Jenna Jameson is a Great Mom

Despite admitting to falsely accusing Tito Ortiz of abuse so he’d stop trying to get her into rehab, Jenna Jameson is still attempting to portray herself as a wholesome mother of two so someone, anyone, will eventually cast her in a reality show. Which explains why she’s laying in the grass posing for the paparazzi while throwing a birthday party for her twin sons. You know, because moms do that. Although, in her defense, we should consider it lucky this is the worst two parents who spent their careers having things forcefully inserted into their face act. It’s genuinely a miracle they don’t let them sleep in the oven. “Do babies like warm? Me no remember so much- Ahh! Penis flashback!” *runs face first into wall*

Okay, I’d probably watch that.

Photos: Pacific Coast News