Jay-Z doesn’t support racists

June 16th, 2006 // 232 Comments

jay-z-boycott-cristal.jpgJay-Z is boycotting Cristal champagne after viewing remarks by the company’s managing director as racist. When asked if he felt Cristal being a symbol of a flashy lifestyle was detrimental to the brand, the director of Cristal said: “That’s a good question, but what can we do? We can’t forbid people from buying it. I’m sure Dom Perignon or Krug would be delighted to have their business.”

Jay-Z took this to mean the guy hated black people and in a statement to the AP responded, “It has come to my attention that the managing director of Cristal, Frederic Rouzaud, views the ‘hip-hop’ culture as ‘unwelcome attention. “I view his comments as racist and will no longer support any of his products through any of my various brands including the 40/40 Club nor in my personal life.”

Jay-Z’s a little late to jump on the bandwagon here. I’ve been boycotting Cristal since the day I was born. Although that’s due less to the fact that the managing director is racist and more because I can barely afford 6 piece Chicken McNuggets on Tuesdays. If you’re going to charge over $200 for a bottle of your product, it’s a pretty save assumption I’m going to boycott you. Unless the bottle is filled with porn. In which case that’s just a wise investment.


  1. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Don’t talk to me you ignorant nose-monster. People that vehemently hate rap music are either A) boring B) very old or C) skinheads. It’s a fact.
    I’m guessing you’re A.

  2. artmonkey3000

    Disliking talentless douchebags that promote an idiotic thug culture doesn’t make you a racist. That just means you still have a soul and some sense of human decency.

    In fact, hating someone because theyre black isn’t racist, it’s technically just being a bigot. Being racist means you do something outward to a member(s) of another race; job discrimination, kick in the balls, etc.

    Now selling $200 bottles of swill to morons with too much money to burn is either morally repugnant or amazingly brilliant. I can’t decide which. Depends on if they’re just doing it “ironically” or not.

    In summation, the world would be better off if both these spoiled fucks were to get sucked into time/space vortexes and be erased from history.

    Or at least eaten alive by wombats or something.

  3. jane's eyre


    I have no idea why you suddenly hate me so much, so sorry for complimenting your post. I’ll make a note to not do it again.

  4. dr. kenneth noisewater

    When the hip hop culture embraces my Pabst Blue Ribbon I’m totally boycotting it and switching to Schlitz…because I don’t want to be associated with those people. And when I say “those people” I mean coloreds.

  5. RichPort

    Of course if Hip Hop were to go away, what would you all be listening to at the club? Cher? MADONNA???? Or worse… POROUS HILTON??? Jay Z also promoted Heineken, but we all know those Dutch fucks are brainless green-obsessed Eurotrash. And most of us drink Heineken, unless of course you’re from the south, then it’s probably a nice cold Bud Light.
    All music people of every genre, those regarded as ‘real’ musicians because they can play or sing and those who only rhyme, have been destructive and weird. Why single out rappers? Yea, most of the music is nonsensical, but name one genre that’s solid straight through?

  6. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    White people smell like wet dog and black people eat watermelons all day.


  7. Dr.Rokter

    #52 “In fact, hating someone because theyre black isn’t racist, it’s technically just being a bigot.”

    Ummm. I’m fairly certain hating people because of their race does, in fact, qualify as racism. Unless you’re in Alabama. Then it’s called Christian values.

  8. Jeremy1Esq

    Jay Z is a joke. He thinks he is some mogul because he rapped himself into a fortune. Now he walks around like J. Paul Ghetto and uses whatever opportunity he can to make it seem like he is still down with his street thug homies. My guess is the Cristal will be flowing at his next party without a second thought.

  9. chuutriit

    I am boycotting FUBU. And those things that make cars bounce up and down.

  10. sparkle587

    ok . . . first, “oshkosh” is just plain old weird.

    second, #42, otherwise known as HollyJ — I think you probably meant “melanin”, not “melatonin”. One makes him black, the other puts him to sleep, probably after boinking his beautiful “bee” for like, 5 hours . . . cause he likes “girls girls girls” . . . whatever, I digress. Point is, they ain’t the same thing. Course, if he were a reptile, melatonin WOULD make him darker, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say he’s not.

  11. Osh – In brief defense of myself, I am not old or crotchety. I just have taste. I am also a guitarist/bass player who has some sense of music other than downloading. If you think P-Diddy apeing Led Zep or Sting is legitimate music, more power to you. If you like listening to lyrics that are barely decipherable, good for you. I guess I just demand more for my entertainment, but to each his own. Quoth Lil’ Jon, “What??? Heyyyyyyyyyy!”

  12. DonLes91

    I <3 Osh.

    I could care less about a boycott. Cristal? I can get a buzz off one bottle of Miller Lite.

  13. Benny

    I liked rap much better when they were drinking 40oz’s of Colt 45. These rapper now days are a bunch of fucking pussies!

  14. RichPort

    I have to agree. I always felt especially classy after my 3rd 40oz of Private Stock. Of course it was always a zig-zagged struggle walking from point A to point B. And malt liquor muscles are a lot stronger than beer muscles…

  15. Land-Man

    #59: Those “things” would be my Land-balls.

  16. fruit-salad-head

    i had the same “rap is crap” stupid ignorant mentality when i was a14 year old poseur. whoever says rap is shit has never heard anything by the beastie boys, run dmc, krs one, etc etc.

    you lumping all rap and hip hop together is like me lumping led zepplin together with fall out boy or sum 41.


  17. chuutriit

    #65 OK, FUBU, Landballs, and subwoofers. I’m boycotting all of them. And whatever line of clothing that Poop Doody is selling now. They’ll never get another red cent out of this white boy!

  18. Getitstraight

    Wonder what Beyonce thought when she went down to the wine cellar and her beloved Cristal was trashed.

  19. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    UNWASHEDMASSES, I have had this debate with many an old, crotchety guitarist/bass player such as yourself in my day. I know you hate all that crazy noise they play on the radio nowadays, but have you considered that what you hear on the radio as you’re passing by whatever top 40 station on your way to Big Dawg 105.2 to hear the same Stones or Warrant song over and over and over again, that maybe that doesn’t represent the entire genre of rap/ hip hop? Maybe there’s some that you haven’t heard that might actually be enjoyable to you. Since you have some sense of music you are probably aware that the rock/ blues you most likely are into stems from black blues and soul which originated from the poor, black musicians who used minimalist instruments, even as sparse as a string nailed to a wall or a pair of spoons – which generated the blues that insired Led Zepplin – just like rap musicians use minimalist beats from computers/ turntables. It’s the same principle. Just because you don’t like some of the apples you tried doesn’t mean they’re all rotten, and you don’t have to go around shoving your oranges in peoples’ mouths.

  20. fruit-salad-head

    yeah and fuck the stones. they stole their most popular hit from Otis Redding. do your homework.

  21. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    PS *inspired

  22. Iambananas

    An Escalade, bling bling on ebay, a bottle of Cristal, a moto, a couple of bee-yatches… why not?

  23. Iambananas

    Someone is a little too sensitive. We must remember that racism is disliking someone because of the color of their skin. The guy didn’t say anything like that.

    He really must no know what African American people have suffered to think that was raciest. Tell this to Martin Luther King, and the major sacrifice he gave, tell it to Rosa Parks, who they wouldn’t let sit on a bus and countless others who couldn’t drink, eat, or shop in the same places as other people.

    This was not raciest, I’m boycotting Jay-z.

  24. fruit-salad-head

    raciest. you stooopid. lol

  25. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Somebody give #73 some crayons and a circle of paper so we can have grown-up time.

  26. Spacedog

    Jay-Z is gonna have to find a new beverage to pour all over the hos. Damn shame, kid.

  27. booface

    UNWASHED, You’ve had some really entertaining things to say, but I have to disagree with you on this one. Just because Diddy stole a Police song doesn’t mean that all of hip-hop sucks. What about Outkast, Tribe Called Quest, the Roots? Not to mention that even Jay-Z, Biggie, Snoop & Ice Cube have had some truly good songs out there. I’m a music snob too, but I don’t write off entire genres just because of a few bad songs. Except for country. I hate that shit.

  28. chuutriit

    #73 You should join my boycott against FUBU, Landballs, subwoofers, and those shiny chrome wheels that keep spinning when the bouncing car stops. I’m NEVER buying those again.

  29. Libraesque

    y’all are trippin. Practically every rapper out there either mentions Cristal in their music, and they all drink that shit at their events. Believe me, that guys gonna be wishing he didn’t say that if all them rappers boycott

  30. booface

    Er, I meant to say what 69 wrote. Yeah!

  31. To_Bill_Braskey!

    Libraesque on June 16, 2006 04:53 PM

    y’all are trippin. Practically every rapper out there either mentions Cristal in their music, and they all drink that shit at their events. Believe me, that guys gonna be wishing he didn’t say that if all them rappers boycott

    yeah, i agree, Libraesque. its the SAME thing with louis viutton, and lil kim cant pronounce Lacroix…..UM, LaKuah! not La croy!!!!!!!!! i cant WAIT to see them boycott those!!!!!

  32. booface

    My dad, who is a 61 year-old white dork, has a FUBU hat that he’s had for years. He wears it every winter. White people are cool.

  33. Iambananas

    I’m not racist… I would have marched on Selma if it was in Malibu.

  34. I can tell there is nothing but a bunch of white idiotic assholes on here right now,yall bitches don’t know nothing about rap nowadays,talk what you know,not what you think about blacks,and they say racism is dead…….CRACKERS

  35. andrewthezeppo

    yeah, the majority of hip-hop artists are black, but I think the Cristal managment would also frown on an association with Eminem or Vanilla Ice…

  36. chuutriit

    #81 You should get your dad to join our boycott! Remember, it’s FUBU, Landballs (they make cars bounce), subwoofers, those shiny chrome wheels that keep spinning when the bouncing car stops, and CZ earrings of at least 1.5 carats. Together we can bring about nonviolent social change!!!!

  37. Iambananas


    You complain of racism, but you call people crackers?

    It seams to me you are the racist.

  38. booface

    I had never even heard of Cristal until rappers made it popular. I hope they lose a ton of money–since when does a CEO care who’s paying the bills? Snotty bastard.

  39. Iambananas

    I can’t believe you people this this is racist…

    You need to read a history book.

  40. That is the thing that is so ridiculous about all this. People are using the word “Racist” in ways which are totally incorrect. The head of Crystal apparently doesn’t like the fact that people are ordering it in restaurants with no glasses and drinking it straight from the bottle or using a straw. “Think I’m kidding? Go out to any high end club in NYC and you’ll see it” it isn’t racist for him to say something like he isn’t happy with his Champagne’s association with rappers who sing about bitches, Ho’s, theft, rape etc… It would be racist if he said “I don’t want black people drinking our product”

    Jay Z needs to stop being so f-ing ignorant.

  41. Iambananas

    I’ll still drink it, no boycott here… not over some over-sensitive ninny.

  42. Iambananas

    THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90! THANK YOU Spindoc #90!

  43. #84, goldie-lockz…We don’t dislike you becuase of your race….It’s because you are stupid…oh and one more thing. Try to be a little less obvious that you are white, it would make your comment way more effective.

    But don’t worry, I hear Tom Cruise likes Wigger Cock too.

  44. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Sooooo, anyways….

    White people don’t use washcloths and black people eat babies.


  45. chuutriit

    I’m boycotting babies!!!

  46. booface

    BananaNutJob, You’re not old enough to drink. Which is strange, because you come across as being hammered all the time.

  47. Jay-Z is a moron who lucked out and made a fortune on braindead rhymes about material objects. He’s lucky he can afford Cristal when you think about how much talent it takes to produce a rap record.

    As far as Cristal, I see homeless vagrants, black and white, drinking the stuff like water every day on the streets of the great queer city of San Francisco. You can see it well documented on tenderloin.net

  48. Osh – I love how you insinuate my distaste for hip hop has something to do with racism. I know all about the blues, and the enormous contribution African-Americans have made to rock and roll. Would you call me racist if I prefer vanilla to chocolate? I don’t care for hip hop. It has nothing to do with my age, my race, or my exposure to differing music styles. Do some research. The reason why hip hop is jammed down our throats is because the artists are easily controlled by the record labels (much like the Do-Wop groups of the 50′s). An actual artist, one who writes and produces their own music, is less likely to be led. Spin magazine had an article wherein Alternative/Rock sales were up 68% and Rap/Hip Hop down 36%, but do you see that reflected on the radio or MTV? I don’t doubt there are legitimate, talented individuals working in rap/hip hop today. And I don’t begrudge someone who enjoys their work. And considering your posts I be careful advising people not to shove oranges in other’s mouths. You incorrectly infer I like Warrant (thanks). Would I be wrong to label you a wigger?

  49. Iambananas


    You don’t know ONE THING about me so shut up. That’s right SHUT UP.

  50. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Black people are running the underground laundry mafia while eating fried chicken and white people worship satan through the visage of Barry Manilow.


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