Jayde Nicole/Joe Francis video doesn’t look good for Francis

October 8th, 2009 // 182 Comments

RadarOnline has obtained a copy of the surveillance footage from the night Joe Francis allegedly attacked Jayde Nicole, and it looks way worse than he tried to play it off.

If you watch the video, Jayde pours a shot on Joe’s shoulder from behind and walks away. She even has time to sit down at the bar before he decides to lunge at her, so it wasn’t like she was flipping out on him and he needed to defend himself. Of course, Joe admitted to pulling Jayde’s hair, but he neglected the tiny detail where he also dragged her by said hair five feet into the crowd then threw her to the ground to get trampled. But then again, I’m sure he believes he was well within his rights according to the Small Cock article of the Tough Guy code.

NOTE: Included a YouTube clip after the jump for a quick reference, but definitely scope out the full Radar version which gives a wider shot of the fracas.

EDIT: YouTube video is down.

Jayde Nicole in a Bikini

Photos: Splash News

  1. Darth

    I would have expected him to make a deep bow and then throw a silk glove to her head asking milady for a sword duel.I’m deeply disappointed in Joe Francis.

  2. Nero

    If she didn’t pour that drink on him then this wouldn’t have happened.She clearly doesn’t know how far to go.

  3. Gando

    This is the law of action and reaction.Don’t start if it’s most likely you don’t like the reaction.

  4. Nero

    I know guys who will blow your head off for this. . . After that they’ll cut you up in pieces and hang your remains in front of your parents’ house.Just to punish them for the poor bringing up.Be glad you’re still alive. . .

  5. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Did someone call me!?

  6. Like flies to ...

    The loser dudes (trolls?) who support this Francis tool hate women because the closest any of them can get to one is jacking off to a lame dvd.

    Apparently it was Francis who started it and the guy is so insecure he has no sense of proportionate response.

  7. awc

    she shoved his head then poured a shot on him. shoving his head takes it to a different level

  8. Pete O'file

    Action=Reaction. Case closed. For all he knew, he was reaching for a dude with long hair. You want equal rights? Best show equal respect then. I’m so tired of this she was a woman..he was a gay…he was not white….whatever. Dont step where you can’t handle your footing. These are tough times. Most folks are so tense about things in general, an action like this, will most certainly end in a response like his. Douche or not, she should know better.


    WOW! There really is a whole bunch of hate on this site! Something everyone should remember is the hatred that you spew defines YOURSLEF only! Jayde Nicole was defending another one of Joe’s victims. He had been harassing Abby all day, and just prior to the ‘oh so painfull, humiliating, equality-seeking, publicity-seeking, bitchy’ liquid was poured on his back, Joe had grabbed Abby and forced a kiss on her face and then threw her back from him. She was terrified and went to Jayde for comfort. AND JAYDE DID WHAT HOPEFULLY WE WOULD ALL DO – SHE DEFENDED A FRIGHTENED FRIEND! This is NOT the first time Joe has assaulted Jayde Nicole. This is not the first time Joe has intimidated a woman! This is not the first time Joe has assaulted a woman! Joe makes a huge living by getting women drunk and then humiliating them! He has raped, he has assaulted, he has exploited, he has intimidated, he doesn’t pay his bills nor his taxes! He has plead guilty to prostitution and sexual exploitation and fraud. AND YET THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ALLOW HIM TO WALK FREELY. I think Jayde Nicole deserves a medal for standing up to the disgusting piece of trash. AND TO EVERY ONE OF HIS DEFENDERS: PLEASE SET UP SOME ALONE TIME WITH JOE FRANCIS AND YOUR SISTERS, DAUGHTERS, AUNTS, MOTHERS AND EVEN YOUR GRANDMOTHERS (he’s not picky). This is not about equal rites, club etiquette, douchebags nor is about a woman’s tattoo or the shape of her face. It is about allowing a monster to constantly abuse women and its about a sad ,sad society that cheers him on.

    • Loki

      o please…..who cares what happened earlier in the day …..point is ..if you dont want drama…dont start drama….it wasnt none of Jades business. You women want it both ways all the time….if you want to be treated like men…well…here is your chance…learn to fight

  10. ok so basically

    A woman is just a vagina on a life support system.what joe did was right.all woman deserve what they get

  11. Turd the third

    I would like to change her twat tattoo from Respect to CUNT….. nuff said

  12. Kiki

    @ 134. misandrist, or lesbian.

  13. Jess

    At first I was a bit shocked to read all these ‘she deserved it’ type comments – but then I remembered what nation most of these commenters are from.

    Maybe pouring an ounce of liquor on someone’s shoulder warrants physical asault in whatever degenerate/uncivillised city /town you live in but the rest of the world thinks otherwise.

  14. WOW she is so sexy and hot.The personality is good.
    Awesome style…..

  15. @159

    An action does not usually result is a reaction 10 times it’s size. What exactly do you mean about equal respect. Do you think Jayde would have been any less inclined to throw a drink on a girl who was mistreating her friend? I don’t think so. I also don’t think people would be any less horrified if it was a girl who got up and assaulted Jayde.

    This has nothing to do with gender or rights. If someone attacks/beats someone who has their back turned, is much weaker or who refuses to fight back then it is an assault/digusting act of violence no matter what gender that person is. It is a different scenario when someone challenges someone to a fight, and that fight it taken up (it’s not a good scenario, but at least both people made the decision to take part) – this is not the case here. Jayde was expressing her anger for the mistreatment of a friend in a way that wouldn’t harm Joe at all (apart from slightly bruising that massive ego of his).

  16. world’s dumbest billionaire

  17. amanda-la

    So does that mean that since I called that douchebag a fuckwad that IM actually a fuckwad also? And since I called the fuckwad a douchebag does that automatically mean I am a douchebag also? I just want to be clear here.

    and #161 you’re a cocksucker…..oops add that one on too.

  18. auzzie

    she’s a spoiled rotten cunt.

  19. echleiws

    Personally, I don’t like either of them; they’re a waste of space. BUT, that dumb bitch provoked him. You can clearly see in the video that she targets him, shoves him in the back of the head before throwing a drink on him. He grabbed her by the hair and drug her a few feet; she fucking asked for it. At least he didn’t punch her in the face. He simply knocked her off her fucking high horse and embarrassed her just as she did him.

  20. Niqua

    I am amazed at all the fucking idiots on this site!

    Seriously I hate this bitch ,but I would never wish for another woman to be dragged by her hair and attacked by a man!

    Are we stuck in the stone age?!?

    When is OK to do that? NEVER!

    The people saying Jayde and Rihanna deserved this type of treatment are fucking ridiculous !

    And the stupid chicks who are agreeing with the guys on this are the same weak bitches that will claim that “they deserved what they got” and “he loves me he won’t do it again”! These chicks are what Lifetime movies are made of! You bitches need to grow a pair and stand up for what is right!

    Imagine a world where this shit was allowed and happened on a daily basis!

    Women would be beaten for the most mundane things and you fuckers would allow it!

    I am so glad I got that off my chest!
    I usually just read comments but you guys got me riled up!

  21. molasar

    Wow, not too intelligent around here, in fact it’s kind of scary how many backwards fucking monkeys (that’s not racial, just anthropomorphic) have felt the need to “express” themselves here.

    This piece of shit clearly has a painful arse kicking coming in general principles, let alone a tiny drink poured on him and the lady is a fucking hero for delivering even this tiny amount of punishment to this lowlife. Still, it was stupid and shortsighted to not be ready for the inevitably dog-like reaction that was bound to follow and she should have been ready with brass knuckles to counter instead of turning her back.

    Obviously though, she knew who he was and can anyone really blame her for finding such a sleazy and exploitive piece of shit objectionable in the extreme. Legally he has no leg to stand on either because attacking someone with their back to you, regardless of gender is simply never self defence.

  22. choco

    Regardless of who these people are … good, bad, douchey, whatever …. she instigated it by slapping him upside the head for what appeared to be no reason …. and he then retaliated by grabbing her hair and pulling her to the ground. No one in this story is decent…. but this woman made her bed.

  23. Fucking Morons is a moron

    Who is this guy Fucking Moron’s? It’s pretty funny to read their posts. Writes some insanely repetitive and long posts to an internet blog and proclaims they’re smarter than everyone else because their argument is actually completely void. Without using any language that would indicate a person of above average intelligence, he/she insults people saying that they are “Retards”. Retards? People still use that word?

    So enough about that idiot. Joe Francis is a self-made millionaire who exploits women of all ages for a profit. He doesn’t kidnap these women, he tapes what they’re already doing. Darwinism people; we’re not talking about particularly intelligent women here, these are the idiots who will get taken advantage of day in and day out. So what that Joe Francis let’s them do it for his own profit?

    Jayde Nicole, what an arrogant woman. Bottom line is that you do not blatantly disrespect someone and not expect the possibility of an extreme retalliation. By the same arguments that have been used here, “two wrongs don’t make a right”, does one? And no they don’t infinitely go on escalating as has been suggested. It all happened in the heat of the moment and now it’s done, no one was seriously injured here.

    I’m also quite happy that Joe Francis did get off completely clean without too much trouble, despite the many fallicious legal comments here guaranteeing that he would go thrown in jail or punished in some exaggerated way.

    Lastly, I read a comment above from a father with daughters who stated that he would like to beat Joe Francis or something of that sort if he filmed one of his daughters and used them in his videos. To you I say this, if you’re daughter is a whore/slut then you should think less about what you’ll do in that case and more of how you can change your parenting to avoid your daughters self exploitations.

  24. Joe's Defense

    I told y’all bitches he’d get off. Now whose the “fucking moron”?

  25. Joe's Defense

    I told y’all bitches he’d get off. Now who’s the “fucking moron”?

  26. Candace

    I don’t care who the guy is.. Pour a drink on a guy in my town and be prepared to get thrown down bitch. The girl is a Dumb Bitch who thinks she’s hot. Brody needs to step up from the immature bitches and find a real Woman.. Spoiled Hollywood Bitches need to realize that this isn’t fantasy land and there are consequences.. I think she needs the definition of ”respect” tattooed on her forehead.

  27. :(

    Awww I was hoping he’d subpoena her plastic surgeon. and the wig store for receipts. I wanted him to pay for what he did. Just not a penny more than she’s worth. She’s only worth a few grand tops.

    BTW – Surely the club had security. Whatever her reasons were for pouring the drink on Joe, would it have really been so difficult to get security instead? Bouncers exist for a reason no?

  28. alpha

    jade is an embarrasment to canadians

  29. Loki

    If you fuck with people..be prepared to get pummeled. WOMEN please….do not start drama, get your faced kicked in..and then cry…”BUT IM A GIRL”. If someone doesn’t something to me i dont care who they are..they are gettin it back 10 fold….shock and awe

  30. AmyJo

    That bitch needs her ass beat daily…..Shes aF***ING CU*T and if you’re going to pour a drink on someone than you better be prepared to get some retaliation. Shes mean and nasty to everyone, she doesnt care if she is cruel to others so whyt should others c are about being cruel to her. Angel whooped her ass and from the way she acts, it wont be the last ass whooping that bitch gets. She needs to be deported back to Canada!!! I hate that Fu**n Bi**C!

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