Jenna Dewan still wearing a bikini

September 12th, 2008 // 124 Comments

Jenna Dewan on the last day of her Hawaiian vacation pitching Step 3 Up, Yo: The Third Movie of Upward Stepping that’s Really Dancing: “Okay, everybody wears a bikini – then does jazz hands for 90 minutes. Oh, and at the end someone dies in a gang shooting encouraging his friend to go to night school and become an orthodontist.” SOLD! So, uh, where do I slide my VISA that doesn’t end in Channing Tatum man-boobing me to death?


  1. TheRanchTooth

    Hot Baby Hot!!!


  2. jo smo


  3. free lily

    I would have been first if I hadn’t been staring at pics of her picking her wedgie

  4. havoc

    I more than likely would stick it in her pooper….


  5. Johnny Boy

    Faery men and middle-school boys will think that she is masculine

  6. Tim

    Pedophiles will make “Boy” their last name.

  7. Johnny Boy

    Who the hell is she again?

  8. Al Nelson

    Thong please

  9. Has anyone heard what is going on with Ike??

  10. This aint fun! I have no idea who this Pillsbury doughboy is or this broad!

  11. Ike who, Jimbo??

  12. Sean

    Get Up To %10 Discount When Shoping Online Using Ebates :

  13. #12 suck my cat’s balls

  14. You know FRIST that thing that BLOWS like Veggi!!!

  15. Cat balls are kind of small. I think Sean needs something bigger in his mouth..

  16. Bigheadmike

    Yummy yummy.
    Let me lick her tummy.

  17. mike

    FRIST thinks “storm surge” is when she needs to close her eyes and open her mouth.

  18. #4, why do guys want their penises to stink like shit?? Sexy..

  19. #17 mike, just because YOU close your eyes when it’s coming at you, doesn’t mean everyone else does..

  20. FRIST, Mike likes his dick to smell like goat shit..

  21. Goblinkatie

    That wedgie pick with the tag sticking out = pure class, baby!

  22. gotmilk?

    and who are these douchrags?

    nice junk in picture 2.

  23. Yes Jimbo, I believe I read that somewhere. Mike is one sick fuck..

  24. @22 I have more junk than that. How are the milk bags doing these days?

  25. stizzef

    God this guy used to be so hot – now i can barely stand to look at him. And is she choking in the last picture? She’s practically begging for the Heimlich.

  26. damn man what happened to the hot babe(channing) what a tummy….but yah seems like someone has a wegy

  27. Silence of the Lambskins

    FRIST: Why do guys want their penises to stink like shit?

    Hannibal Lecter: First principles, FRIST. Simplicity. Read Sigmund Freud. Of each particular man ask: what is he in himself? What is his nature? What does he do, this man you fuck?

    FRIST: He…umm…fucks me in the ass…

    Hannibal Lecter: No. That is incidental. What is the first and principal thing he does? What needs does he serve by fucking you in the ass?

    FRIST: Anger, um, social acceptance, and, huh, sexual frustrations, sir…

    Hannibal Lecter: No! He wants to hurt you during the most intimate moments you share. That is his nature.

  28. No, I just think they must have really small penises..

  29. @27 Shouldn’t it “Silence of the Goatskins”? We all know it is you Mike. Do you go home and spank that little monkey of yours dreaming of how you can get into FRIST pants??

    You should just stick to what you know best and that is your trusty goat. She does not judge you and she will nibble the peanut butter off your balls..

  30. They stopped selling dishwasher soap in my state.

  31. @30 But that is not why Mike’s dick smells like goat shit!!

  32. mike

    Jimbo, you’re really obsessed with my dick. No offense, but it aint that kinda party…

  33. Jimbo it’s also not why mike’s dick smells like rough daddy’s shit..

  34. Mike, we all know what kind of party you go to. You are hoping your kids come out looking like Pan..

  35. Yep right on time, i was wondering when youll include me in this retarded coversation,,,Tricky Frist didnt i tell dont even mention me, unless you have your mug display?

  36. Heh heh…..rough daddy can’t get enough of my beautiful face. Click my link! I’m right there!!!!!!!

    Yeah, something about phosphorus polluting the aquifer or some crazy shit like that. So now I have to buy this eco-friendly expensive shit that doesn’t even get my dishes CLEAN!!!!!!

  37. im not clicking jack, youre a fraud just like your “link”

  38. acrazy

    She looks like a dude

  39. Your hot FRIST. Is that you in the video??

  40. Of course!!
    #37 heheheehhe “i’m not clicking jack”….are you 12? Tell your mom to stop home schooling you, she’s doing a shitty job..

  41. Frist is hot? I heard shes the first in her familly born without a tail!

  42. How about clicking the mouse? Do yo click the mouse??

  43. @41 You obviously don’t know what he fuck you are talking about. Go crawl back in the gopher hole you came from..

  44. Born without a tail WOULD make me pretty hot, you just proved Jimbo’s point, Junior

  45. wow frist? you inspire the brain dead to stick up for you…whats your secret?

  46. hahaha you have got to be blonde!!! or the bleach fried your cranium…

  47. Well if I told you, I would have to kill you again..

  48. She is not an asshole like you!!

  49. now wait a minute “jimbo” with them fighting words…

  50. hey frist? you cant get a man to take care of you? why are you slaving 3 jobs?

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