Jay-Z is a man of his word


Four years ago Jay-Z made a bet with Playboy editor Rob Tannenbaum for 50-1 odds that he’d never come out of retirement and took $20 from him at the time. Well Jay-Z did come out of retirement with the release of “Kindom Come” so Tannenbaum gave his assistant a call to remind him of the wager and last week a messenger sent him $1,000 from Jay-Z’s office.

“Jay-Z is a man of his word. I just bought a plasma TV with the money, and the first thing I’m going to watch on it is a Jay-Z video.”

When you’ve got $12 bajillion in the bank paying off a $1,000 bet isn’t going to hurt that much, but it’s still impressive that Jay-Z kept his word. If it was me I would’ve pretended that I forgot about the bet, then went for a swim in my pool filled with money and had brunch with my solid gold robot servants.


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