sense in a retarded sort of way. Anyway, Aubrey was also recently hanging out with Kim Kardashian, so maybe she’s looking into adult films. If Jenna Jameson is, finally, passing the torch to Aubrey O’Day, tell the Elders of Porn they have my vote. *RAWR* Sorry, pal, I didn’t want to speak for all of us. Make that two votes – counting my wiener.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Ew

    More fake tittes, spray tans, and herpes.

  2. Meaghan


    I have been measured about 40 different times, like you. I am a 42D, like you also.

    Personally, I would live in sports bras, but I kind of like looking pretty and feminine as well.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for comfortable bras? Please??? Before I scream. I am wearing one of JC Penney’s new line right now, and if I weren’t at work, I would rip it off and shove it in the trash. It is so uncomfortable. My problem is that they are always fine when I try them on, but after about 6 hours at work, good gravy!!!, they start to bother me.

  3. lipper

    Jeebus.. whats with the horrid red lipstick? To cover her lip herpes? Nasty!

  4. JJ looks very fuckable there… it’s like I’m back in 2002 and my VCR is whirring away, as I wack wack wack my little friend until he throws up. I have no idea who the other chicks is, but her nipples follow me around whereever I walk in the room…


    And here…

    Yup, even here…

  5. Ian

    Wow, Jenna looks……good?

    Relative to recently, anyhow.

  6. sattire

    Whoa, one through four gave me the impression that maybe Jenna’s extensive surgery wasn’t so bad. She didn’t look like her old self at all but not a freak either. Since I didn’t know who Aubrey O’Day was it was hard to figure out who was who. The feet gave it away, those things are horrendous and look painful to walk on. Anyway that fifth picture slap me back to reality. Christ.

  7. Tapeworm

    Tara Reid & Daffy Duck?

  8. Meaghan, how about a fucking muzzle, ever try to fit one of those?

  9. Stevie Wonder

    JJ looks good??? You’re joking right? Check out the closeups. Even I can sense the horror.

  10. Oh please

    Meaghan is still trying to convince us she has something going for her. 32D’s? Do they sag to the floor as your huge nipples point to the ground in shame? Do the stretch marks leave long craters in your sad melting breasts? Lol.

    Ahhh the pleas of fat people trying to make us think otherwise. I laugh at the pathetic cries for positive male attention that she only gets from male dogs…if that.

  11. nipolian

    In the very last pic Jena’s face looks as though she is trying really hard to shit her pants.

  12. momo

    hey which one is jenna?
    seriously I cant tell.

  13. your mom

    They are both fucking nasty.

  14. Please, Oh please

    Meaghan’s a troll (most of the time, anyway).

    Not a real identity, probably not even female (most trolls aren’t).

    Saying stuff only to get a rise out of people.

    Correct response? Ignore.

    (you’ve all used the internet before, right?)

  15. It appears that Meaghan is crying out for help. I’m not talking about her quest to find a fat woman’s bra, either.

  16. Meaghan

    I basically admitted I’m huge! Isn’t that enough? I have weird vaginal sores that constantly itch and I can’t find my pussy to shave it so it smells like my grandmother’s asshole! I’ve never had sex with a (conscious) man. My computer is all I have!

  17. veggi

    I’m reminded of an episode of Fresh Prince when Will gets stuck in a closet with his date….. they end up fighting or something and she starts tearing off her fake nails, fake eye lashes, fake hair piece, fake everything…….

    I’m going to stop there… yeah, SO! I watched a lot of Fresh Prince growing up… dammit! don’t judge me!!

  18. p911gt10c

    Check out that last pic with Jenna signing her pic.
    The picture is actually hotter than the real girl.

  19. veggi –

    The problem isn’t that you watched a lot of “Fresh Prince.” It’s that your brain has chosen to remember it this well.

    Drinking is the cure. You may end up becoming Meaghan, or if you’re a guy, you (yuck!) could end up sleeping with her after a Thunderbird binge and have to chop your genitals off and burn them, but this will help you forget the Fresh Prince.

  20. hey "Meaghan"

    Nice job, but it’s time to switch characters. How about somebody who relates other people’s comments to favorite scenes in fetish porn?

  21. FRIST!!!

    I love fetish porn.
    Wait, what’s fetish porn?? Is that like with midgets, or donkeys or trannies or stickshifts or what. I don’t care. I enjoy most any porn..

  22. for example

    I’m reminded of a porno clip where an anorexic female Frankenstein comes to life and mercilessly reams Big Bird with a 12-inch strapon.

  23. Meaghan

    ***Real Meaghan, not the poser.

    Are you people really that unobservant? You think that other Meaghan up there talking about 42 D’s is me? Hahahahahaha. That’s just my poser because as I said before, I’m Jesus and this person had dedicated their life/week/day to worshiping me.

    P.S. JC Penny’s is definitely not the place to go for bras, let alone anything.

  24. Auntie Kryst

    I don’t know who the fuck that Aubrey O’Day is, but she is very visible with that orange skin and yellow dress.. I’d like to put her on my shoulders next time I’m deer hunting.

  25. Kim

    What the fuck is with this Meaghan person. I’ve seen her ask stupid personal questions on this site on the past 3 or 4 stories. Um try wrinting to Dear Prudie or Dear Abbie! It’s not like you’re going to get a response from one of the celebs or from one of the posters here. You will only get grilled.

  26. Ript1&0

    Imagine what happens next when Big Bird takes off the costume and has your social security number.

  27. veggi

    21- I’ve got the drinking part down, thank you very much..

  28. Meaghan


    Stop impersonating my awesomeness! You know you’d kill to be in my size 26 jeans and sit in this crusty clap-laden ass-smelling chair of mine! Worship my obvious good looks and awesome (lack of a) life whilst I sit here eating 16 bags of pork rinds and laugh at coke dribbles down my 8 chins!


  29. Meaghan

    Danity Kane? Aubrey O’Day? Who is this group and person we are talking about again? I don’t listen to shitty music so Aubrey O’Day is a complete stranger to me.

    Oh shit, Achilles Last Stand is rocking my fucking face off.

    Fuck Danity Kane, and fuck Aubrey O’Day. The act of even acknowledging her existence or the existence of her band is really just advocating the idea that anyone should be listening to these ass fests that they call bands now a days. Back in the day, to be successful at any kind of musical career, you had to at least be able to play a fucking instrument. Danity Kane? These idiots don’t even play instruments. They’re another “pussy cat dolls” rip off. This is pathetic. As if all new music today isn’t simplistic enough, music has become so uncreative and generic in general you see people ripping off and jocking other people’s shit fest of an idea, such as the Pussy Cat dolls. Fuck all of this shit.

  30. RENEE

    Jeez, those furry ass eyelashes are freakin me out. Who the hell goes out of the house like that, thinking they look good?! Freaking tarantula eyes!

  31. @29 Veggi, Where are we drinking tonight??

  32. alex

    what is with that chick’s eye make-up??

  33. momo

    again whcih is which

  34. Meaghan

    #32, no shit right? If you or I walked around like that in our everyday lives we’d look like total morons. I’m tired of shit like that being accepted as okay on those individuals parts, because they get paid copious amounts of money for being talentless sacks of horse ass. Eye lashes are never supposed to look like that, and it looks dumb because it’s unnatural looking. What ever happened to make up just being natural looking, so that you still look like you, instead of some kind of southern ca rubidoux hooker.

  35. Meaghan you are silly

    3- if you are 42 around that means you are a big girl, like a fat girl.
    jenna is a twig and likely a 34D now, before implants removed and anorexia maybe a 36DD…

    here is a bra lesson

    the number equals the width of the girls rib cage ( 32-36 thin girls, 38 plus, bigger girls )

    the cup size is the meat amount based on the width…

    34D actually boob is smaller than a 38D, 38D is a fatter person get it??

    Jenna Jameson is no way 42 inches around, but she is prob a D…

    Victoria Secret makes F cups for women with large boobs, but not anything about a 38, so really fat girls can’t shop there..

    try maybe playtex, or ” just my size”

  36. misterm

    I wonder if Diddy bangs the shit out of his dk girls

  37. #35 Learn to READ:

    Let’s say you’re Aubrey O’Day (yellow dress) of Danity Kane.

    Get it now??

  38. Meaghan —

    Reading your constant bullshit is much worse than watching “2 girls, 1 cup.”

    At least that video clip made me vomit. I’m left feeling less satisfied by reading the idiocy of someone with an IQ of 60.

    For those of you might decide to check that clip out, please note that I’ve done you the service of NOT linking to it. It’s horrific.

  39. nipolian

    Hey Auntie Kryst – I’m totally down with the Dexter Lake Club tonight……I just hope the negros don’t steal our dates.

  40. Meaghan

    People, the Meaghan talking about the sized 42 tits wasn’t me. That’s just some old man who got angry when I shot down his pedophile tendencies down. He’s also know as Knee Ya Ha Ha, Eliotz spitz on her, and various other handles. this guy is a total sociopath so when you see him posting under the name Meaghan, and talking about weight and shit like that you’ll know it isn’t me. He literally sits here all day and pretends to be me. Either way, DO WORK SON!!!

    Kick ass,

    The Real Meaghan.

  41. FRIST –

    momo can’t write, but he’s right. I thought Jameson was in the yellow dress. They both have duck lips. Also, they both have bodies that appear to be worn down by the epic splendor of porn.

    The better question is — who is the one trying to crap herself in the last picture?

  42. momo

    Frist :
    My bad I missed that yellow dress thng.

    Oh can you do me another favor? Send me your home address…and do have any family? theirs too would be nice.

  43. Knee Ya Ha Ha

    Inside job? Yes, you figured it out. What ever shall I do?

  44. let me just say

    what’s her name….the one from making the band #?….she looked okay while she was on tv but now she just looks bad. ESPECIALLY her eyelashes!!!!! get that fixed!!!!!

  45. gotmilk?

    jenna is unrecognizable, and i haven’t decided if that’s a good thing yet. did she have fat injected into her face? the last photo is just downright fucking frightening.

    i love how her ankles are so skinny that the cuff on those shoes aren’t even supporting them because they’re flapping in the breeze. and her arm can’t support the weight of all those bracelets which probably only total 1 lb in weight. jesus h, eat something!

  46. holby

    im surprising myself in saying this, but Jenna looks good, better than she has been looking in a long time.

    Who is the the other girl? I mean, really? This is the first ive ever heard of her.

  47. I know, I was joking around. I actually missed that the first time I read it too and didn’t think either one of them were Jenna. I have to admit, she looks WAAAYYY better.

    #44 hey, don’t get your panties in a ruffle. Or should we just go straight to make-up sex??

  48. momo


    reading and writing I can generally do, for sure I cant type.

    but do me a favor…
    send me your address as well please.

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