Jay-Z doesn’t support racists

June 16th, 2006 // 232 Comments

jay-z-boycott-cristal.jpgJay-Z is boycotting Cristal champagne after viewing remarks by the company’s managing director as racist. When asked if he felt Cristal being a symbol of a flashy lifestyle was detrimental to the brand, the director of Cristal said: “That’s a good question, but what can we do? We can’t forbid people from buying it. I’m sure Dom Perignon or Krug would be delighted to have their business.”

Jay-Z took this to mean the guy hated black people and in a statement to the AP responded, “It has come to my attention that the managing director of Cristal, Frederic Rouzaud, views the ‘hip-hop’ culture as ‘unwelcome attention. “I view his comments as racist and will no longer support any of his products through any of my various brands including the 40/40 Club nor in my personal life.”

Jay-Z’s a little late to jump on the bandwagon here. I’ve been boycotting Cristal since the day I was born. Although that’s due less to the fact that the managing director is racist and more because I can barely afford 6 piece Chicken McNuggets on Tuesdays. If you’re going to charge over $200 for a bottle of your product, it’s a pretty save assumption I’m going to boycott you. Unless the bottle is filled with porn. In which case that’s just a wise investment.


  1. #197: In what language are you typing?

  2. YouBigDUmmies

    Some of these comments are just stupid. All the dumb bull$*it that you guys are talking about “rappers and thugs” doing was, and still is, being done by rockers and punks. Hell musicians have wild parties. I dont think the comment was overtly racist, but dude took offense to it. You idiotic flesh piles who tag all this ignorant behavior on rap music should comment suicide. Unless your favorite music is classical, opera, or bluegrass, chances are your favorite musician is into some wild $^%t.

  3. Iambananas

    196. On second thought, how ’bout I just go fuck my racist cocksucking self. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea …

  4. LickyLicky

    Diamond, thanks for the interesting read. I want to go back and read it again; I was pressed for time when I read it the first time, and I’m tired now. I do wish you had posted it when you made your original comment; perhaps it would have given more people more to think about. I did pick up on two points:

    1. Blacks and whites view racism differently. I think I understand where that comes from because I am from an area around the city that’s basically considered the asshole of the state. As soon as I tell someone where I’m from, they assume that I’m white, fat, and stupid. One out of three doesn’t cut it. Point is, I have to fight the prejudice of living where I do and being lumped in with the three-out-of-threes on a regular basis. The thing I have a problem with is the black reaction to the whole mess. Let me give you an example that I, personally, have experienced numerous times over the years. I look at cars (mostly) for insurance companies. White, black, asian, whatever, the owner doesn’t bother me. Insurance fraud crosses all the races equally. I’ve been given scenarios that Johnny Cochran couldn’t have defended in court from all across the race lines. White people, primarily, when realizing they have been caught in a lie, will either back down or threaten me with their attorney. No problem; I can defend myself, and have numerous times, against an attorney. My photos don’t lie, my parts lists don’t lie, I don’t lie. Black people, primarily, when realizing they have been caught in a lie, will either change their story or threaten my family and me PERSONALLY. That, I can’t defend myself against. I had to get a POBox and change the heading on all of my appraisals, taking off my convenient physical address, because I had a man named Charles call me 22 times in 20 minutes, threaten my husband, my family, my business, my life, because he wasn’t getting a new transmission out of a rear-end bump. Another one, Ms. Alfreta, got in my face and screamed at me while lying about her damage, telling me everything she was willing to do to me. Those are two examples, the two I recall best. If you don’t want me to treat you like a piece of shit, then don’t revert to acting like a piece of shit. I never had anything like those two happen with white people, and they tell the best lies! It’s not okay for a black person to automatically assume that I will automatically assume they are a nigger. I don’t. I assume that every black person is an equal member of society, right there with me, until they prove otherwise. Same thing with white people being white trash (I wish there were a better word than white trash). You assuming what I am going to assume and then treating me a certain way based on that assumption is no better than me assuming anything about you in the first place, is it?

    2. White people all made a mass exodus to the suburbs to get away from blacks? That, to me, is absurd. I don’t care how great a writer that dude is, that is just stupid. The simple fact is that there is only so much room in the city, so people spread out. Outlying areas are going to be less populated because, there are fewer people in a larger area. Just like a bullseye’s rings get larger as they move outward, hence the scoring on those areas being lower because they are easier to hit, so is the area around any city. An exception would be an island, like Japan, with only limited room anyway. I can’t believe that someone would actually believe that highways are actually a big plot by the government to get whites the hell outta black Dodge! Maybe there’s more to that particular idea. Admittedly, I read it quickly and need to read it again when I have time to really put it all in context and maybe link a few other sites and articles.

    krwling, I agree that all he did was solidify the idea that the high-profile lifestyle of which Cristal spoke of is one associated with thugs, hip-hop, whatever. As to your dissenter, well, just because the idea and opinion is there doesn’t mean he has to prove it. I’d rather keep my mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it an have it proven. Once again, he solidified that idea; he gave them what they wanted. The man even said that maybe DP or Krug would want their business.

  5. ApacheRose

    Undoubtedly some of these comments are stupid, but you calling people “idiotic flesh piles” that should “comment” suicide pretty well tags you as a fucking idiot, too.

    If you’re going to try to come off as superior, learn some vocabulary.

    Also, in case you don’t know, everyone is entitled to an opinion and viewpoint. FACTS can be right or wrong, OPINIONS cannot. I learned that in about second or third grade. Where were you?

  6. Danklin

    Jay-z is yet another enormous douchebag. That guys comments weren’t racist. The guy was talking about people that have a flasy lifestyle. Nowhere did he say black keep buying our products and its hurting us. More people can afford piss in a bottle besides African-american rappers( I didnt dare sound racist there) *Wonders if Bill Gates drinks Cristal.

  7. shankyouverymuch

    You are so completely right, that you could not be more right… Without European WHITEY the people on this planet would still be living in huts in the dark at night, and throwing rocks and spears at each other and at rabbits in the day… Sorry #190-BarbadoSlim, but that is an undisputable fact of history and life…

  8. SoupaSarah

    Jay Z is one fucking hypocrite. So he can blast gays and women in his records but he goes mental if someone (apparently) makes some comment on hip hop culture. What a total pair of bollocks. I hate Jay Z, he needs to get his head out of his arse and get rid of that huge chip on his shoulder!


  9. SoupaSarah

    Oh and why is everything racist these days? Over here in England we have been banned from flying our own St Georges Flag because it offends some ethnic minorities… That shit would NEVER happen in America. If someone said to you guys to take down your stars and stripes you’d tell them to fuck off! But everyones so scared of offending someone else, even if it means banning your own countrys flag. 8-) Fuck political correctness!

  10. RichPort

    For all of you still absurdly and cowardly holding onto the ideas of Euro\ American supremacy and the roots and definition of racism, please take the 7 minutes to listen to “Nature of the Threat” by Ras Kass. It may be a bit overbearing for some staunch anti-everyone-but-European decendents, but it does point out some very important historical data i.e., all of the institutions you credit with civilizing tree climbers and hut dwellers originated from Roman\ Greek civilization, which of course has its roots in Black Egypt, Ethiopia, and Somolia. A critical reading of Greek history in particular will expose this quite plainly. We all know the reason for the hateful ire is similar to that of Huck’s father in Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn: a need to feel superior to ANYTHING when the chips are down.

    All that said, TCLTC.

  11. pf

    one thing that i don’t understand is how, white people can say that they dont understand why the race card was played?! Most, not all, but most, white people think that we are on a level playing field! that isn’t true and we should all know that! regardless is the guy was French or not, it was a racist remark because it came from the company.

    simply put……tell me what Cristal is in the business of? Champagne! What does champagne make? money! The more money that Cristal makes the better off they are! Now to me that is the bottom line! For them to come out and say that the “hip-hop community brings them unwanted attention” is so crazy i don’t understand it!

    A Lot of you wrote about how hip hop glorifies violence and sex and all else wrong with society today right? Well tell me something…….that show sex in the city…..what was it about? Sex!!!!! All these tv shows on the air now…..Prison Break, 24, etc….what do they all glorify to a certain extint? Violence!!! What was the main attraction in Mission Impossible 1, 2, and 3? Special effects glorifying violence!!! why is ok for all of these types of messages to be mainstream but rap is wrong, rap degrates this and that! its all over if you going to place blame, then place it all over not just at one genre!

    That said, Cristal, is stupid moreso than racist, but racist nonetheless! The only reason that i can see them noit wanting hip hop to promote their brand, either intentionally or unintentionally is because they felt they wouldn’t be able to get the elder rich white people to buy it anymore! right or wrong? why else would you not want to make money? I mean c’mon, Cristal does not taste all that good to begin with, it was all about the prestige of having it! why else would you spend ungodly amounts of money on something that tastes bad! However, if Jay Z is promoting it, damn near anybody who can afford the shit, including drug dealers, con men, lawyers, doctors whoever that follows Jigga would want to buy it! That is just crazy to me, to single out a genre that is making you bundles and bundles of money! I don’t blame Jay for not wanting to buy the nasty shit! And those of you who said Cristal would still make money is right……but not nearly as much as they would have! Jay Z represents power in the hip hop community and for him to denounce the brand, many are likely to follow!

  12. gossipmonger

    27 posts by LAMEbananas on this story alone…
    And it actually has the balls to accuse others of “spending all day on here” HA! Lame, go away…

  13. pf

    Hey shankyouverymuch you are a fuckin idiot! a racist, rebel, klan following, stupid, ignorant asshole! Without European Whitey we would havce still been throwing spears and such at each other???!!!!!

    Truth be told, white people are the most dishonest, cruel-hearted, mean race on the face of the earth! I guess you think that Christopher Columbus discovered america too right? You fuckin idiot! Native Americans were already here! The did nothing but destroy tribes and kill people for their own personal and political gain! You damn idiot! How can you discover what was already here! The white man is what breeds all of the evil on our earth! at least in America anyway! You fuckin twit! Who wanted to keep men (regardless of creed or color) for slaves and trade them as if they were meat or sugar! I’ll tell you who, the white man! Who went to war so that slavery would not be abolished?! i’ll tell you who, the white man! Who had the audacity to tell Ray Charles that he couldn’t perform in his home state unless blacks had equal seating and rights to the show as whites…….take a guess? the white man!!! and ray charles even made the song Georgia and he couldn’t perform it in Georgia because of…..the white man! Shankyouverymuch, quit trying to get a damn laugh out of the ppl on the board and take a fuckin history lesson! an unbiased history lesson! We may have been so much better off had the white man not come! Fuckin racist piece of shit! stupid ass probably got a skinhead and swastika tatts all over!

  14. jFp

    wha chu talken bout pf……..?

  15. billabong021

    *boo*hoo*hoo* all these big posts *sob* hurt my head :(

  16. billabong021

    p.s. TCLTC

  17. jane's eyre

    …blah blah blah, boo-friggity-ho. Beginning and end.

  18. jane's eyre

    Oh yeah, and HOORAY FOR MEXICANS!

    We invented refried beans and gardening!


  19. LickyLicky

    Isn’t it true that most slaves were sold to the white man by black tribe leaders? Whether they were captives from warring tribes, or just sold off for money or to preserve the food to person ratio, the fact remains that blacks sold their own people.

    Even Chris Rock stated, in one of his routines, that even though America will send a whole battalion of fighter jets to save one hostage, the ‘homeland’ of Africa couldn’t send one fucking canoe.

    Also, I said once before, and no one disputed it with fact so I still say it’s true, that 35% of slaves were owned by blacks. If this is not true, please give me some undisputable proof; not something off of an extremist black website, the sole purpose of which is to make blacks hate whites. I want something unbiased.

    My family wasn’t even here for slavery, but being white, I still get lumped in with the slaveowner crew.

  20. pf

    hmm……..licky licky i had agreed with a post you made earlier. i so i thought! you believe that 35% of blacks owned blacks right! They must have brainwashed you to believe anything they wanted you to! I guess harriet tubman and her crew made up the whole underground railroad to right? that is the dumbest fuckin thing i have ever heard! you are asking for undisputable proof, but you are telling where we cannot show you this info from! why don’t you show some undisputable proof that 35% of black slaves were owned by other Blacks!!!! that doesn’t even sound right you goddamn dummy!

    and to answer your first stupid ass question, hell no MOST of the blacks were not sold to whites by black tribe leaders! what the hell were you reading in history class……Ku Klux Klan for Dummies?!!!!!

  21. jFp

    100% of black slaves were captured and sold to slavery by blacks.

    Some 30% of slave traders in New Orleans alone were black or part black.

    A large number of historical books exist everywhere that prove this….look it up yourself.

  22. LickyLicky




    You are an asshole if you decide that you don’t agree with one post because of what I said in another when the content and context of the first post remained the same.
    Those three links were one of the first three to come up when I typed in ‘black slave owners’ in my browser. I’m sure if I elaborated, I’d find even more, but I think my point is made. I never said Harriet Tubman made up the underground railroad. Two different issues, my friend. Just like the Jews didn’t make up the Holocaust, either.

    What I meant when I said which websites I did not want proof from was to say that I didn’t want information from ‘www.killwhitey.com’ or ‘www.whitemanslies.com’ or something like that. I can believe a legitimate source, something unbiased and not hateful. In other words, a site dedicated to providing information, not changing viewpoints.

    Although in your case, I think a change of viewpoint might do you some good. I think you already hate me because I’m white. Good luck to you, man.

  23. LickyLicky

    Oh, and I didn’t say that 35% of blacks owned blacks, I said that 35% of slaves were owned by blacks. Big difference. One is a percentage of a people as a whole, while the other is a percentage of a portion of the whole. I also never said that any of it was right, I was just stating what I’d always heard in Civics class.

    But yeah, I think I proved my point.

  24. henrysgirl

    Omigod! Is this debate still going on? Where’s Chuck D when you need him? Or Flavor Flav for that matter.

  25. billabong021

    *kof*asians rule*kof*

  26. Zarton

    I’m not exactly sure what the logic is in saying that blacks owned slaves too and that Africans enslaved and handed over their own people to white slavetraders. Except perhaps to try and absolve Anglos of responsibility for their massive role in the largest slave trade in the history of humanity.

    It’s been estimated that during the Atlantic slave trade some 12 million Africans were kidnapped/taken and sent to the western hemisphere by Western Nations. So to think that because some blacks were involved in the slave trade it in any way excuses the overwhelming number of Caucasian slave traders who were involved in it is completely absurd.

    On the issue of Jay-Z saying the Cristal company was racist. He’s probably right given that most whites think of hip-hop as a black music phenomenon not something that all races share in equally. So for the managing director to say that he would prefer to not have that group of people buying his product it is quite obvious he was stating he didn’t like blacks buying it.

    If he wanted to say rap specifically was a problem, then he could have said he didn’t like rap musicians using his product, but that other black musicians who didn’t have such violent and misogynistic lyrics were fine to support his product. He did not because he knew exactly what he was saying, he knew that most whites view that music as black and could read between the lines and understand that Cristal didn’t like being associated with blacks without explicitly saying it.

  27. maddawg_pimp

    It’s just not fair!!! Bouncy …er… I mean Beyonce’ married a NIT-WIT like him, instead of a stud like me!!!

  28. nash

    Jay-Z is ridiculous!
    Roederer is fed up to see its Cristal drunk directly from the bottle or with a straw! Fed up to see bottles ending half full! It is a real work to produce this cuv

  29. danielle


  30. From day one, this debate has been a non-event. Cristal’s owner was asked in a business magazine if an association between Cristal and the *bling* lifestyle could actually hurt the brand. He replied:

  31. Melissa

    I agree generally with the first half the these comments. JAY-Z is reading something that isn’t there. All the managing director said was that he didn’t like “flashy” people buying Cristal. There is a variety of “flashy” people who (aren’t) black (i.e. The Hogans, Elton John, Cher, Madonna, The Stones, Pink, Christina Aguilera etcetera.) I doubt he’d be anymore relieved if those people promoted it either. I’d also like to point out that there’s plenty of black people (in my opinion) who (are not) “flashy” (i.e. Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Oprah, Sidney Poitier, Johnny Cochran, Condoleezza Rice etcetera.) I doubt this last list of people would be considered “too flashy” by Cristal’s standards. In fact, more than likely these are the people Cristal would want as it’s buyers. Let’s be real – Sidney Poitier would add class and JAY-Z would add laughs and an eye roll to this product. It’s not because JAY-Z is black, it’s because he’s not taken seriously. Cristal doesn’t want a “jester” promoting their product. Colin Powell would be more their taste.

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