Jenna Jameson with your coffee, sir?

October 17th, 2007 // 131 Comments

We ended yesterday with a set of fake knockers courtesy of Victoria Beckham, so why not start the day with another pair? That’s just smart journalism. This morning’s rack is courtesy of Jenna Jameson Queen of the Duck-people. I’m not saying she had a lot of collagen injected. I’m just saying I could probably set up patio furniture on her upper lip – and an above-ground pool.

Edit: Alright, alright, I may have gotten an estimate for a barbecue pit. It’ll fit nicely by the basketball court and helipad. Or should I put it next to the outdoor amphitheater?

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  1. havoc

    Crackwhore Barbie….LMAO!

    Good one….


  2. gerard Vandenberg

    You skinny WHORE!! I have no problems at all with porn-stars. But the MUST have the figure of kim kardashian. Big Ass, Big tits, Big pussies!! If you don’t believe me, TEST it!! You know why? Because a porn-movie is maybe watched one or two times. After that they will buy or rent a new one. People simply want to see things they don’t have or want for themselfes. Almost every girl wants to look thin and tender. BUT A GUY WANTS, in a porn-movie-not in real-life, A GIRL LIKE KIM KARDASHIAN!! By the way, a television can be zapped OFF!!

  3. Paul

    Why is nobody addressing her obvious drug problem?! Look at her…she weighs about 80 pounds!

  4. Tits McGee

    Basically, no comment, except she’s already on that scary michael jackson surgery road. doesn’t he have lupus now or something?

  5. Daily

    She’s the kind of girl you set your retarded cousin up with on his 21st Birthday to break his cherry..then he has re-acurring nightmares of the whole event for the rest of his life..then you feel guilty and have to pay for his years of therapy…totally wished I had just taken him to a strip club.

  6. Dick Richards

    So, Jameson’s a classy model nowadays, huh? Good for you, ex-pornstar. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little porno, but check-it; everyone’s seen your pussy and asshole. Is there really life after porno? Jenna looks about as fantastic as a chimpanzee can. No wonder she’s dating an ape. Could you imagine making contact with those gigantic, collagen-festering lips? Gross.

  7. gotmilk?

    17, no we didn’t. but when you get your ginormous implants removed, they don’t just leave your titties flapping the the breeze. of course you get a lift & have smaller implants put in. otherwise they’d look like Paris Hilton’s flapjack ass.

  8. cashitin

    #25 that’s a load of crap. She is not a product of aging, she was the Penthouse Pet of the Year just three years ago, she is not old. What you are seeing here is the result of a self absorbed, overindulgent slut. Too much surgery, too many drugs and too much cock.

  9. Oh, we’re still on Jenna?

    Fuck it, i’m going to work then.

  10. veggi

    @43. bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! now thats some funny ass shit!

    by the way, one of my roosters was tryin to fuck one of my other roosters yesterday. What does that have to do with anything? Nothing, but I just didn’t know I had gay roosters.

  11. Better be a new post by the time i get there, cause I feel like being a slacker today, dammit!!!

  12. JC

    Haha… as opposed to all those indoor amphitheaters. Love your work though dude!! Very funny!

  13. Hm….. gay roosters veg? Well quit feeding them whiskey! That usually does it for me!

  14. BunnyButt

    #32, “I think it’s a job that takes a huge toll and over time, it shows up on the outside. Think about, everyday you are getting boned, whether or not you feel like it, often with someone you either don’t know or may not even like.”

    Also known as “being married”.

  15. Ouch BunnyButt, that must suck.
    Gay roosters??????????? There has to be a joke in there….somewhere.

  16. I’m with you FRIST, my boss is away today and I feel like playing today.

  17. veggi

    TT- something to do with a cock and pullet…….???

    and HA! bunnybutt!!!! goodun.

    FRIST! Lets drink some of that Wild Turkey!!

  18. dsadsadsa

    Well she does not look that horrible here. But then again i love tranny’s.

  19. @57,
    You must email me.

  20. ssdd

    Funny how all of this ties in together…
    The old painted Tires in the background, the “Dress” that looks like a throw rug from the Goodwill, the Wig that use to be someone elses hair…a used up Skank Whore with grease on her arm…. What do all of these things have in common ..they are all items that have at one time or another been found in a Dumpster.

  21. TT


  22. BunnyButt

    Don’t worry, TT. I’m speaking from hearsay, not actual experience. I’m not married. Thankfully.

  23. DA

    Too much censorship going on now here at the Fish.
    Several of my post haven’t made it through.

  24. Whew…………
    I was worried about you for a minute there, BunnyButt.

  25. Valerie hates talentless hacks

    Whores and Bores, that’s what this site should be called.

  26. I thought the Nicole Richie look was over and done with.

  27. Hazy

    She needs to lose the make-up and the spray tan.

  28. steve

    HOLY!!! In pic 9, check out the face and WHATEVER is going on with those tits. GROSS

  29. Hey FRIST there is a new post.

  30. someone



    They look really scary.

  31. Ali

    Yeah Jenna used to look really pretty and stuff but now she actually does look like a duck. poor girl..kinda


  32. soy

    wow she is lucky,
    she has a really good Doctor
    All good plastic surgeons sell
    those eyelashes on your way out
    to distract from over done plastic surgery

  33. Ammortal

    Eat bitch, eat! Chicken, pasta, cock, something!

  34. sharpeidude

    Sorry, but all that comes to mind every time I see this bitch is……Sperm Dumpster. I really don’t give a shit how much she tries to reinvent herself, she will always be a Sperm Dumpster.

  35. Lonewolf

    i remember the time when i got a boner just looking at her,.. now all i get is to see my last meal again,..

  36. wastedOne

    Makeup courtesy of Hank von Helvete

  37. BunnyButt

    70, those aren’t bruises. That’s some kind dirt.

    49, Veggi, there has to be some sort of money making opportunity there. Knowing the commenters on this site, there must be a market for gay rooster porn. No offense intended, anyone.

    Gosh, where’s MISS UNIVERSE with a comment about how beautiful Jenna’s eyes are or how elegant and lovely she looks or what a great person she must be? Guess that “generosity” doesn’t extend to porn stars …

  38. someone

    77/BunnyButt. Thanks> wow dirt?! That is kind of worse almost. Ew.

    Bunnybutt is so cute and funny for an online name. Ya know whats weird? My favorite ex used to call me that. haha random fact.

  39. someone

    i’m an idiot. that is so obv not a bruise now that i actually looked on the big pic. its freaking black paint from her tarantula lashes. Those things are CRAZY!

  40. whaha thats madness

  41. Matthew

    god she used to be hot and now woah god she use to be hot

  42. Italian Stallion

    Just goes to show Nip/Tuck isn’t for everyone………………

  43. ha8ter

    Nice Liza Minnelli eyelashes!!

  44. eddie


  45. Kate

    Its not bad plastic surgery, drugs or an eating disorder…. It’s HIV/AIDS.

    And whats going on with her tits in pic 9?

  46. she looks like one of those creepy claymations front a Tool video… if you put duckmans face on it.

  47. You all leave her alone. Jenna is going to be the next super- wait, megamodel to grace all the covers of all the magazines in the world!

  48. TS

    Despite the fact that #10′s not even single malt, he’s probably fot a point.

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