Jenna Fischer has a broken back

May 17th, 2007 // 75 Comments

Jenna Fischer (Pam from The Office) fractured four bones in her back Monday night after slipping on the marble steps at Buddakan.

A friend said she spent the night in St. Vincent’s hospital and had to cancel an appearance on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and a Harper’s Bazaar shoot. Fischer’s rep, Lewis Kay, said yesterday she’s “doing much better and is resting at her hotel. Her husband [director James Gunn] flew in to be with her.”

She’s lucky she’s not paralyzed. And how did she fracture four bones from slipping? Is she made out of glass? I got hit by a truck once while napping in the street and all I suffered was a headache. Although the truck exploded on impact and I think the driver died. Maybe all the ladies are right. Maybe I am too manly.

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  1. Seabiscuit


  2. jen

    from the office! she’s awesome! hope she feels better.

  3. !

    OMG! PAM! :(

  4. CHA

    i heart jenna fischer.

  5. Chauncey Gardner

    The “slipping” thing is a cover story. She broke her back fucking ME.

  6. MadRavingStark

    Oh no, this is one actress that actually has talent. I hope she’s okay!

  7. NicotineEyePatch

    Why couldn’t it have happened to Cheap Trick?

  8. invaderzim


  9. She seems affable.

    Pretty funny #7.

  10. Erica

    I like her. She’s the Hottie Next Door.

  11. Kim

    At first I thought “who the hell is that? she wasn’t in The Office.”

    And then I realised that when you meant “The Office” you meant that crappy show that was a complete rip off of the British version, and wasn’t even funny.

    So I honestly couldn’t care less.

  12. Kamihi

    An American “The Office” Jesus, can you Yanks think of nothing original you want to speak like us now you take our TV shows and copy them! I don’t know her but y’know I feel sorry for her, get better soon Petal!

  13. footmaster

    she has pretty feet, as least her toes are okay.

  14. I guess it is missionary position for her for a while.

  15. bungoone

    i’m pretty sure it’s not considered a “rip off” because it IS the American version. dumbass.

  16. #12==no one wantz to
    speak like u azzholez..

    Oh yea, you gay fuck
    buddies are waiting
    for u….
    scotlandf’nyard &
    marcos glez

    Is everyone in
    Europe gay?

  17. Gina

    Not to make this an America vs. Europe comment, but what’s up with most European men NOT wearing socks with their shoes? Ewwww! Smelly! In America dudes who want the no-sock look still wear socks, just little ones you can’t really see.

  18. #17==glad to answer that..
    they like their feet and
    shoez to smell like their
    horrible breath,green teeth
    and I’m sure the smell their
    azz letz off is the best U get.

    England & Europe
    quit stinking up the

  19. gooniesneversaydie

    Another stupid Euro who still cannot get over 1776.

    Listen, first it is ironic that you blast Yanks for not being original yet you are a registered member and regular visitor of an American website. Dont they have anything good with a .UK domain?

    Second, it was Ricky Gervais from the original UK show who gets creator and producer credits on the US version of the Office.

    Third, the UK version was great. And it only lasted 2 seasons. The US version is better and has 30+ episodes on order for the 4 season.

    Fourth, London is a great place for Indian food. Have to give them props for that. British cuisine is nasty, but man if that curry isnt tasty!

  20. jenster

    um #12? madonna and douchebag paltrow are the
    only “yanks” that want to talk like you.
    I hope you get cancer in an inoperable
    place, preferably at the base of your spine.

    oh and ps,
    ALL of Europe is gay

  21. whatz wrong?
    don’t the English
    brokebackz have
    nothing to say?

    May U three should star in the
    England version of:

  22. Rack

    Wow Kim, that’s really nice. Someone fractures their back and could have died, and you’re complaining about the U.S. vs. English version of the show they are on….that is pretty heartless.

  23. the only reason
    Madonna wantz
    to talk like
    u azzholez, coz
    she ran outta
    Americaz dickz
    to suck, she had
    to get a second
    language to relate
    to millionz of more
    dickheadz like U!!!

  24. JaeMae

    #19- right on!

    LOVE the british show, LOVE the american one. I am going to see Ricky Gervais at MSG on Saturday and am super excited!

    oh, and i LOVE being a YANK.

  25. jenster

    just like a sissy European……they run their gay little mouths and then they run away……….I’ve got a puppy thats tougher than Europe…pussies.

  26. not to mentioned their
    small dickz they took
    with them when they left.

    U English need to hook up
    with DrDickBreathPlowShit,
    he lovez to trash and run,
    he also lovez small dickz…

  27. slash

    Marble is slippery, especially when it’s wet. I know, because my entire car is made of marble and that thing is a bitch to drive in the rain.

    Hope what’s her face gets well soon and gets lots of drugs. Back injuries are painful.

  28. sharon

    She’s hilarious and so down to earth. I really hope she gets better soon!

  29. honeydew

    @19 I love you.

  30. where did those little dicks go?

  31. krazihottkelli

    @31 Wait your turn PLOWSHITZZZZ, I’m buzzzzy with the rimjobzzzzzz.

  32. karen

    for the love of god krazihottkelli learn how to fucking type…and try and gain at least one ounce of maturity…

  33. I will now go to England
    to look for my small dicks.

  34. luvpam

    KRAMER: It’s Pam.
    JERRY: Pam? What about Pam?
    KRAMER: I love her, Jerry!
    JERRY: You what?
    KRAMER: I love her!
    JERRY: Is that right?
    KRAMER: Oh, she’s uh…she’s real. She can bring home the bacon and fry it in the pan.
    JERRY: What does that mean?
    KRAMER: Oh, and that voice!
    JERRY: What about her name?
    KRAMER: Pam? Oh, it’s a beautiful name. Pam. Pam. Pam!
    JERRY: She’s got really nice hair.
    KRAMER: Oh, it’s incredible. Although, I might replace her tortoise clip with one of those velvet scrunchies. I love those.
    JERRY: You’ve got really specific tastes.
    KRAMER: Oh, I know what I want, Jerry.
    JERRY: She’s got nice calves.
    KRAMER: Oh, she’s a dreamboat. But, you don’t like her, so…
    JERRY: Maybe I could, you’re making some pretty good points.
    KRAMER: No you can’t, Jerry.
    JERRY: But I might.
    KRAMER: Oh, no you don’t.
    JERRY: Why not? The voice? The calves? The bacon?
    KRAMER: What…?
    JERRY: I think I can! I even like the name! Pam!
    KRAMER (frantic): Huh?
    JERRY: Pam!
    KRAMER: Huh?
    JERRY: Pam!

  35. #32 is not me, for real..

    #34, I freakin knew it…

  36. #35 your a fucking idiot whale.

    Now where are my English lads?

  37. #37

    Its Seinfeld you freaking buck toothed abomination.

    Your English “lads” are all on tea break

  38. combustion8

    #11 & #12 shes on the funny version of the office… bloody pasty euro trash.

  39. Washington

    Thinking she needs some sexual healing.

    #19 wins the thread/post/whatever you call these things.

  40. lambman

    Poor girl, she seems like such a sweet-heart and she’s so funny! I can’t wait to see The Office season finale tonight, she’s just so freaking adorable.

  41. Massgrrl

    She fractured four bones in her back and is resting *in her hotel*? Shouldn’t she be, I dunno, *in the hospital*?

    I call bullshit on this story.

  42. techclerk


    Naw, we have trouble thinking of things that are original… So, when do you think the Indiannapolis Colts will play the Monarchs?

  43. Dorepoll

    Oh no, Pam!

    Great actress, hope she’s all better for Season 4. Would have liked to see her on Conan, though.

  44. veggi

    I heart her too! And I love Jim. aaaahhh, Jim.

  45. techclerk

    Actually, I’m a big fan of britcoms because they have no commercials and the shit is funny sometimes.

    Please, can anyone remember a show about a guy named Gavin who worked at a small newspaper? He was a genius liar, yet fate always put him into a horrible situation and his lies fall apart at the very end of each episode.

    I’d like to find that show and buy a copy of the whole season. It was really a great show. Perhaps better than the Office.

  46. JaeMae

    who doesnt love jim? so cute!

    and you gotta love Tim from the british version too. they have the nice guys finish last routine down pact!

  47. Her dress sucks.

  48. bungoone

    i’m sure i would find the british version hilarious if i could understand an effing word they were saying!

  49. techclerk

    Anybody watch “Keeping Up Appearances”? The first couple times you watch it, the show is unbearable. But then it gets funnier every episode.

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