Jayde Nicole/Joe Francis video doesn’t look good for Francis

October 8th, 2009 // 182 Comments

RadarOnline has obtained a copy of the surveillance footage from the night Joe Francis allegedly attacked Jayde Nicole, and it looks way worse than he tried to play it off.

If you watch the video, Jayde pours a shot on Joe’s shoulder from behind and walks away. She even has time to sit down at the bar before he decides to lunge at her, so it wasn’t like she was flipping out on him and he needed to defend himself. Of course, Joe admitted to pulling Jayde’s hair, but he neglected the tiny detail where he also dragged her by said hair five feet into the crowd then threw her to the ground to get trampled. But then again, I’m sure he believes he was well within his rights according to the Small Cock article of the Tough Guy code.

NOTE: Included a YouTube clip after the jump for a quick reference, but definitely scope out the full Radar version which gives a wider shot of the fracas.

EDIT: YouTube video is down.

Jayde Nicole in a Bikini

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  1. pappy smeary

    looks like joe francis didnt show her any ‘respect’

  2. KC

    He is such a dumbass.

  3. pappy smeary

    looks like joe francis didnt pay heed to the tattoo that clearly states ‘respect’

  4. First

    First! Dumb bimbo should’ve known better.

  5. KatiePie

    Joe Francis is always a douche

  6. It's Me Fuckers

    I wonder if he’ll be able to film “Prison guys Gone Wild”

    Lol, I bet there would be lots of COCK in that video!

  7. lloyd

    Joe’s an asshole… but the woman still poured a drink on him. I’d have no problem with him being charged with assault & battery since he wasn’t defending himself at that point… but she deserves a charge too. If she hadn’t poured the drink on him, none of this would have happened. If he had poured a drink on her and she walked over and smacked him in response, this wouldn’t have got any play in the media.

  8. ®USTY

    another dumb twat that thinks they can run roughshod over people without consequence. he should have pummeled the shit out of her.

  9. Dude of Dudes

    LLoyd is right of course. Assault comes in a variety of forms. Pouring drinks on someone is an example.

    Dumb bitch got served really. Women think they can pour drinks on people and not expect some sort of retribution? Really? Did she think she’d get a “Halt madam I do protest in the most severe way”? No….she’s lucky he didnt just punch her full on in the mouth.

    I dont think dudes in general need to be punching women, or anyone else really (what are you 12). But pouring a drink on someone is the high speed rail line to ass whipping town. Dont be surprised when you reach your destination.

  10. Jasmine Destiny

    Do you think she’ll think twice next time before she pours a drink on someone?

  11. yes

    #7 got it right. Women do this shit all the time. They think they can do something extremely rude with 0 problems coming their way. Its no reason to beat a bitch up but its to be expected that something will happen. Man or woman if you do something stupid to someone most likely they will do something back. This is what we call reality.

  12. Amanda-La

    Oh please, it was a shot. Not a full drink. He overreacted because he’s an entitled arrogant little bitch. And a smack is very different than a man dragging a woman by her hair across the floor because he has anger issues.

  13. duckettorama

    maybe bitches better think before they do things stupid like pour a drink on someone!
    I dont care for francis… but if it had been a dude that poured the drink there would have been fists flying.

    chicks think just because they are female they can get away with inflamatory behavior.

    personally, id like to have seen her get a knuckle sandwich

  14. Dude of Dudes

    #12 No one is arguing that Joe Francis isnt Lord of the Douches. Certainly he is. I would also agree his response didnt fit the crime. But, pouring drinks on people can really piss them off…..especially immature men who made a career from the degradation of women. Weird huh.

  15. TBozz

    Firstly, he doesn’t wait for her to sit down before lunging, he does it straight away, secondly it looks like she pushed his face before pouring the drink, thirdly bitches shouldn’t get them selves into situations they can’t handle. Men know what kind of actions will get them into trouble and where the line is drawn, women seem to think the line does not apply to them. Pick a fight, expect to get fought, its a kinda simple principle really!

  16. fuck both of them; they deserve each other

    They’re a pair of stupid bitches. She’s a stupid twat for getting the word “respect” tattoe’d right above her pussy; what MORON does something like that? Also, she’s a braindead walking sperm dumpster for pouring a drink on someone & thinking “I’m a woman, there will be no consequences of my actions”.

    He’s an arrogant dumbass for not only attacking a woman (on camera, mind you), but arrogantly lying about it to cover up his actions, when it’s on tape for everyone to see. These 2 fucktards deserve each other; next thing you know, they’ll be doing a “reality” tv program together, or will release their sex tape while claiming that “someone stole it from us”.

    What a pair of assholes…

  17. The Rough report

    lol Maybe Joe dreads going to the dry cleaning…Joe shouldve brush it off, shes was just jealous…

  18. hAH Hah

    Primpy little bitch thought she could “dump and run.”
    Play with fire – you get burned.
    This will be thrown out in court if it even makes it that far.

    To be respected you must first have self respect.

    Her shitty tatt should read “Still looking for self- respect”

  19. The Rough report


  20. me

    well i just looked these 2 up (since i have no idea who they are or even why they are on the superfical) and they both seem like worthless trash. one dumb bitch who seems to think she can do anything she wants to other people and one sleezey guy who thinks he can treat women any way he wants. shoot them both in the head and move on with life.

    on a side note maybe jayde thinks its ironic to have respect tatooed on her body then treat people like crap and was simply trying to be funny.

  21. haha @Amanda-La

    You seem to be delusional. Go in a club and pour a shot on any guy, pick random. Do it 5 times. Tell me your 5 outcomes. Also welcome to reality. Being a chickenhead is no excuse for your stupidity.

  22. R E S P E C T my TWAT

    What must have been going through her head when she was having the dumbest tat of all times being put on. Wonder if the tat artist had a few fingers up her twat to hold her still during the process.

  23. Shadow

    Honestly, I do not care if she took a baton to his head, and just constantly beat him upside the head until he was gushing blood, and will forever have serious brain damage, and as he is twitching on the floor, his left hand brushes her ankle, I will still award her if she sued him for abuse.

    Why he is still alive and spending the millions he made by video taping these girls he got drunk and in some cases raped, only convinces me that sometimes maybe we do need vigilantes to help Justice along.

    As for the female reporter he attacked when she was interviewing him, SHAME ON YOU, you had probably the best chance to put this evil away as cops were right there and even suggested you file a complaint and yet you let him walk, the other girls he did this to was always their word against him and his cronies. I hope you are happy with your cowardice.

  24. seriously

    You guys are cowards, just because she poured a shot on him doesn’t give him the right to drag her across the floor. A bunch of immature woman beaters on here.

  25. ling

    @ #21, I agree. if some stupid bitch poured a drink on a dude in a bar, he would at the least get in her face and call her every curse word under the sun, or possibly push her/punch her. she’s actually kinda lucky he only pulled her hair, although he totally shouldnt have done that. another thing, where the f*ck was brody jenner? if i did that stupid shit, my bf would have grabbed my elbow and made me sit down and relax AND THEN kicked francis’ ass for a laying a finger on me.

  26. Skunky Rooster

    Bitches all talk about equal rights and “I can do anything a man can”. I think that should include getting your shit kicked in when you do the same shit that would get man’s ass kicked. Bitches need to learn they can’t act a fool and think they can escape unpunished solely because they have a vagina.

  27. Not Joe

    None of these people have a concept of reality that match every day people so don’t expect them to act like it.

  28. TommyJ

    If you poke a dog with your foot, don’t act surprised if you get bit. How about you use your brain and not poke the dog instead of putting it to sleep.

  29. bitch got what she deserved, just like rihanna.
    stupid whores
    Maybe if we start beating you bitches down more often, you will start doing something about your fat asses, sloppy boobs and smelly hairy vaginas

  30. He should have punched her, then crapped on her chest. 2 stupid whores.

  31. Spooge

    Bitch deserved it.

  32. GTPipes

    Amen – @23.

    This douche is a pederast and a rapist and she should have doused him in sambucca and set his child-molesting ass on fire.
    Next time Jayde, bring a flame thrower to the club.
    (I love the smell of napalm in the morning….. smells like…. victory….um, well, victory AND burning pieces of homemade garbage like Joe Francis)
    As a father of daughters…I want this guys balls flambed and his pencil dick rammed down his throat.

  33. Mal Gusto

    Now that’s the way to pull a bitches hair!!!!!
    folks here said it better already….stupid bitch had to expect a physical reaction. Joe is a douche and does have anger issues, but shit! you don’t pour a drink on someone and expect them to laugh it off and keep walking.

  34. fucking morons

    WOW so most of you are cleary too stupid to understand how much you are contradicting yourselves. Throwing drink=bad (even if upset by disrespectful behaviour), beating the shit out of someone=ok (if provoked by incident that results in no injury or use of force). DUMBASS neither are ok.

    Joe Francis and any person who would act the way he did is a flaming piece of shit. You seem to have forgottent to finish your ill gotten little logic train here. Joe Francis hasn’t learnt his lesson yet genius and if Jade Nicole has some ex con angry ass borther who doesn’t like to see his sister get beaten up regardless of her behaviour and decides to find Francis and break his legs will Francis deserve it and learn his lesson too??? Because clearly some people will think it’s justified.

    See how the world would work if people operated by your child-logic, it would be a never ending stream of violence, if it’s wrong to throw a drink it’s even more worong to beat someone up. How can you not get that???I hate to use simple cliche, but clearly that’s all you are capable of understanding, Two wrongs do NOT make a right, we will never be able to function or progress as a society if people cannot behave independantly and stop using the he/she started it crap and that’ll teach’em bs. If you have any understanding of life or yourself as a person you’d know that it is NOT your job to teach someone a lesson and as much as Francis himself is begging someone to beat him to death no one has that right, you haven’t been ordained by the high douchery of lameness to teach shit fucks a lesson. That isn’t how life works, even if people are miserable you do not have the right or the responsibility to go handing out lessons via force or otherwise.

    Fuck I feel like I’m on sesame street here. For shits sake people listen to your idiocy here every fucking person excuse=ing Francis is a flaming hypocrite, you are all contradicting to yourselves to the point that I can’t fathom how you even feed yourselves. By your logic it would never end, someone will palayze Francis someone will kill that guy someone will kill that guys family and so on if you like that sort of thing then become a terrorist because clearly you advocate never ending violent retaliation. Go and fucking hijack some planes and take out the world trade centre again, because you are advocating the same shit those fucking pshyco’s were. Fucking freaks no wonder the world is so fucked up you defenders are no better than common terrorists. WAKE THE FUCK UP RETARDS. I’ve never seen so many weaklings whose buttons are so easy to push, how do you even function???

  35. AGREED (to a certain extent). She shouldn’t have thrown a shot/drink, WHATEVER on him. That was out of line and immature. And women often DO think they can act out in ways like that or violence towards a man without any consequences. But…give me a break. This guys is a coward and an ASSHOLE. #21…I GUARANTEE you that if I went into a club right now, and dumped a shot on 5 random guys, I would get cussed out. I promise you, unless they were egotistical freaks like Joe Francis, not a single one of them would drag me by my hair like a caveman and throw me to the ground. You’re full of it. (But then again, I’m logical enough to understand that….and mature/intelligent enough not to throw a drink on someone in the first place). The guy deserves to get sued. End of story.

  36. lol@Shadow

    This is why you are not a judge. Mental problems. Want to talk about a cowardly act? Posting on the internet about vigilantes that’s pretty pathetic. Go do something about it if you have such a huge problem.

    Actions warrant other actions its been that way since the beginning of time. Some will say he went to far, others not far enough, others will say it was justified or not justified, all of these are simply opinions. Here is a fact for you though, actions will ALWAYS warrant other actions period.

    She sat there as he walks by and nothing would have happened to her. Once you pour a drink on someone and slap/push their face, at that point they are going to walk away (highly unlikely), do something that scares the shit out of you and could be crossing the line (yelling, pulling hair, etc), beat the total shit out of you and send you to the hospital, or try to kill you with or without a weapon.

    I have worked in clubs for 14 yrs now and one of these things always happens. In 14 yrs of playing all sorts of clubs I have never ever seen someone walk away who was hit/pushed. This is the first time I have ever seen someone get a drink poured on them and not punch the other person in the face regardless of sex. So wake up people sex does not matter in this sick world we live in. You do something stupid and you could pay with your life. Always remember that before you do something stupid, not so you don’t do it but so you at least are educated about whats about to happen to you in response.

  37. Mal Gusto

    Nothing else needs to be said. Case closed, award this man 3 internets!!
    26. Skunky Rooster – October 8, 2009 11:38 AM

    Bitches all talk about equal rights and “I can do anything a man can”. I think that should include getting your shit kicked in when you do the same shit that would get man’s ass kicked. Bitches need to learn they can’t act a fool and think they can escape unpunished solely because they have a vagina.

  38. joebob

    wow, the misogyny in these comments is truly sickening. there’s no way that francis’ “punishment” of nicole fit her “crime”. what he did was *way* more brutal and vicious than what she did. francis’ actions weren’t manly; they were childish, cowardly, and borderline psychotic.

  39. #37, you’re single…aren’t you? Or, many women have VPO’s against you and most likely restraining orders as well. How neat for you.

  40. fucking morons

    and don’t fucking bitch that my post is long you uneducated shits, if hooked on phonics didn’t work for you that isn’t my problem all you do when you bitch about a long post is prove that you are too stupid to read.

    Any man who loses his shit because a girl dumps a shot on his shoulder is too fucking weak to live. You’re like fucking dogs that loose it every time a car goes by, learn to control yourselves fucks. Do you piss your pants every time you see a scawy movie too and jizz yourself when you walk by a stack of Maxim’s. Fucking pathetic. Please don’t ever join the armed forces or become cops, doctors, teachers, actually just please don’t seek any employment ever (as if you were even capable), you should not be able to have access to people.

  41. Ed Castillo

    @15 I hadn’t noticed the shove to the back of the head before, but you’re definitely right. She pushes him with her left hand just before she tosses the drink. Even in the extreme slow-mo video his reaction time is under 3 seconds. In real time his response is probably less than one second.

    This incident will never go to a criminal trial. She might be able to sue him in civil court but he could just as easily counter sue. Most likely it’ll be settled out of court for a small amount of money… then Joe will go back to living his douche-y life.

  42. no

    The legal system does not work that way. His actions were not justified, this ain’t the wild west.

    Yes people should not start anytthing, you should NEVER do anything physical to express your anger because it just escalates that is a rule for all people all sexes and not that hard to follow if you have a brain and some self control. The problem is mostl clubs are filled with pure human trash and trash can’t think for itself.

  43. Jen

    I have to say the first words after watching the clip were “what did she think he was gonna do?” There is no justification for his actions, and playing the devil’s advocate…..there are none for hers either. In the famous words of Forest Gump ……”stupid is, as stupid does!”

  44. @Allison Talley

    You are confused and delusional. Clubs consist of drunk people or people getting drunk. Alcohol makes you do things you would normally not. See these 2 things are facts not opinions.

    So trying to think rationally and say oh 5 drunk guys would just curse me out is pretty stupid. You have to think 5 drunk guys who are thinking and acting irrationally are then in your face for your stupid action. (whatever it may be in this case pouring a drink on someone)

    So you thinking drunk people are honorable or rational is extremely delusional. Clubs are extremely dangerous. You thinking its just a dance place where you can get laid is delusional. Its a building filled with people going through different things in their lives, everyone’s drunk or getting there so no one is thinking 100% rationally. Most people at clubs have weapons or weapons in their car, they are looking for a fight or to get laid its that simple. These are all facts try not to play them down. You need to be aware of the situations you can get yourself in and the people around you or else you end up in a similar situation like her thinking oh I can handle this its not a big deal. Clearly it was a big deal and she could not handle it so do not make the same mistake. This in no way makes what Joe did right but I have seen A LOT worse working in clubs and someone ALWAYS gets hurt its never a shouting match that is how a child thinks not an adult.

  45. someguy

    So I had no idea who this Jayde Nicole is, so I googled her. Lo and behold, she is a Playboy PMOY. So I further “researched” and found her previous body of work. I gotta say that the “Respect” tattoo over her beautifully shaven vajayjay is both trashy and elegant. I will consider myself turned on. And somewhat ambivalent about these two assclowns.

  46. norton

    It’s really too bad it wasn’t a flaming shot.

    This guy is the lowest form of humanity there is.

  47. shuthole

    READ #34 and SHUT UP!!!!!!

  48. I hope Joe Francis goes to jail and gets filmed as “Inmates go Wild on Joe Francis sex tape!” ha. Would serve him right. He is a Chris Brown, he is a total jerk. All he got was a little wet from a drink poured on him. He was hitting on her friend and he should take a drink. There is no justfication for hitting a woman when you are male. None. Just walk away from any confrontation. Those of you saying Jayde got what she deserved are wrong, wrong wrong. There is never justification for a man to hit a woman, even if hit first. He dragged her by the hair and threw her to the ground, and I believe he kicked her in the face. Wow what respect he has for women and what a TOTALLY HUGE EGO HE HAS. He needs to go to jail where he and his huge ego can be put into check. I think he will get jail time for this and tax evasion. Can you believe such a slimeball who makes videos of women acting drunk and stupid gets to live in a mansion in Bel Air? He’s so low class I can’t wait for him to be in jail. I will send him post cards, Hey Joe, how’s the clubbin in the jail goin?!!!

  49. Sanchez

    he should have just bought a pitcher of draft beer and doused her head to toe – anyone argue with that form of retribution?

  50. the ultimate hustler

    bitch learned what time it was that night. time to get put in your place. that dudes mission was accomplished. she will think twice, maybe three times, before trying to pull some shit like that again.

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