Jayde Nicole/Joe Francis video doesn’t look good for Francis

October 8th, 2009 // 182 Comments

RadarOnline has obtained a copy of the surveillance footage from the night Joe Francis allegedly attacked Jayde Nicole, and it looks way worse than he tried to play it off.

If you watch the video, Jayde pours a shot on Joe’s shoulder from behind and walks away. She even has time to sit down at the bar before he decides to lunge at her, so it wasn’t like she was flipping out on him and he needed to defend himself. Of course, Joe admitted to pulling Jayde’s hair, but he neglected the tiny detail where he also dragged her by said hair five feet into the crowd then threw her to the ground to get trampled. But then again, I’m sure he believes he was well within his rights according to the Small Cock article of the Tough Guy code.

NOTE: Included a YouTube clip after the jump for a quick reference, but definitely scope out the full Radar version which gives a wider shot of the fracas.

EDIT: YouTube video is down.

Jayde Nicole in a Bikini

Photos: Splash News

  1. #44, I totally understand the point you are trying to make. You’re right, people at clubs aren’t always thinking clearly (due to stress, alcohol, the mix). It was just an example. All I was trying to say is that any NORMAL, RESPECTABLE male (which Joe Francis obviously isn’t) wouldn’t have reacted in such a way. And it’s obvious by the other comments on here, that most people that come to this particular site are a lot like Joe Francis (just not as wealthy or attractive I’m sure). Call me naive, but I’d like to think that not all people who go to clubs or bars are looking for a fight or to carry on like a caveman. But then again, what do I know? You’re the one who practically LIVES in a club. Yippee.

  2. Ed Castillo

    @42 Yeah, because the legal system is all about justice…

    Joe Francis’s net worth is estimated to be $150 million. Who do you think is going to hire the top shelf lawyer, the Playmate who made a grand total of $125k for both Playboy shoots, or the smut mogul whose company nets $40 million per year?

  3. antoine

    That’s what the bitch gets for being rude and dumping drinks on people. Personally, I would have loved to see him donkey punch her right off the bar stool.

  4. Sledman

    @24 beating up a woman for pleasure = woman beaters. Defending yourself from attack = self defense.


    You just don’t get it. Disregard the personalities involved and your personal opinions of them. Person X was at a nightclub enjoying themselves. Person Y unprovoked decides to pour a drink on person X. Person X finds themselves suddenly covered in drink, clothes ruined, smelling of alcohol, their night ruined. They retaliate by grabbing the person that assaulted them. What person Y did was a physical assault and battery. Even if person Y hit them with a pillow case of the softest feathers, that’s still assault and battery. If person Y verbally assaulted them then it would be different but that’s not the case. If you really think the only cause for retaliation is the fear of losing ones life then you are confusing the public with tv cop shows. You have the right to protect yourself. Maybe she was going to hit him with a bottle next, maybe a knife, perhaps a gun? nightclub shootings are very common. I’m not going to wait around and find out, neither did he. Person X did not spend the night looking for a fight, wasn’t looking to do anything but have a night out and maybe get laid. She was in the wrong period. Whatever happened after that was solely provoked by her actions.

  5. Annie Loves Anal

    48. Can’t wait to see that video. Joe does have “real purdy teeth”. He’ll end up going to prison for a long stretch eventually. He is so arrogant and self-entitled that he thinks he can skirt the law and his tax responsibilities. You know the IRS has him in their cross-hairs, and probably will for the rest of his pathetic life.

    Also, it is now confirmed: Joe Francis is a closet case. Pulling a woman’s hair and kicking her is something a queen would do. That is a fact.

  6. Rob Nasty

    Do you guys really think Joe Francis is going to jail for this? REALLY? After Joe Francis already beat raps for racketeering, drug trafficking, and child pornography? Joe has a legal team of sharks who are going to eat that little vegan bitch alive.

    Case dismissed.

  7. Jude

    I don’t think either one should be charged or prosecuted. Put them in a room together and make them apologize to eachother, just like you would any other 3 year olds. Then explain to them both why their behavior is inappropriate and unacceptable. Don’t let them leave the room until they hug and say “sorry”. Then have them make an agreement never to do harm to another person again and shake on it.

    Seriously, who hasn’t seen that same set of circumstances play out in a daycare or on the playground. If they’re going to act like children – treat them accordingly.

  8. meat eater

    Nice smack to the back of the head @10 sec.

    I guess when vegans take that vow to “harm no living animal” they aren’t including humans.

  9. Elizabeth

    She seems to think she can get away with acting like a bitch. I guess it finally caught up with her–not that I condone violence.

  10. Some Girl

    # 34 gives me hope… while the rest of these comments make me never want to leave the house.

  11. Mel

    I hope the comments about how Jayde Nicole deserved what she got are jokes, cause that’s just scary.

    I get it that people are human and if we’re provoked we’ll often lash out (especially when inebriated), but we’re not talking about two people of equal weight and strength going at it. We’re talking about a 100lbs girl up against an approx. 180lbs guy. If some snot nose little kid came up and spit in your face would you beat the shit out of him? Even if you were drunk?!

    If that Jayde broad really did intentionally pour shot on him then that was a dumb fuck move, but I certainly don’t think it warranted that type of reaction. It appears to me that Joe Francis not only enjoys disrespecting women for profit, but he also has no quarrels about beating the shit outta them when they piss him off. I’m 110lbs and 5’1”! I’ll fight you Joe Francis! And by fight I mean run you over with my car :D

  12. Mel

    @57 I like the way you think. Although if they get nap time I’ll be pretty jealous.

  13. mistrial

    Jesus, are you guys all getting paid by Joe Francis to defend him or what? Where do I sign up?

    If I were a juror and you showed me this tape with no backstory, it looks like she got up, tried to move through the crowd and accidentally spilled her drink on him, then he flipped out and grabbed her. It didn’t look intentional to me.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Ever hear of that?

  14. Joe's defense

    “Your honor, first she struck my client to the back of the head causing bodily harm, then she attempted to blind him by tossing an 80 proof drink into his left eye. Immediately afterwards she turned to the bar where my client witnessed her reaching for another drink to continue her attack. It was only at this point that my client felt the need to defend himself.”

    Prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this isn’t what transpired.

  15. jimmy

    @54: “Whatever happened after that was solely provoked by her actions.” — I see, so if Francis had decapitated her with a samurai sword, that would have been okay? How about if he had kidnapped her and waterboarded her for ten days?

    There’s a concept called “proportionality”, and neither Francis nor you understand it.

  16. @34 & 61

    What CANDY ASSES you pukes are.
    Joe Francis is a douche, no secret there.
    You ass wads are larger douches.

    Welcome to the pussification of America people and these twerps are your example.

  17. fucking morons

    #66. Read this if you have the mental capacity and then tell me about your little sheltered candyass life.

    #54. No you clearly are the one who doesn’t get it the world cannot work that way and NO JUDGE is going to say yes Francis you were in the right for retaliating 10 times as hard. The only right thing to do would be to leave before you lower yourself and get yourself into a lot of trouble. I’ve seen this case and over and over and at the very least the judge always lectures them about walking away and cooling off instead of acting like idiotic animals.

    This is not so no mans lawless land, we live in an organized society that can only function if people choose their behaviour INDEPENDENTLY and do not retaliate every time someone else behaves badly. Any person with a brain and any personal strength would just walk away.

    This is exactly what wars and genocides are all about, if you look at the world and all the fighting and violence and murders you don’t see who started it or who the” bad guy” is, that’s just the chicken and the egg, you just see the scum and brainless of the earth fighting and ad having their little violent pissing contests instead of growing some fucking decency and walking away. I guess I’m just a stronger better person who doesn’t let other peoples fucking idiocy dictate how I behave.
    She may be a grown woman, but what if he did this to a child, what if a child poured a drink on him and he beat up the kid. The problem with the logic here is that not only should he have walked away (if he had a brain and the mental capacity to do so, which he doesn’t) but clearly she is much weaker then him and obviously the oponents size does factor in because wrestling has weight division and only fucking psychos and pedophiles would think a kid would deserve the same retaliation. It’s not about women not being equal, it s about the fact that on top of it all you have to also recognize who you are dealing with. So this was wrong on so many levels.
    THE ONLY right thing to do would be to leave. Why??? Because you have to have the brains to check yourself and calm down and most people, if they stayed would do something they would later regret or have to suffer the consequences to.

    You have given zero rebuttal points to my arguments. You cannot make YOURSELF the exception in things like this. You have to look at your behaviour and ask yourself waht if everyone acted this way, what kind of chaos would the world be in, we would be living in one giant genocide. YOU are not that important, your little issues do not matter enough. If you advocate retaliating against some dumb girl in a club you advocate all retaliation and the world simply cannot work that way.
    I have seen more violence than any of you little sheltered children can imagine I lived in a war torn country with a father who thought it was ok to beat the shit out of and try to kill his own family members. It would have been so easy to turn into him and most of you spineless brats would and would be rotting in jail right now, it takes far more balls and strength not to and even though I have the size and the training to kill I never would even lay a hand on anyone in anger.
    People are not in full control of themselves and what you are advocating is so beyond idiotic that you can’t even see it, what if when Francis knocked her too the ground she snapped her neck and died, that is the risk when you retaliate in violence and it happens ALL THE TIME. I have worked with so many people who went through exactly that, some guy “started it” and they retaliated and what was meant to be a few puches resulted in death. You DO NOT know if when you retaliate what can and will happen so many fight related death are accidental, no one expects it to go that far, but they have no control over if it does because it happens all to easily the human body is very fragiel.

    Francine would be in jail right now if she had fallen and snapped her neck, and I know MANY young people who are in jail right now in the US and Canada because exactly that happened and do you fucking think for one second that they are glad they threw the punch that they are happy to be rotting in jail while their friends, the ones at the club or party, are living their lives or do you think they regret it every second of the day?? Do you think they liked looking into the eyes of the family members of the person whose death they causesd because they had too much ego to walk away??? Because they were too stupid and proud to let it go??? Oh ya they are sitting in jail thinking yep that was so worth it I ruined so many lives just so I could be the big man and it was so worth it all for my pride. Well they have no pride now I can tell you that and they just feel so badly for suckers like most of you here because they were one once YOU and they know you could end up right were they are because you just dont understand that retaliation is simply not worth it, EVER.

    The risk is too great and it you have zero right to be a shit when so many better stronger people than you walk away from so much worse than a little bar fight. Do you know what fucking pussies you spoiled little shits look like getting your manties in a bunch over a bar fight when all over the world people are going through wars watching their family members killed and burned alive. It’s just hilarious how important you think your lives are and how you just have to get someone back for puring a drink on you. A DRINK in a fucking little pussy dance club that plays your little tough guy music. NONE of you have seen shit in this world and you are just too stupid to appreciate it.

    You are all so weak you have no strength because you would let a girl and a little drink push your buttons. None of you would last a second in the real world, your little suburban/first world habitat is like a fucking kiddie zoo, compared to what life is really like in the rest of the world. It’d fucking beyond pathetic that you just can’t even control your own behavior.

    Good luck people and when you find yourself suffering the consequences of your weak little puppy barking reactions just remember I TOLD YOU SO.

  18. Go Joe


    Yeah, if you break down that video “Rodney King Style” it’s gonna be next to impossible to prosecute him. Just based on the comments here i doubt they’ll be able to find 12 jurors to agree “beyond a reasonable doubt” that he didn’t act in self-defense.

  19. fucking morons

    I bet not one you little angry spoiled brats will even be able to get through one paragraph of what I wrote. Should i have dwan pictures instead???

  20. Nat

    Only a coward and worthless piece of shit lays his hands on a woman EVER. I don’t care if she kicked him in the nuts. You don’t unless you’re a pathetic piece of shit. But who are we kidding? This guy was just behaving well in character

  21. LPB

    Damn Pappy (#3), do you have to ruin everything?

    I was hoping she had a tat that says “INspect” (preferably with a couple of arrows).

  22. ur teh moron


    lol. What kind of douche writes a response THAT long on The Superficial?!?

    Oh… a moron.

  23. What kind of douche complains about a long well written post.

    The illiterate kind.

    Her you go: http://www.hookedonphonics.com/on-sale?C1=9

    it took me 20 minutes to write that. It would take you 5 days to write half as much.

  24. What kind of douche complains about a long well written post.

    The illiterate kind.

    Her you go: http://www.hookedonphonics.com/on-sale?C1=9

    it took me 20 minutes to write that. It would take you 5 days to write half as much.

  25. fucking morons

    I posted twice for the ADD’s here. You’re welcome.

  26. redneck101

    #54 is exactly right. People are confusing douche-y personalities and their personal misgivings about “never striking a woman” with the law. it is completely irrelevant that Joe Francis is a scumbag who pimps young girls, or that Jayde Nichole is a whore who shows her pussy for money.

  27. @67

    You are so full of shit it is dripping out of your ears.
    I told you so CANDY ASS.

  28. ur teh moron

    @73, 74 and 75

    wow. you spent a whole 20 minutes to write that convoluted mess? and on a site dedicated to posting C-level celebrities in bikinis?

    you must be very smart.

  29. Mikeoxlong

    What the hell happened to her face? She used to be hot. Now she looks like a trout!

  30. Ed Castillo


    She’s always looked a little “melty”.

  31. fucking morons

    #77. Yep only a little white bread sheltered shit would think that the whole world grew up in suburbia with mommy to make waffles for them. Just wait and watch how your life turns out. it’s going to be a train wreck I promise you, worse then it already is. No career, no success, nothing to show for yourself. Just violence and jail and no one who gives a shit about you. You’ll never do any good or accomplish anything, all you’ll do is react and react and have zero self control. Clearly you just aren’t strong enough to do better for yourself.

    Have you even travelled beyond your backyard? Have you seen any ofthe world? This is the world wide web and not everyone grew up in white picket fence land like you. What are you twelve?

  32. Gossip Girl #1 fan

    If Gossip Girl was real life than these two would be dating by next Monday.

  33. Sad

    #77 must have hit pretty close to the mark to get the “fucking moron” all riled up like that. He’s projecting his own sad life on you in comment #81.

  34. fucking morons

    Yes Mensa and Oxford do require intelligence. That must sound unbelievable to a person who has no formal education or who had mommy and daddy pay for it.

    I exaggerated about the time but you were to daft to understand why.

  35. Amanda-La

    #21 haha on you because I’m not so fucking retarded as to do what she did and I don’t care what she did. A MAN taking his anger out on a woman who is smaller and can’t defend herself as well as a man is wrong. No gentleman would do that. I don’t know what kind of assholes you guys are but god have mercy on your girlfriends if you even have any. My husband would NEVER hit a woman no matter what she did. Fuckwads.

  36. fucking morons

    Yes a 3 PHDs and being a multi millionaire and philanthropist who just happens to enjoy the comedy of the superficial is really sad, what have done with your life????

    It’s called reversed psychology and though a little simplistic for anyone of intelligence it might get the brat to actually do something with his life.

    But again for a person of no accomplishment who has never seen success in the flesh my life must just sound so unbelievable.

  37. barron

    She’s the one that started it. Joe’s the victim. People need to start placing responsiblity where it’s due regardless of the sex. She started it. She got what she deserved.

  38. Sledman

    @84 Yep, mommy and daddy paid for my education. And my wife’s family bought us our condo on the upper east side as a wedding present.

    I feel terrible about my sad, upperclass lifestyle. I’d stick around and write more, but I have a hair appointment with Sally Hershberger.

  39. Julia

    #86 and all your messages before that…

    get a life! what is this? trying to prove you’re intelligent by posting on the superficial? not working. an intelligent person wouldn’t fight so hard to prove a point. plus, who cares if you’re intelligent or as dumb as a bell?

    as for the post in the first place, hitting a girl is wrong. whether she shoved him, poored a drink on him or not…it is against the law. unless you live in fuckin Afghanistan…IT’S ILLEGAL. If she was pointing at you with a weapon that could jeopardize your life, hit and hit good but appart from that, you have to take control of your emotions and do the right thing, call the cops. If you hit, see what happens? Cops come for you!

  40. Alitax

    After reading through the comments, it’s easy to see why there are women like Jadye and men like Joe in the world…violent, abusive stupidity is everywhere.

  41. William Gates III

    86 and 88

    My name is Bill Gates and I’m surprised how popular The Superficial is among the upper crust.


  42. Warren Buffett

    Hi Bill!

    How’z it hangin’?


  43. fucking morons

    #89. My post was never about trying to prove my intelligence and of course I will defend it if it’s questioned. I worte about this because as a person who works with youth violence I actually care deeply aboutt he issue and it is pretty alarming how people responded here. I see a lot of future jail birds here. I clearly have a life which I can guarantee surpasses your in contribution and yes I am very proud of it. You are writng her too so that argument is pretty empty and so tired, couldn’t you come up ewith something a little better than a teeny bopper line?

    Apathy is what has made the world what it is and it’s only those who are passionate who can ever make a difference. Sorry but this is my leisure time and unlike most of you I enjoy spending it writing and using my brain rather than getting fatter sitting watching the boob tube.

    Jealousy is relaly unbecoming and if you were secure in yourself you wouldn’t give a shit about what any of you think of me which is why I am writing what IIIIIII want to write without worrying about your judgments. Most of you are such slaves to what other people think that you want even write what you want on an anonymous board.

    Do you think it actually bothers me the slightest that you think my posts are long or that some little snot told me to get a life. I am writing here because I enjoy it and I will write whatever I want to. And no little self appointed blog police is going to cause me to reconsider.

  44. Julia

    ok, I’m not done reading your super impressive well put response yet but, smart people try to write in a way that the sentence could make sens at the end. I hope you’re not teaching to kids to write cause well, clearly america is going lower than it already is!

  45. Duke Nukem

    While I agree with the main point ‘fucking morons’ is making, there is one flaw: You’re also advocating letting a spoiled little prissy bitch do anything she wants with no consequences. In your world, she can dump as many drinks on people as she wants and expect everyone else to simply walk away. While what Joe did was too extreme, she also shouldn’t just get away with acting like a spoiled child that expects no consequences to her actions.

  46. fucking morons

    sorry about all the spelling and grammatical errors in my last post. I really am smart.

  47. Larry Jones

    The c*nt did pour a drink on him after all. How else are these vapid bitches supposed to learn some manners?

    I’ll allow it.

  48. @ fucking morons

    I read both of your posts and you changed my mind. Anything can happen in the space of a heart beat. You just never, ever know. unfortunately we are equipped with a fight or flight reaction, that is just human behavior. If you believe in evolution we are all just animals anyway. You, Fucking Morons, are just more evolved than most.

  49. fucking morons


    you are a fucking moron too. I am smart, You are dumb.

    ANd i am a multimillionare. SO STICK IT!

  50. Julia

    ok, between two doughnuts, I finished reading your post.
    enjoy writing here as much as you want.
    who would be jealous of someone that comes anonymously, on a blog to say how involved in society they are, how smart they are, how higher than everyone else they are.
    I think #91 and 92 prove a good point here!
    Just like us, you have no idea who we all are. it’s just funny to play along with a person that tries to bring they’re self esteem up by saying they’re self esteem is up! Writing to you is kind of playing with a 2 legged spider!!! But in the end, they always end up squashed! Crawl in your moma’s closet and cry little one. One day, you’ll join the big people.
    Thanks for the entertainment here, you were a doll!

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