Jeff Timmons drives recklessly

September 28th, 2006 // 32 Comments

jeff-timmons-arrest.jpgJeff Timmons, some guy I never heard of from 98 Degrees, was sentenced to a year of probation after being charged with reckless driving and refusing to sign a citation. He was pulled over going 60 mph in a 45 mph zone and was initially charged with a DUI but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence when he refused to take any alcohol testing.

Finally, no more restless nights waking up in a cold sweat wondering if Jeff Timmons is okay. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off my soul. I don’t think a day has gone by I haven’t kept his memory in my heart. Or something. You know what I mean. He’s very famous after all. Some say 98 Degrees was more important to society than the discovery of fire.


  1. I’ll take “Who Fucking Cares?” for $1,000, Alex……

  2. Isn’t he the one who was running for Mayor of his podunk town?

  3. Isn’t he the one who was running for Mayor of his podunk town?

  4. jrzmommy

    He needs to lay off the volumizing mousse.


    Couldn’t believe they caught him. Thought he was an invisible man. ha!

  6. Jeff Timmons rymes with Richard Simmons, so he must be gay…………..

  7. Man, Mr. Lachey is gonna be PISSED!

  8. NotANiceGirl

    who is this again & please tell me why we care? Yo, he looks like shit run over twice…yeckh!

  9. Who the fuck??? Come on, Mr. Superficial, you mean to tell me there was not one other celeb happening that could have taken up this space? This guy literally can’t get arrested, not only do I not know who he is, was or never will be – but I could care less. Linds Lohan didn’t shit herself in public? P-Hil didn’t give a 14 year old co-star herpes through her clothes? Nicole Richie didn’t break her neck with her – to memorably quote her father “outrageous” eyewear? Jeez, even Gary Coleman waiting in line at a Jiffy Lube would be better fodder than this Hugh Grantish cunt. Please, free up the space for all of us and delete this non-entity immediately.

  10. skilzaw

    I’d do him.

  11. RichPort

    In other news, my nuts itch. What…? No one cares?

  12. He looks like an angry Jeff Goldblum.

  13. La, la, la get a haircut and get a real job, la, la la!

  14. DiabetesExplosion

    I still think he’s the hottest member of 98 degrees. I’d have his kids, granted they’d probably have Down Syndrome or something with his drugged-up sperm and all.

  15. # 14 – Brain, Angry Jeff Goldblum was my OLD name, but it made people wretch. Plus it made people think I was nailing Gina Davis.

    Which I totally was at the time, but that is a different story.

  16. Laurie

    According to the wisdom that is wikipedia, 98 member Justin Jeffre is the one that ran for mayor of the Nati.

    Also, that this guy above got pulled over in April-so clearly the superficial is way behind on its “who cares” celebrity gossip

  17. The Juice

    98 Degrees?? – Is’nt that the temperature at which music starts to SUCK!!

  18. jrzmommy


  19. PunjabPete

    #4 – LMAO

    Band: 98 Degrees
    Status: Room temperature corpse…

  20. @18 Angry Ferret

    Dude, Geena Davis is hot… and smart…
    and can shoot a bow & arrow olympic style.

    (We all know how much that hurts)

  21. magickal

    What a fucking douchebag.

  22. screammylungzout

    you can get out of a dui charge by refusing to take an alcohol test? awesome.

  23. 86

    Yeah dude, Flock of Seagulls called….they want their hairstyle back.

  24. Equalparts

    Don’t nobody give a fuck.

  25. Dirt McGirt

    Too bad he doesnt own Malibu, like Mel Gibson, otherwise he would get off. Seriously, though, the Jews are to blame for all the wars

  26. who? he should just be put in a kennel

  27. kate

    i just looked this up again on the archive because it is my favorite superfish post ever and i am DYING laughing at it all over again. I LOVE IT HAHAHA

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