Jay-Z is a man of his word

March 22nd, 2007 // 49 Comments

Four years ago Jay-Z made a bet with Playboy editor Rob Tannenbaum for 50-1 odds that he’d never come out of retirement and took $20 from him at the time. Well Jay-Z did come out of retirement with the release of “Kindom Come” so Tannenbaum gave his assistant a call to remind him of the wager and last week a messenger sent him $1,000 from Jay-Z’s office.

“Jay-Z is a man of his word. I just bought a plasma TV with the money, and the first thing I’m going to watch on it is a Jay-Z video.”

When you’ve got $12 bajillion in the bank paying off a $1,000 bet isn’t going to hurt that much, but it’s still impressive that Jay-Z kept his word. If it was me I would’ve pretended that I forgot about the bet, then went for a swim in my pool filled with money and had brunch with my solid gold robot servants.



  1. ponk

    extreme FRISTING!

  2. okiedoke


  3. Jimbo

    Is that his IQ?

  4. okiedoke

    Well, I bet he never marries Beyonce.

  5. BarbadoSlim

    Jigga’s gonna talk about the hardships of not being able to drink Cristal since he boycotted it. Truly an artiste this guy.

  6. serial snarkalec

    Less fingers and body mass alone make Jay-Z so much more of a class act than the last post.

  7. whitegold

    I wish I could have gotten in on that bet! Jay-Z coming out of retirement was pretty much a sure thing! I would have gladly taken those 50 – 1 odds!

  8. mrs.t

    Damn, that is one homely man. Like hit it from behind, double bag, let me stare at a pile of diamonds while you hit it, stone-cold F.U.G.

    My oldest daughter was admiring a photo of Beyonce a few years ago when she suddenly let out a horrified gasp. When I asked what was wrong, she just said “Oh Mommy…..her BOYfriend is so ugly.” It totally pissed her off.

  9. DrPhowstus

    Fucking ay…I thought they bet over whether Beyonce would be in Playboy. Now I lost $20. Joe Camel looking mothafucka.

  10. combustion8

    what about the guy he stabbed? fuck jay-z

  11. DrPhowstus

    By the way, when the fuck did this turn to Vibe.com???

  12. guymorgan

    It’s such a shame that in our modern society people like Jay-Z have to cover up their true sexuality behind such a over the top laughable image…

  13. bigponie

    he obviously doesn’t know the “college humor” hand sign.

  14. biatcho

    #1 ponk baby, that was fantastic!

  15. He looks like Tone Loc on meth!

  16. biatcho

    He is gonna need bigger sunglasses if he is going for the “trying to downplay the enormous nostrils” look. Those fuckers could sniff 4 grams at a time!

  17. Jimbo

    Everybody needs to be nice and not say anything mean about Jay-Z. We don’t want to bring DanYELL to tears again.

  18. DrPhowstus

    @18 — danielle’s so fat, she cries ears of Koolaid. Grape flavor.

  19. mandy

    i love hova!!

  20. why is this news? It isn’t like he bet a night with Beyonce. NOW THAT IS A BET!

  21. dear troll,
    apparently i don’t have as much free time on my hands as you do, so feel free to continue commenting on my behalf.
    If at some point you feel you are unable to continue posing as me, feel free to drop me link at my blog (link above).

    fan of p0nk’s troll.

  22. biatcho

    Sorry if I enabled your troll, ponk. I immediately thought of a friend of mine who uses the term “extreme (insert noun here)” in a deep, gruff voice to describe over the top things and it always gets a giggle out of me.

    Sincerest apologies,

  23. ponk

    no problem biatcho, i’m honored to be one of the trolled.

  24. RichPort

    Trust me p0nk, that’ll only make the troll whack off endlessly with his furry palms as he furiously types with his sticky fingers. It seems we all have at least one troll in common. I haven’t posted here in weeks, yet I seem to be posting everyday. That’s just fucking odd. The troll has be advised to stop being a bitch, but it usually just responds with how gay I am, or how many monkeys I ass rape. Too much time indeed. To think, this all started when Ass Ferret Jones had the pleasure of getting schooled by me repeatedly… hmmmmm… is there a connection there? It’s been on hyperdrive ever since.

  25. DrPhowstus

    Is #25 is a troll as well? This is fucking confusing.

    Jay Z does Tae Bo. Now’s THAT’S gangsta (please forgive the probable improper usage danielle, you people speak in code).

  26. lambman

    WHEN WAS HE RETIRED? He’s done multiple track’s on Beyonce’s albums, and been guesting on other people’s stuff too. How is that retirement?

    Also, he kinda sucks I think. He like to think of himself like a Notorious BIG or 2 Pak or Snoop or Dre, but really he just made money.

    Jay Z business sense = great
    Jay Z rap = status quo for pop/rap

  27. llllllllll

    Do camels keep words?

  28. lickmybutt

    hahahahaha. that fool bought like a 10 inch plasma TV with his winnings. WOOO!

  29. Lecter, H., M.D.

    Now Richard, enough of your feigned displeasure. We both know your troll provides a gluttonous feast for your boundless narcissism. Look at how he enticed you to scamper out today, elbowing aside our poor Mr. p0nk – a zero, indeed – to take your rightful place at center stage. Bravo!

  30. jrzmommy

    did DanYELL take over the content managment of this site? Jay-Z and Queen Latifa…in one day? Next thing you know there’ll be a section called Axt da Superfish.

  31. DrPhowstus

    @31 — Doncha me “ax da soopafish”? We knows she spells like I speak Ebonics, which is to say not well.

  32. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie

    #32 I’m still laughing over her using “conversating” awhile back.

  33. biatcho

    heh, “ax” reminds me of that Onion headline from a few years back: “Local African American neighborhood terrorized by Ask Murderer”.

  34. jrzmommy


  35. PrettyBaby

    I listened to Jay-Z’s music once while I was gangfucked by Stallion, Ponk, Ferret and Richport and it was -yawn- lame. I read the MN. Daily the whole time and then got up to churn the butter.

  36. LoneWolf

    Can you get a plasma for $1,000? I’ve got to get on over to Best Buy. Must have been a small screen though, no?

  37. Quit H8tin

    Seems to me that the Troll posting in 36 is jealous that he didn’t get a mercy fuck for his balless pink dick.

  38. Lowlands

    Somebody which’s named ‘Tannenbaum’ obviously doesn’t forget a moneybet in his favor…

  39. supafreak

    Fucking lame-o….I could pull a better story out of my ass.

  40. edamame

    It’s a damn good thing he has money.
    He’ll find his Katie Holmes one day, I’m sure.
    Beyonce doesn’t need his ass. Run, girl, run!
    Think about what your kids would look like.

  41. kamihi

    Oh this black “fingers” this is so lame and so pathetic on anyone but expecially middle aged music execs, unless hes saying “get me two more Big Macs” its just stupid, almost as stupid as that pig Randy Jackson doing it.

  42. woodhorse

    he never made any money off me.

  43. k naz

    oh shut the fuck up he’s lyrically awesome (if you even LIKE hip-hop you can agree) and he is an inspiration to many artists who are making millions today. AND he does good things with his money. i saw a special on the water crisis in africa where he traveled there to actually experience it, and if you watched it you’d see he is a down to earth man. ANNND he bought a water system so the poor kids didnt have to travel a million miles to get it. and if you listen to him speak he is actually a cool mothafuckaaa and ya wish you were sucking his BBC. HAHAA

  44. crazyotto

    This jiggah has made it rich on all you stupid white kids who want to be black….we are all doomed!!!

  45. greeneyed_girl

    #36 Sounds sooo hot! If I were I would have churned that butter up and down nice and slow for those boys up… and down.. then maybe a little harder…try to keep it nice and smooth- do it to the beat of “Get That Dirt of your Shoulder”

  46. Jay-Z came out of retirement…but let’s be honest. That was not his best work.

  47. Niecy

    That editor is stupid. I would have bet a lot more than that. I knew from the day he announced it that Jay Z would not stay retired. Before his album came out, he was rapping on other people’s songs non-stop. Some retirement.

  48. Courtney

    If I was fucking Beyonce I’d be pretty generous, too.

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