Channing Tatum Wants You To See Jenna Dewan Naked, He Insists

While most celebrity marriages are falling apart, Channing Tatum would like you to know that he’s totally doing all of that awesome “primal, earthy sex” stuff that his wife Jenna Dewan bragged about in Cosmo. Because here she is totally naked in bed either pre- or post-dancer sex that would destroy our mortal bodies if we even attempted it. I’m talking Channing Tatum takes his pajama pants off and doesn’t just stick his penis through the flap while Jenna Dewan keeps her tank top on. I threw my back out just typing that. These people aren’t human.

Nap time = The Best Time 😇🙌🙌

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Oh shit, this was during the day? This must be that “kissy-kissy time” Nicole Kidman’s always having, and goddammit, why did I bring that up?

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