Jenna Jameson Hates Chelsea Handler

January 27th, 2011 // 57 Comments

Seemingly out of nowhere, Jenna Jameson took to Twitter last night to let everyone know how she really feels about Chelsea Handler. Which is amazing because I’ve been sitting by my computer for ten years waiting for this day. Please say “dried up cunt.” Please say “dried up cunt.” Please say “dried up cunt.”

Chelsea handler makes fun of peoples kids… Probably because she’s a dried up old whore

Close enough! *high fives lamp*

But, in all seriousness, she’s most likely pissed because in an interview with Glamour, Chelsea said she hates the word raunchy because it reminds of her Jenna Jameson. Which is interesting for two reasons: 1. The title of the interview? Chelsea Handler Tells Katie Couric, “Well, I Don’t Make Jokes About Children.” And 2. Jenna Jameson is a fucking porn star. What other word besides raunchy does she expect to be immediately associated with? I’ve yet to see someone watch a woman take five men to the butt and go, “My, that was dainty.” Though I can see how “elegant” might fall into play. I’ll give Jenna Jameson that one.

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  1. Why? Because Chelsea is a bigger whore then her?

    • Richard McBeef

      They are both old whores, the key part though is “dried up” Jenna still has old lube and ejaculate making it’s way out of there from late 90s which helps to keep it moist.

    • Facebook Me

      Jenna looks better with some meat on her and not so orangish, but looks really old now. Still hot though..

      As far as Chelsea is concerned, she is a ugly bitch with WAY too much to say.

  2. Not going to take sides but Handler looks like there is nothing but cold dirty sand in her vagina, which some guys love.

  3. Bucky Barnes

    Bad business that, being called a whore by a woman who could catch a softball with her anus…

  4. Look who wants to be relevant! Jenna, you gave up porn to become a mom/punching bag. Chelsea gave up a shot at having a talk show to give her unfunny friends some airtime. Girls, don’t fight. We don’t care about EITHER of you…

  5. Meh, I hate both these bitches.

  6. rican

    And all this time I thought the dried up old whore was Jenna!

  7. burton

    fuck thats distgusting to look at….thei is why plastic surgery is a bad bad idea!!! maybe MAYBE… it looks “ok” when your young but give it ten years and you look like this nasty hag! those fake “boobs” are atrocious!

  8. Chelsea Handler Jenna Jameson
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    That is one hardened looking duckface porn star.
    Did Charlie ever…..?
    She made a ton of money; I hope she banked it well. She probably has many decades of being a whore who lost her looks ahead of her, so she’s gonna need it.

  9. Inmate 12236969

    Oh yeah Jenna like you fucking opine is relevant? What’s your claim to fame again? Oh having sex in front of a camera—any fucking moron can do that. You’re ticked because she had a real job instead of taking dick in every hole like you did.

    Or is Jenna mad because her man left her because her pussy is all stretched and worn out? I wouldn’t fuck her with my dogs dick.

  10. Drew


  11. well hello

    Jenna has always been a nutcase and incredibly catty and manipulative. Look at her little tactic to just say the opposite of the article title to stir up shit on Twitter. So high school. What do you expect from a stripper/porn star/drug addict? She looks inhuman in a bad way. Twat.

  12. well hello

    Tske your finger out of your mouth, you are not cute, ho.

  13. Whose opinion could possibly be more relevant than a used up porn star drug addict who looks like a plastic surgery practice cadaver.

  14. ashley

    Someone made fun of Jenna Jameson’s kids? Dude, their mom is a porn star. That’s gonna haunt them for life!

  15. slappy magoo

    Jenna’s job has more integrity. She may fake orgasms, but she doesn’t fake being funny.

  16. talk about the kettle calling the teapot black.

  17. Peanutty

    I remember this turd. She marketed herself as 100% natural. Fact was, she was just one of the first famous porn whores to get a boob job.

  18. Lainey

    Jenna NEVER took it in the butt on FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if you’re going to talk crap then at least do your homework. She’s a smart business woman, the most famous porn star and never even had to take it in the butt.

    • Mike

      She’s never taken a PENIS in the butt on film. Fingers and dildos are another story.

    • asdf

      Keep defending a washed-up porn star on the internet, I’m sure she’ll sleep with you one day.

    • never HAD to take it in the butt? What if she wanted to, like some do…what then? Does that lower your opinion of her? How does one actually say, sure hundreds of hard core porn movies, but at least she never took it in the butt.

  19. Dan

    Meh, Jenna Jamieson deserves a little more respect than you guys are giving her. She took a job where the average time doing it is a couple years at best and made it into a career. Look at any of the other porn stars from the 90s – I can only recall a couple of their names, and they are not making money in porn anymore.

    It is pretty impressive to be honest.

  20. dano

    Both are perfect examples of how plastic surgery only brings more attention to being a dried up old blonde.

  21. JonnyVegas

    Do you tuck to the right or left?

  22. LJ

    Maybe Jenna Jameson and Chelsea Handler can do a girl/girl video as a public makeout/makeup session.

    But then who’d want to watch it.

  23. Mike

    That’s the “Arby’s roast beef melt with extra cheese” calling the kettle, black.

  24. Gilberator

    “When your pussy is dried up, and you can’t fuck for a living, who’s going to pay for your living expenses? AFLAC”

  25. alex

    Um, what happened to her face? She looks like she’s had a “Peter North” injury.

  26. g!

    she is sooooo deform now!!! OMG soooo ugly, she used to have a hot sexy face and now EWW!!

  27. Jimmy Fury

    Interesting to note how many people are talking shit about Jameson but none of them are disagreeing with her…

    • nooooooooo

      No one would, if you read the Chelsea Handler news it’s pretty much group consensus that she’s a bitch on wheels.

  28. Gack

    I can’t STAND Chelsea Handler. I just want to punch her in her ugly face. There’s no way she’s in her mid-thirties. If she is, I’d hate to see what she’s gonna look like at 50. Yeesh.

  29. Fletch

    Chelsea Handler needs to be punched in the face.

    Jameson is just disgusting now.

  30. Ellie

    I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that her and Angelina Jolie are friends. They text or something. Also she wants to emulate her or something. She’s a little late on this though. And I kinda agree with her. *shudders, takes shower*

  31. You know, for someone who had her breast implants removed…her breast implants look like shit.

  32. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    I had no idea porn stars were allowed opinions.

  33. This is where that saying, “The pot calling the kettle a dried-up old whore” comes from.

  34. Gary B

    Takes one to know one.

  35. The first thing I noticed was how much I loved the jacket. Then, I noticed the tits that looked like the kind you would find after your daughter pretended the oven was a tanning bed for her Barbie.

  36. tar

    Somewhere Ralph Garman is laughing like a hyena.

  37. Mama Pinkus

    I think I would take offense at being called a whore by plasticized ex-porn trash, even if I WAS a whore, which I am denying

  38. Chelsea Handler Jenna Jameson
    Commented on this photo:

    Jenna wins.

  39. sarah

    whatever, jenna has made me come multiple times before she fucked her face up, chelsea just makes me want to fuck her face up multiple times

  40. Alex

    That kind of mean-spirited humor is also known as Jew humor. I’m serious, it’s like part of their culture. They keep selling it to us through the media, but I rarely find it funny.

  41. Grace

    Will this UGLY, NOT FUNNY, z list moron who is named after a dog please jump off a bridge. And anyone who thinks she is remotely funny should shoot themselves. She tries to take the emphasis off her uguly face by attempting to be funny. Oh wait, and she’s friends with pathetic Jennifer the victim Aniston. NO ONE cares what she has to say. Go back to pretending to bang 50 cent lol..

  42. qwkinuf

    Chelsea is a dried up scab but have you seen Jenna lately, Geez, talk about a leather faced addict who spends way to much time in the sun. I wouldn’t screw her with Tito’s pecker. On the other hand Tito’s so gay other gays are reportedly bashing him.

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