Jenifer Love Hewitt is kind to poor people

December 26th, 2005 // 30 Comments

In case you didn’t already know that Jennifer Love Hewitt is a better human being than you, last Friday she hosted her second annual Los Angeles Mission party which fed over 3000 homeless people. It’s always a nice little bonus when you find out a woman has a big heart under her big breasts. Kind of like how Pamela Anderson really loves animals and Anna Nicole Smith really loves dying old rich men. And drugs. And being a complete and utter waste of human life.

Santa Feeds 3,000 At L.A. Mission [CBS]


  1. derekd

    I tell you what, her agent should be fired. What the hell has she done in the last 5 years? Not saying she is a fountain of talent but there are a lot talentless people with lots of work. I guess shes just too goofy looking. At least she still around in case they want to do I STILL STILL know what you did last summer.

  2. Mugato

    I Know What You Did 8 Summers Ago and I Still Have Issues About it. Actually, I thought they showed amazing restraint by stopping at just 2 films. That’s almost unheard of with horror movies.

  3. Captain Awesome

    I’d give up my job and sit in a Panasonic TV box, so I could have her put warm cream o’ corn down my pants.

  4. MrPloppy

    Jenifer was in an episode of Family Guy a few years ago. If she sleeps with Jessica Alba she will have achieved both my goals in life.

  5. I may go homeless just to set my eyes on those tits.

  6. Layne

    She comes out on a show called Ghost Whisperer, she talks to the dead you guys. for real. it’s on cbs or abc or one of those stations thats NOT fox or nbc.

  7. prideofchucky

    “Look, I know I’m homeless and I AM thankfull and everything but can you please offer me a plate WITHOUT YOU’RE DAMN HAIR ON IT!”

    Jenny- you’re gaa-gaa goregous but that haircut is beyond awful.Even a hairnet would be less cosmeticly devistating. You’re serving food darling, at least put it in one of your cute bun deals.

  8. prideofchucky

    “I’ll take a breast please…. NO, I mean yours WHITE WOMAN!!! LET ME AT ‘EM!!!”


  9. Lynette Carrington

    In all seriousness folks (and I’m rarely serious!), if JLH can host something like this and do a good deed, every A-lister in Hollyweird should step up to the plate and do something even better. Doing charity and meaning it…..what a novel idea. Good for Jennifer. I agree she should get a new agent…..

  10. andrewthezeppo

    Good for J. Lo Hewitt, and hey she was funny in Hearbreakers…right…um….

  11. vengeanceangel

    Hey, Layne, it’s CBS and it’s a pretty good show.

    She definitely looks good in it.

    And the fact that she’s doing something for charity is pretty awesome. Too bad more celebs don’t get their hands a bit dirty once in awhile.

  12. HollyJ

    It’s sweet that she’s a good person, because she can’t possibly hope for any long-term Hollywood success. “Ugly enough to make paint curl off the walls” isn’t in high demand.

    Not easy to typecast: Narrow banana head with long pointy witch nose and close-set squinty old-lady eyes… Well, I guess she could play an animated prairie shrew or an Asian ass…but Eddie Murphy usually bogarts all those roles.

  13. Oh so now it’s a crime to be nice to poeple? PSh

  14. Cyanotic

    Lets also not forget JLH’s appearance as super hot vet in “Garfield: The Movie”. Maybe she should get a new agent, indeed. Heh. At least she’s making enough bucks to blow on feeding 3000 homeless people and still remains smokin’ hot, minus that bad hair.

  15. Jeremy1Esq

    just another talentless actress that still gets some occasional attention because men still fantasize about her breasts. The minute she appears topless in playboy, her days as an object will be gone and so will all the people who think her existance has any meaning what so ever. Imagine Eva Longoria in 5 years.

  16. hafaball

    it is kind of weird homelessness has shot up 300% in the past two years in LA. Connection!? Or it could just be cause of Bush…but i’ll go to Hewitt for the answers.

  17. tuesdayup

    As long as celebrities pretend that they care about poor people for a photo op they could spend the rest of the year clubbing seals with midgets and no one would care.

  18. Binky

    Good 4 her !!! ( But anyone who has to wear a name tag when they are the ‘host’ of an event needs a new agent or a career boost) (Of course I have to wear a name tag at my parties – but that’s to help with the sorting in the paddy wagon.)

  19. Sheva

    Sorry there is nothing but good in this lady and she’s admirable from every point of view. Her show is pretty darn good on CBS too.

    And let me tell you, she looks good or absolutely great in every darn second of it.

    So that’s a twofer baby!

    You gooooooooooo grrlllll.

    Damn, she’s just terrific. We salute you Jennifer. (Please go visit our boys in Iraq and Afghanistan!)

  20. JohnnyL

    Hmmmmmm. I read the news article and can’t really tell what JLH’s involvement with this even was beyond serving and having her name put out front as the host. Says she hosted the event…not that she put up any money or fronted the entire cost. I really like it that people close their offices and celebrities show up to dish out food into plates as if that is really helping the homeless. Do people think that the homeless are too feeble minded to do this themselves. How about teaching them some responsibility? Yeah…provide the food but let them be responsible for volunteering and handing out the food.

  21. drowningfool

    She was in Garfield? Jesus. With a pair like hers you figure she could at least get on some B-rated crappy horror flick…oh wait…she did THOSE movies when she started her career.

  22. drowningfool

    She was in Garfield? Jesus. With a pair like hers you figure she could at least get on some B-rated crappy horror flick. Oh wait. She did THOSE movies when she started her career. Oh forget it. I can’t make fun of her. She’s too sweet looking and she really seems like a nice person. Man I’m getting soft, and usually girls like that make me hard!

  23. Arjuno

    ‘Love’ her or hate her, she manages to do what few actors can…and that’s keep working in an industry where fewer than 10% of your peers actually make a living at their craft. Granted..that show isn’t great and she may never win an Oscar…but give her some credit for continuing to be savvy enough to still be in the game.

  24. derekd


    You hit it right on with her face. Does nothing for me. Cute body though.

  25. the beast

    your title should read “jennifer lover hewitt is fugly”

  26. RobotAttack

    She’s not a good actress or anything but I just think it’s nice to see a celebrity actually doing some work instead of just throwing their money around. They have so much of it that it doesn’t affect them at all. So it’s nice that she’s actually gettin’ in there.

  27. APINK

    She did something “nice”, so what!!!!! No need to broadcast it to the whole world. Doing nice things is called being a good human being, not a way to try to boost your failing career.

  28. seraphym

    the horse called- he would like his teeth back.

  29. akahuge

    at least she’s wearing the latex protection gloves so the homelessness don’t rub off on her.

  30. GREAT that JLH feeds the homeless…however,
    she’s not a religious person and this is a
    church organization that feeds…I’d like to
    see her with an anarchist non-religious
    group like Food, Not Bombs…

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