Jenn Sterger Will ‘Go Public’ if Brett Favre Isn’t Punished By NFL

December 7th, 2010 // 88 Comments

“These were a great choice. What could possibly go wrong?”

With all signs pointing to the NFL pretending it wasn’t Brett Favre who sent photos of his penis to Jenn Sterger while she was employed by the New York Jets, she’s finally decided to break her silence and will come forward with an “overabundance of evidence” if the league doesn’t reprimand Favre which will effectively label her a liar. TMZ reports:

Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, believes she “provided extensive evidence that irrefutably proves there was harassment” — and adds, “No matter what happens Jenn has all legal remedies, including going public … if the NFL doesn’t clear her name.”
Reese thinks an NFL reprimand of the Vikings QB would go a long way toward changing public opinion of Sterger.

After seeing women lose their shit over Angelina Jolie because if a home-wrecker will steal one man, she’ll steal everybody’s (That’s right, I’ve deciphered your code.), it’s no surprise Jenn Sterger is ready to come forward and make sure the world knows Brett Favre assaulted her with photos of his penis. In fact, some might say he assaulted us all because now I can’t even look at a pair of crocs without dry heaving myself into the fetal position. It’s almost impossible to leave the hou- OH GOD I SEE ONE! No, wait, it’s a moccasin. It’s a moccasin. *holsters gun*

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  1. RoboZombie

    Smokin’ body…kinda wonky face though. Did I mention smokin’ body?

  2. Honestly, how can you go to work and not sexually harass her? That would go against the laws of physics.

  3. Brett Favre Victim Jenn Sterger
    Commented on this photo:

    Brittfar looks a little chubby in this picture.

  4. Zipit Bizzle

    Women dont belong in sports, unless theyre blowing the players or are scissor sisters putting on a show BEFORE they blow the players.

    She needs to move on and quit her feeble attempt at “womanery” (ie: leeching off of those that earn their money, not blackmailing or using vagina science to set up a man.)

    DONT forget that women. Nuff said!

    • RoboZombie

      Yer MOM is sporty!

    • BiffTannen

      Finally someone who gets it. Fucking bloodsuckers. Flash some tits and a pretty face and you’re in. You can’t tell me she hasn’t sucked a few dicks to get where she is right now. No way..

      Get the fuck out of a man’s world. Notice in almost every sports cast they have to put on one female broadcaster. If I didn’t know any better i’d think there was some affirmative action going on here but instead of the token black guy it’s a woman.

      Granted she’s a hot woman with big tits(fake or not–who gives a shit) but still no business out there on the field.

      Make like a tree and get out of here.

  5. Salad Face

    I fully support JS on this one. Fully support. With both hands.

  6. jojo

    Another soulless two bit whore looks for fame by crying degradation by a successful man.

    He sent you a pic of his cock. You dreamed of sucking it. End of story.

    • meh

      Agreed. She is a fucking fake titted standard looking whore. Looking for easy money.

      • Deacon Jones

        She doesn’t give a shit about Favre, she just wants the publicity.

        Sluts like this get molested nightly in bars, and they get cheap thrills out of it, otherwise they wouldnt go out looking like they were getting ready to shoot a porn.

      • Ash Bones

        He might as well go ahead and rape her now if it’s gonna cost him… get some ass out of it at least.. I mean who would actually believe he went back and did??

      • Jester

        FYI, She had her implants removed making her even more worthless

    • Naked Chicks Rule

      Brett Favre can rot in his own filth for decades for all I care. You guys who are scared to call out this douchebag for who he is are a disgrace to your gender. And that’s just for his shit-antics as a football player. What he does w/ his dick is his own business.

  7. dreadpiratejenn

    Extortion? What’s that? Did the doctor put that in the silicon? Sorry babe….it’s hard to believe you didn’t have any part in this. Perhaps if you wore some sweatpants and an oversized Tweety shirt you wouldn’t have these problems?

    • RoboZombie

      I suppose you’d defend rapistberger because those women “had it coming”!
      Maybe all women should just wear Burqas huh??

  8. Fat Chicks Suck

    Not a big fan of fake boobs and I think she might be even hotter without them…but GOOD LORD she is hot.

  9. Ron Mexico

    There is no legal crime here. She never reported it to the JETS nor gave them an opportunity to correct any situation. All this is is legal extortion by a money grububing whore who knows she will NEVER be hired again – Any woman who poses in Playboy and then threatens to sue someone for sexual harrasment is UN-HIRABLE!!!!

  10. Ksurfiws

    Just because Brett is an NFL QB doesn’t mean he can’t be Louisiana White Trash too.
    Please Keep the pix private, Jenn. Farve Wang can not be Good Wang

  11. She’s right – she’ll never win an MVP if she can’t successfully retire him.

  12. She's a dumbass

    She’s a hot little piece of ass. Too bad she’s fucked in the head; nobody likes a vindictive gold-digger…

  13. twobitlawyer

    I belief the statute of limitations on Title 7 claims (federal sexual harrassment) is 180 days, 300 days if first submitted to a state or local tirbunal or investigator. State statutes are usually shorter. She waited two years to bring the charges.

    So even if he did what she said he did, she is barred from bringing a claim.

    So … why are we still listenin to this dipshit? If it’s not obvious from the facts that this is something she encuraged for a payday down the road then fucked up in the execution, then it’s obvious from the applicable law that she should shut the fuck up and get some work done on her face.

  14. McFeely Smackup

    I think the experiment has been played out to it’s fullest extent and to the expected conclusion now.

    We can officially say women do not belong in mens sports. The delicate little flowers don’t belong in the locker room, or around men playing mens sports in general. They can’t handle it, they can’t dress appropriately, they can’t deal with the fact that dressing like prostitutes will result in people assuming you’re sexually available. Time for them to go.

  15. PunkA

    This is a total game play for a $$$ settlement. Sterger has ZERO claim on harrassment. Sorry, you can’t receive the text, giggle about it with friends, not report it to employer because you did not feel harrassed, then lose your job and look to cash in. She just got her last show cancelled, so girlie is looking for a new way to get paid. Embarrassing Favre with his stupidity is one thing, but expecting to get paid for it is another. No dude out their blames Favre for tryig to stick Sterger because she is hot, but Favre’s wife might have an issue with it. So that fact is, Sterger is basically trying to leverage Favre’s wife here to get him to settle. Talk about dirty. Again, Brett;s own fault that it got here, but Sterger is playing from the Gold Digger/Fame Whore playbook here.

  16. CG

    So Brett didn’t pay her off, the league decided Brett is more important than some two bit fitness model wannabee and she is now hell bent because it didn’t go her way.

    Hey JS – don’t go away mad, just go away. Go back to your lame show on Versus and do your Twitter crap.

    • dumbass

      idk, maybe it’s just me, but if my choices are to never see or hear from douchebag ‘I’m retired, no I’m not, yes I am’ Bret Favre, ever again, and see lots more of this smoking hot big tittied broad, well then, see ya later Favre. If you’re a celebrity / pro athlete, & married, and yet still too stupid &/or arrogant to restrain the urge to send pics of your junk to a female co worker, then you deserve to lose it all. wtf good is favre anymore anyway? throw the f’er under the bus, and give JS her own show, preferably one where she wears lingerie and jumps on a trampoline. that’ll be a hell of alot more fun to watch than anything favre has ever done.

  17. Quick, give her what she wants. The public must not know of any of this.

  18. Cock Dr

    How awful.
    I am against anything that will make male celebrities less inclined to take happy snaps & then share them with fans. A star NFL quarterback voluntarily sends out an uncensored shot of his cock for world viewing. Let’s not discourage that kind of generosity….even if the gift does look damned goofy.

    He probably harassed her immensely, but the time to make noise about it was THEN, not NOW. Another woman making her gender look bad in the pursuit of cash and/or publicity. *sigh*

  19. jc

    Something stinks about the timing of this filthy skank’s allegations and have from the beginning. She waits two years, times it to come out in the open just before a highly publicized game with the Jets (her old employers and his old team), and has privately had her attorney negoitiating behind closed doors to see how much money she can get. This girl is not innocent as the driven snow either, she’s been around and see’s an opportunity to make a little cheddar by trying to take down a football legend just as he’s ready to retire for good. Even if she received the photos in question, I’m sure she’s overlooked worst in her career of working around pro athletes. Why now make an issue? She’s trash and nothing can change that.

  20. Kerri

    i think she’s below average looking at best. big boobs but they’re fake…so…FAIL. sorry honey.

    • horn dog

      agreed – skinny with bolt-ons…nice, but nothing spectacular here…w/o the fakies she would hardly be noticable!

  21. me

    i would’t trade those liontamers for BF

  22. It pisses me off that women wait for YEARS before filing such issues. If she felt harassed she should have reported it immediately. If she felt he was acting unprofessionally she should have stepped forward 2 years ago when these pictures were sent. To wait 2 years, until your show is cancelled, when you have no possible places to go and move forward in your career, to come out and complain about the behavior is disgusting.

    You accepted the behavior by not complaining about the behavior when it happened. You did not complain or say anything derogatory about the situation to anyone. Not you your bosses, not to the NY Jets, and not to Brett Favre himself. As such, your behavior showed acceptance of Brett’s behavior and thus is not harassment. Jennifer Sterger, the only way I hope you go public is if you go public with a Porn movie. Otherwise, STFU and join the countless number of other gold digging bitches who have tried to extort money from famous athletes and celebrities over the years.

    • Kerri

      she was never harrassed. was more than likely LOVING the attention at the time but now that she sees how Tigers Whores made money, she started thinking…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…chi-ching.
      this girl is a loser. a dime a dozen loser at that.

  23. That’s kind of what pissed me off about Tigers situation. I can understand the women asking for money to keep quiet in the beginning when the acts happened, but after things started coming out the only people Tiger owed anything to were his ex wife and kids. Fuck those whores for trying to extort even more cash from him.

    • Kerri

      totally agree. if i had the money Tiger had, i would have rather paid a hitman than given any of them a red cent. he’s a total scum bag but the woman he was with were the lowest of the low in all aspects.

  24. Do_Freebird

    Nothing says “professional sportscaster” more than stripper tits and a stretchy t-shirt made for a 6 year old.

  25. Brett Favre Victim Jenn Sterger
    Commented on this photo:

    Brets penis must of been desperate…..

  26. thetruf

    She probably sent him a picture of her tits but he deleted it. So he returned the favor and now she is fame whoring.

    They need to stop calling this whole a sideline reporter. She was there because she has big fucking tits and thats it

  27. This Clam just needs to get a Playboy contract and get on with her life already…
    One good whack to her and she is forgotten. On to the next one…

  28. ___

    Waiting 2 years = zero credibility. If she was really bothered by the pics she would have reported them immediately. This clearly means she is a gold digging opportunits whore. Fuck off and die bitch.

  29. Brett Favre Victim Jenn Sterger
    Commented on this photo:

    Pretty average looking f you ask me. Solid 6.

    • Johnabus O'Neilliabus

      That wasn’t Brett Favre’s penis. It was MINE.

      i SENT THAT PHOTO. Don’t you all know about SHRINKAGE?


      Brett Favre’s phone privileges should be taken away, but, since he wasn’t here employer, she should be punished for continuing to bore us with this crap since she has no legal remedy.

  30. kanyesucks

    Pretty average looking f you ask me. Solid 6.

    • Robert Acquafresca

      she might be a two bit fame grubbing whore, but to say she is only a 6 is crazy. If she was a 6, we would not be talking about her.

    • If you think she is only a 6, you truly are an idiot. Vapid worthless fame whore or not, if she was just a 6, we would not be talking about her.

  31. DonaldTrumpsPiece

    Trying to get paid when your career falters….Im not mad at her im mad with her.
    i guess she has grown up since those FSU days….She does have a smokin body though

  32. Ron Mexico

    At least the Mexican “sportscaster” knew her role, laughed about it, and is still welcome on the sideline / locker room.

    Sorry Jenn, you’re fuckin out.

  33. toresen

    look like a whore, you get treated like one. money grabbing bitch.

  34. Turd Ferguson

    Just go naked, and we’ll call it even.

  35. Jester

    Jenn Sterger Will ‘Go Public’ if she doesn’t GET PAID.

    There, fixed it for ya.

  36. Averre

    Like everything else she has done in her life, this too will backfire. Farve will not be coming out of this very well either.

    The simple fact is that he should have kept his willy in his kecks instead of taking snapshots of it and sending it to women like a idiot…I guess Farve never opened up a paper since the invention of mobile cams to find out that this type of shit,more often than not, is just going to blow up in one’s face.

    Sterger is a git, i think we’re all aware of that….but Farve buried himself, This will be his last year in the NFL one way or the other…either because of this or because his game has been gone for years….his wife is going to leave him and take a nice chunk of change to boot and all because Farve was too ignorant to realize his actions might just bite him in the ass later on.

    Sterger=Fame/money whore Farve=Ignorant redneck who though his fame made him untouchable—Conclusion: They both fail

  37. welldoneson

    “Go public”? What is this top-heavy pussy dip talking about?
    How could the situation be MORE public than it its now?

    Fuck off you useless titbag. We don’t CARE what Favre did,
    given that he didn’t actually punch you out and pound your backside.

    Oh, wait! That’s why you’re so upset! Because he DIDN’T?

  38. spiderman

    i want to send her pics of my penis too

  39. Slick Rick

    And by going public, you mean she is telling everyone shes a lesbian now because of Brett Farve?

    I didn’t read the story, no one actually cares. Plus its about Brett Farve, he’s gonna retire next season anyways… Oh wait

  40. Pat C

    She should just harass him back by sending him nude pictures of her.

  41. Jason

    I love the way she came “forward” with evidence after her show flopped. If she was really insulted or afraid I would think she would have come forward a while ago.

  42. Alexi

    I’m sure she loved the attention while it was happening. I’ve seen her on Twitter flirting with various athletes. I’m sure if it was someone younger or attractive, she wouldn’t be crying sexual harassment. She’s nothing but a glorified groupie.

  43. Brett Favre Victim Jenn Sterger
    I'm with stupid
    Commented on this photo:

    Fucking tease. Once a whore, always a whore.

  44. Normal Male

    Bitch is just looking to get paid. Took her implants out and now no one will pay attention to her so now she’s just looking for free publicity. How long until she’s doing porn?

  45. Mitch

    This bitch is a butterface. The NFL needs to stop letting sluts on the field and in the locker rooms. Between this future porn star and that spanish news whore they have ruined it for all women.

  46. Cardinal Fang

    Let’s all send her pics of our johnsons.

  47. Brett Favre Victim Jenn Sterger
    Commented on this photo:

    The whole time Favre was in NY he was probs just mentally replacing the microphone in her hand with his cock

  48. Muffy the Lesbian


  49. Toby Weymiller

    She looks like my Korean wife.

  50. If I put a bird in my hand, can I put two in her bush?

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