Jenna Jameson

Just wanted to inform, I’m from “the woods of Kentucky” and lord have mercy! We have the INTERNET! And not only that, but porn shops! And heaven forbid, SHOES. No seriously, just wanted to tell you that I know who Jenna Jameson is. ( :

As reader Alena points out, even the poor bastards that live in the woods of Kentucky are fortunate enough to have porn. I don’t know why anybody would go out of their way to point out their knowledge of pornstars, but anybody that sends in naked pictures of themselves is okay by me*. Not that Alena sent in naked pictures of herself, I was just hoping that she would. That is, assuming she’s hot and all.

Speaking of hot, Jenna Jameson is not. Sure she’s got big boobs, but that face of hers has got to go. It’s like the manifestation of why plastic surgery was invented.

*Note: This applies only to individuals that are hot. To those of you that aren’t, just leave. Preferably out the back where nobody will see you.