Jenna Jameson Showed 4chan Her Boobs So They’d Track A Man Down

While everyone’s losing their shit over Edward Snowden and the NSA spying, what they should probably be concerned with is how easily 4chan can track a person down after being showed a pair of naked tits. Even ones like Jenna Jameson’s, so clearly none of us are safe. The Daily Dot reports:

Jameson asked 4chan’s most notorious imageboard /b/, known for its raids, vote rigging, and justice seeking, to find the assistant who had accessed her social media accounts and deleted her photos.
Despite /b/’s penchant for believing everything they read, the community put the 39-year-old through her paces before they helped her.
/b/ asked her to do the popular “Tits or GTFO (“get the f**k out”)” and the “put shoe on head” memes in order to prove that she was indeed sincere. They also asked her to hold a dark colored shoe in her right hand. Jameson satisfied all requests.
With the verification out of the way, /b/ got down to business.
The quickly tracked down the ex-assistant’s address, last four digits of his social security number, and his credit score.

In related news, The Superficial would like to reiterate its continuing stance that 4chan is a national treasure, haz all the lulz, and its members are giant dicked in both their constitution and swagger. Please accept this offering of Lindsay Lohan’s naked breasts as a token of our appreciation and a distraction while we throw our laptops in a lake and move to Ecuador. CHEESE IT.

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