Jenna Dewan’s See-Through Top Is Exactly What the Russians Want Us to Look At

Welcome back to another episode of “Whose Boobs These Be?”… or if you’re tuning in from any other country, “This Is Why We’re So Fucked”. Today we’ve got Jenna Dewan, star of 2005’s dance-franchising phenomenon, Step Up. Today she got some coffee and didn’t wear a bra, so obviously we had our pervs on the scene as soon as the words “gluten-free scones” left her mouth. She’s also married to Channing Tatum who owns what looks like a fever-dream version of a Hooters on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

Before you say ANYTHING about size, just know that I agree with you- a pequeño sized americano is never going to last her the morning. Why she didn’t just hit the Circle K for some frosty Code Red Dew, I have no idea… So here’s to excess and chugging mondo-venti-thunderfuck sized Mountain Dew and not these hoity toity cups of commie mud…

Also here’s a picture taken at Channing Tatum’s Bourbon Street restaurant- it’s like if Outback Steakhouse had a cajun-themed opium den.

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