Jenna Bentley in a Bikini (Or at least one breast is.)

April 28th, 2010 // 203 Comments

That’s a nipple slip.

Here’s Playboy model Jenna Bentley on a photo shoot in Hawaii which makes absolutely no sense to me. 1.) I thought Playmates only spent their time pretending Hugh Hefner’s penis works. 2.) What the hell were the instructions on this set? “Now make sure you only let one gigantic tit pop out. We want to keep things fancy.”

NOTE: Full Size versions are NSFW.


  1. Movieskank


  2. FIngers

    FIrst….to say this chick is not good lookin

  3. Anne Boolean

    Her hips are too small for those udders. I swear a C-cup would be hotter.

  4. Jeff

    damn fish up late tonight?


    and nice

  5. J

    Seriously dude, Low Standard on this one.

    Not good.

    You should probably honestly take this down, I feel worse for having spent time lookin at it. I know its late, but thats no excuse.

  6. Miss Bitch

    Ok, that’s just gross. I might take Heidi Montag over this broke down bitch.

  7. J is Gay

    @5: You feel worse for having spent time “lookin” at it because deep down you wish those were cocks.

    Thanks for some bare titties, Fish!

  8. dude

    I loves me a late nite post, but that bitch ain’t decent. Ugly face, no waist, disgustingly, excruciatingly obvious fake tits. Oy.

  9. Chixdiggit

    I had a pair of Reeboks once where you squeezed the little basketball and they inflated. This technology is being used for evil purposes. So much for having half a canteloupe for breakfast tomorrow. I think I know where both halves ended up.

  10. mark

    wow those guys are tools she is fucking hot! I wish my girl looked like her.

  11. kyle

    damn she is hot. I want to see more pictures of her.

  12. jason

    Jenna is beautiful- I saw her at a Playboy Party once

  13. neptune

    Um, yeah, she’s nothing special as far as attractiveness goes, unless the ONLY thing you care about on a woman’s body is huge tits.

    #10 is an asshole. If you really have a gf and seriously compare her to playboy models, I have a message for her: DTMFA

  14. homie

    HUGE tits! wow, I definitely want to see her naked

  15. superstar

    damn this girl is fine: she needs more curves though

  16. franko

    damn I would hit that

  17. Dank

    This is is fuckin’ ugly chick

  18. Dank

    #3 yeah like thats her problemm her boobs are too big for her hips.


  19. Dank

    Any guy that would hit this is one desperate fuck..

  20. hooka

    Nice body

  21. blain

    #19 you are probably fat old and ugly/ washed up. You could only DREAM of being with a Playboy model

  22. pat

    I am one of Jenna’s biggest fans! I love all the magazines she has been in- damn hot girl

  23. katie

    I love Jenna!

  24. homedog

    she is hot
    MORE MORE MORE! I want to see more of her dude…..

  25. gogoslut

    I am a girl and I would fuck her lol , coming from a girls point of view- Jenna is beautiful and girls are probably super jealous of her

  26. keith

    dude shes at the beach she probably doesnt have make up on- what girl do you know who goes to the beach hair and makeup ready? haha she is hot- very do able

  27. steffo

    i just wanna see the other nipple dammit

  28. cellphone

    Her slipped boob looks like a ripe pimpel ready to pop.

  29. Nemo

    the rank coming off her would repel any shark.

  30. Rhialto

    Her boobs are as classy as her last name does indicate. . .

  31. Good lord, she looks like a snake that just ate a couple hampsters!

    Why would she spend all that money on her breast implants and not have them lay down something on her hips?!? She has NO shape! She looks like a birth defect.

  32. Ting Tao Ming Mong

    She supa-fine Amican gilfriend. Ming Mong want fuck her sirry and then eat stil fly out asshor arr night rong.

    Ming Mong out!


  33. Nero

    The intention was good,it’s that only the amount of skin was lacking.

  34. danny

    who the fuck convinced women that those silly square-ended fingernails are attractive? morons.

  35. Joe Labia

    Please allow me to gnaw on your bulbous, salty cunt.

  36. dan

    fucking hot- she is a little skinny though

  37. matt

    who wants big hips? wow you guys are fucking morons

  38. mike69

    i want to fuck her all night damn it

  39. starmaker

    The level has dropped significantly.Who posted this and is Hugh Hefner getting senile or something?

  40. Darth

    Normally it’s from Playboy into porn.Not vice versa.

  41. Gueibor

    I don’t know what that thing is, but I remember where my older cousin kept his stash of Playboys back in the 80s, and I’m pretty sure it featured women. I had no idea it became a sci-fi horror mag.
    (On a semi-unrelated note, I can’t even remember when it was that I last saw a boob on paper.)

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  43. bimbamboing

    This is how airbags look after an accident.

  44. freespirit

    she is sexy as hell

  45. cole

    Jenna needs to show more skin

  46. Gando

    Just a size smaller could have been the difference.It isn’t always the size what rules.

  47. yamaskooter

    Nothing hotter than watching one fake boob flop out of a kite.

  48. Galtacticus

    Just that because someone else has giganto boobs.That doesn’t mean they’d look good on you.

  49. Jon

    Her boobs aren’t a turn on sorry.


  50. Nero

    Beauty is;to see yourself in the right context and proportions.


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