Jenna Dewan still wearing a bikini

September 12th, 2008 // 124 Comments

Jenna Dewan on the last day of her Hawaiian vacation pitching Step 3 Up, Yo: The Third Movie of Upward Stepping that’s Really Dancing: “Okay, everybody wears a bikini – then does jazz hands for 90 minutes. Oh, and at the end someone dies in a gang shooting encouraging his friend to go to night school and become an orthodontist.” SOLD! So, uh, where do I slide my VISA that doesn’t end in Channing Tatum man-boobing me to death?


  1. rough daddy? You don’t really know how to use the internet very well, do you? If you did, you would know exactly what I look like. All I can say is…stay in school..(and don’t do drugs),,(and please do not procreate)

  2. Is not the first time!!

  3. something is wrong with me? because you put up a bad link? this does not compute darling!!!

  4. I think Jimbo’s parents were siblings…

  5. Dude, Bangbull is a real web site. There are plenty of videos in there of FRIST doing what she does best.. And if you were to go there, you would see that she is not a blonde. The carpet matches the drapes.. Well when there is carpet..

  6. E.T.

    Dude, what did Channing Tatum do to himself?!

  7. @54 I think your parents are anal dewling butt monkeys..

  8. just when you thought the political comments were the most boring stuff you’ve ever read…

  9. oyy vey!! Frist? you hang with corky=jimbo

  10. And then you came along. Could you be any more boring?

  11. Right so, anyway, back to my story…wait, what 3 jobs? I only have the one…

    Ok who cares. Well unless typing on the superficial is a job. But then that’s two.
    Yeah, so I’m wondering if they outlawed those geltabs as well. Hmmmmmmmm…..

  12. “oyy vey” what are you some little old Jew man? It might have been funny if you did not try and explain your joke. We all know who Corky is. You should be so lucky. Having down syndrome would be a step up for you..

  13. if i can remember frist you were telling someone how you likes it in the poop shoot but it better not be with a small penis….please continue

  14. Jimbo seat down and give your mind a rest,,,,

  15. @63 you better hope it is with a “small penis” because if it isn’t you will never get any!! Except from your sister.

  16. Sorry rough “daddy” guess you wouldn’t qualify.

  17. Seat down? I thought it was sit down.. I think you need to repeat the 3rd grade for the 4th time..

  18. Keep dreaming? Dreaming of what? You getting laid by your sister? That is a nightmare..

  19. At least that is what your sister tells me.. She says she can’t feel a thing when she is with you!

  20. you’re grasping at straws jimbo,,,i love when people from the rural area insist on correcting my “errors” knock yourself out…

  21. I see im left alone in bad company…

  22. where’s frist and the correct link, has she gone on a pee pee break?

  23. Rich

    Look at her face. Michael Jackson after the sex change?

  24. Rich

    Look at her face. Michael Jackson after the sex change?

  25. I am trying to get some fricken work done. Is there a new post yet??? Wait, don’t tell me..

  26. mike

    This chick looks exactly like Pudge Rodriquez the baseball player.

  27. mike

    This chick looks exactly like Pudge Rodriquez the baseball player.

  28. wow that dude is HOT. the taller one

  29. weirdo

    I’d like to smell her fingers after picture #4!

  30. devilsrain

    Anyone hear about lindsay and samantha using sams brothers sperm as a donor for their baby? That is so fucking sick.

    About this chick, she needs bigger boobs.

  31. eric

    So I watched the Palin interview tonight, and here’s the thing – I’d totally fuck her, but only if she doesn’t talk. It’s not her politics – I don’t care one way or the other – it’s her FUCKING VOICE. My god, I expected Beauty Queen and I heard Nasal Hick – “I beeelieeeve in faalloowing Gaaaad’s playn.” If they win, and McCain dies, and I have to hear that fucking voice all the time, I’ll dig up McCain and kill him again.

  32. Me One


  33. prancing fairie man

    She looks too masculine

  34. Megan

    Like, If she was aware of the camrea’s going off its. Nasty.. EWWW… She’s picking at her suit… …… LIKE DOESN’T KNOW WHEN TO DO IT………

  35. jethro

    There sure are a lot of white fags on this board!! I thought inbred morons on the Pantera message board were bad. You guys cream your pants whenever a bony, manly looking white girl has pictures posted on this site. You dipshits would not pass this up if she came up to you in a bar. Then again, you probably would because you are a bunch of inbred fags!!!

  36. jonny

    jethro is a racist cunt. This broad, whoever the fuck she is, is a bony, manly bitch with a crack whore face. If she came up to me in a bar, I would smash a beer bottle over her head and step on her neck while I ordered another. Pretty much what happens to jethro all the time in his fucked up hometown. I am a Latino from NYC who loves all races but hate racists (like jethro).

  37. weirdo

    Jethro, you’re an inbred fag if you go on the Pantera message boards! Were your mom and dad brothers and sisters?

  38. Jethro

    Weirdo, I am not white so, no, my parents are not brother and sister. They are no relation whatsoever. You guys are so brave, sitting at a computer writing all the racist comments about blacks , latinos, and asians. Go ahead because that is all you guys are good for ( antagonizing people). That might be too big of a word for this board. You may have to get the dictionary, sorry.

  39. red

    Jethro is a bitter blue-gummed chimp

  40. Cliff Notes : Why do you think this site’s reach is down 20 per cent, according to Alexa, in the last 3 months Bink ?
    Binky : Trolls. The regulars can’t be bothered to show up to chat with them. Etc. And Global warming. (Hang in there Frist)
    Cliff Notes : Anything else ?
    BinkY : Well personwoolly, as Knee Ya Ha Ha would say – I’m still having a few problems with free fall collapse speed through undamaged steel structure. That type of thing.
    Cliff Notes : Oh . Ok. Anything else ?
    Binky : I don’t like her sunglasses.

  41. Thats a smoking body right there.

  42. And in other news.
    Hey – Wait a sec. Wasn’t SNL supposed to be a comedy show ?
    Lorne ?

  43. Hey SNL. (dot com?) etc.
    Inside job ?
    Having any problems with free fall collapse speed – that type of thing ?
    Lorne ?
    Any questions ?
    Bring your questions to architects and engineers at this link..
    9/11 was an inside job – and you pricks don’t give A SHIT.

  44. Lucy

    Why the hell is she always pulling at her bikini bottoms?

  45. WHO, the hell, SHE THINKS SHE IS?
    ……………….freddy kreuger himself?

  46. HorribleJudgment

    Why is this bitch famous? In the main picture of her shown, the chick looks like a turtle. She’s not famous. I don’t care.

  47. just wondering

    Did I miss something? Why are people accusing this guy of letting himself go or of having a large gut when his stomach is completely flat?

    For most men, clearly delineated washboard abs are only possible while at less than 8% body fat. It also helps to be completely dehydrated so there is no subcutaneous water obscuring the musculature. In other words, the whole super ripped Brad Pitt-as-Tyler Durden in Fight Club look is only temporary at best for about 95% of the population who aren’t genetically gifted. Most six pack abs you see on magazine covers are photoshop enhanced.

  48. MrMe

    She looks ok. But not as good as these girls in bikini:

  49. No really,
    Who is she?

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