Jayde Nicole/Joe Francis video doesn’t look good for Francis

October 8th, 2009 // 182 Comments

RadarOnline has obtained a copy of the surveillance footage from the night Joe Francis allegedly attacked Jayde Nicole, and it looks way worse than he tried to play it off.

If you watch the video, Jayde pours a shot on Joe’s shoulder from behind and walks away. She even has time to sit down at the bar before he decides to lunge at her, so it wasn’t like she was flipping out on him and he needed to defend himself. Of course, Joe admitted to pulling Jayde’s hair, but he neglected the tiny detail where he also dragged her by said hair five feet into the crowd then threw her to the ground to get trampled. But then again, I’m sure he believes he was well within his rights according to the Small Cock article of the Tough Guy code.

NOTE: Included a YouTube clip after the jump for a quick reference, but definitely scope out the full Radar version which gives a wider shot of the fracas.

EDIT: YouTube video is down.

Jayde Nicole in a Bikini

Photos: Splash News

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    Even if people write long posts here they aren’t being submitted anywhere close to article quality. It’s just rant.

  2. Time

    Remember when Joe Francis got anally raped by ex employee Darnell Riley?

    That video was all over the web for a day then disappeared.


  3. you guys are hilarious

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  4. barfighter

    I “accidently” throw drinks on people all the time so i know for a FACT that people will fight you when you toss a beer on them. I’ve also been training in martial arts for most of my life. This is one way i get my practice.

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  10. Now my head hurts

    Ohhh the humanity! A good bar brawl is a fun way to pass a boring Saturday night. Of course, your teeth may get knocked around but that is what dentists are for right?

  11. Julia

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  18. Joe Francis is a fucking cock.

    Only pussy men beat up on women. That was disgraceful, even for a low-life like him. Seriously, people, nobody give him another dime. If you need to see girl on girl porn, go to youporn or any other of the myriad of free porn sites on the internet and stop wasting your money making this piece of shit rich.

  19. Julia

    Not at all, if you read my first post, you’ll see.

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  24. Mal Gusto

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  26. TR

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  27. Dis Gus Ted

    Morons every point you make is correct and it’s nice to see enlightned thinking out there…that said, welcome to reality.

    Joe Francis is a total ass-clown and hittng a woman for any reason, particularly because she dumped a shooter of booze on you is so wrong it’s mind numbing. However as many of the posters have displayed, this is not a utopian society. Many people seem to think (and I’m assuming these posters are sober mind you) that this was just cause to pop a 100lb woman in the mouth.

    So I guess my point is this: the world would be so much better off if people thought and acted in manner that is respectful to each other but many don’t. So if you’re gonna poke the bear, rightly or wrongly, don’t be surprised when you get mauled. There are just too many stupid people that believe retribution outweighs common decency.

    In other words, if yer gonna pour booze on a misogynist, don’t turn your back on them or be surprised when the problem escalates. Better yet, verbalize your thoughts instead of provoking a response you don’t want.

    And to those of you that think Joe Douchebag was justified – please seek counselling.

  28. ok

    #124. Male and atheist. Reading comprehension much?

  29. Mel

    Thanks for the intelligent rebuttal. Oh, and my ass is like candy, thank you! :D

    As for the “pussification of America”, you’re right …I do have a pussy, BUT unfortunately I’m not from America. So, having cleared that misconception up why don’t you tell me again why not condoning violence makes me a twerp? Well, if that’s what makes me a twerp than I’m gonna twerp it up bb! MWAH!

    Hugs and kisses

    PS. Eat poo.

  30. Mal Gusto

    #128 trolled

  31. Do your moms know you look at this site?

    Wow, lots of 12-year-old boys on this site. Look, morons, this tape prove that Joe Francis is the biggest piece of shit pantywaste in recent memory. Dumbasses, she spilled alcohol on him in a bar. Not only will alcohol not do any damage to that Joe’s gaywad fuckface little shirt, but it’ll probably disinfect his shirt by cleansing it of all the gross bacteria and germs that are constantly oozing from Joe Francis’ skin. Secondly: hair-pulling is not okay in a fight, ever. Maybe it was the optimal thing for him to do, since Lord knows that anyone from Jayde to my pet turtle could beat the shit out of that guy, unless he pulls some dirty shit like hair pulling and attacking someone when their back is turned. Francis needs to get shanked from behind in prison and see how he likes it.

    God, there are a lot of stupid commenters here; sorry nobody will fuck you, misogynist assholes, but that’s your fault and nobody else’s.

  32. Julia

    Chill the fuck out!!! I’m at the office waiting for the trafice to pass….you really think I’d be arguing with a bunch of morons in my car?

    wow…you impress me!

  33. Julia's friend


    I happen to know Julia. She has a personal driver so your point is moot.

  34. Mal Gusto

    #131 and anyone else, Can you tell me the female equivalent word for misogynist? That is, the word that means “man-hater”? It is not misanthrope, which means a hatred of mankind. You may find that there is no equivalent. Why do you think that is?

  35. Julia

    Mel, why you say unfortunately???? Good for you is what I say!

  36. misanthrop

    Q: Why do men beat their girlfriends?

    A: Because they don’t fucking listen.

  37. Joe's defense team

    Anyone care to wager how many weeks it will take until all charges are dropped?

  38. 131

    Nah, men are generally okay, #134, but I take issue with pieces of shit who think it’s okay to attack women from behind and pull hair when someone spills alcohol on their shirt. There’s a distinction there, and I guess it’s hard to see for some people, eh? Only a giant fucking baby, not a man, would find this acceptable.

  39. coment approval?


  40. Julia

    Q: Why do girlfriends don’t listen to theyr men?

    A: Because they never make any fucking sens!

  41. misanthrop


    i think i love you now.

  42. Julia

    you think?

  43. Judy

    No fan of Joe’s here but this broad had no right to dump a drink on him or anyone else. The fact is they hate one another and she tried to start a big fight and she got her ratty hair pulled..good for Joe..I dont feel sorry for her at all. Joe will get the crap for this but I think the skank had it coming for starting trouble,

  44. Gossip Girl #1 fan

    Looks like poor Jayde bit more than she could chew. Wonder if Brody was too busy counting daddy’s medals to notice his vegan vagina tossed like a discus at the Special Olympics. Respect.

  45. Dis Gus Ted

    So Judy, when you go to work with a black eye, do you tell people:
    a) I ran into a door.
    b) I deserved it, I shoulda listened or
    c) He really is a great guy, we can work through this, he didn’t mean it.

    Again I’m not surprised by the result of her actions but there is no justification for it.

    As long as people willingly excuse violence against women it will continue and i hope someday people get the difference between understanding why something happened and excusing it.

  46. Mal Gusto

    Just watched the video through to the end. Dumb bitch is lucky he didn’t smash her face against the bar. Women believe they can behave any way they want without consequences. Charges will be dropped against Joe. In fact he should just confirm his douchetasticness and have her charged.

  47. Joe's defense team

    All this video proves is that Jayde needs to be charged with assault for striking Joe on the face and then throwing a drink at him. Joe had no choice but to subdue her (notice he never punches her) before she grabbed another drink off the bar.

  48. fucking morons

    I’m baaaaack.


  49. lana

    the trick got what she deserveddddddddddd dumb whore got served haha she should have mind her damn business and this wouldnt have happend the lame ass respect tattoo realyyyyy wow what a buttaface

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