1. Clint Eastwood

    that’s hot!

  2. Guy Smiley

    whose bodies are worse? porn stars or mothers? or even worse, a porn star turned mother?

  3. Anon

    That pool needs extra chlorine now.

  4. The barely exposed pubes would be hot on any other chick, but once you’ve seen a skank slurping jizz bubbles from another whores anus…a little bikini line isn’t gonna do it any more.

  5. What kind of a pool lets porn stars in…no less one sporting the aftermath of a world class Dirty Sanchez.

  6. kec232

    Fish, was “sloughing” your word of the day?

  7. C.

    Iggy Pop called, he wants his meat suit back.

  8. VonDoom

    With those sucker fish lips, all I can think about is smacking her face against a windshield just to see if it would stick.

  9. Bob

    I’ll bet Tito squeezes her like that while they’re in the sack so he can actually touch the sides and build a little friction.

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