Jayde Nicole in a lettuce bikini

July 15th, 2009 // 122 Comments

Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole wore a bikini made of lettuce while handing out free veggie dogs on Capitol Hill today to help PETA celebrate National Veggie Dog Day which I guarantee was invented two days ago in a marketing meeting that ended with someone crying because the hummus wasn’t organic. That said, I actually don’t mind veggie dogs. They taste just like real hot dogs but without playing Russian Roulette with your stomach. “Hmm. Am I eating cow ass or the homeless? Better use more mustard…”

Photos: Splash News

  1. peter

    This is a great cause and a great girl. It seems that a whole bunch of ignorant people have only negative things to say, but I say: thanks to Jayde Nicole and others like her for promoting healthy lifestyles and for showing people another way to help keep our planet green. Love Jayde Nicole!

  2. Wonk

    her eyes are crooked and she got a nose job that is too small for her face and makes them look worse. i guess they let anybody in Playboy now. and i would be shocked if that women could be that thick eating vegan!

  3. JoefromBensonhurst

    I don’t understand why any chick would want to be in Playboy (or to wear lettuce, or date Brody Jenner without first bathing in penicillin) – but I respect the ethical treatment of animals and everyone else, including Playboy bunnies with uneven eyes. Only a prick would mock someone for something they can’t control. Don’t think she’s pretty? BFD. Look at someone else.

  4. bitingontinfoil

    Since when to they let people with Down Syndrome pose for Playboy?

  5. Voice of Reason

    Lettuce rejoice to the awesome-ness of that last pic

    (beating off furiously until I am blind, or at least need to wear glasses)

  6. sigh

    Wow people on this site are really racist – Jayde Nicole is Canadian not Asian – I think the girl who started this whole down syndrome thing needs to go back with the skin heads where she belongs

  7. Richard

    I still can’t believe she was crowned Playmate of the Year. No wonder Playboy is going out of business. What happened to all the classic beauties they used to feature?

  8. bitingontinfoil

    @ 106: What doesn being Asian have to do with my down syndrome comment?

    BTW: She was born in Scarborough – THAT explains a LOT!! LMAO

    I think you need to go back to school where you U belong.

  9. Pilatunes

    ARMY GIRL @55…we should date.

    Seriously though, yes, without extensive make up, good lightnig, and the miracles of air brushing most playmates now are so-so at best. Or complete losers scratching around for some kind of fame. Jayde Nicole is the worst in a long while. NOT PRETTY AT ALL.

    Regrettably, Playboy still works out for some of them…Jenny McCarthy’s set for life after meeting Jim Carrey and Jamie Pressly would be another not so pretty girl with a nice ass trying to make it in this world if not for PB. And then there’s Brande Roderick (who allegedly fk’d Hef) who is was on ‘Celebrity’ Apprentice.

    PB was going downhill when that Teri Weigel was PMOY (she became a pornstar). I met her in person at the airport…she looked nasty upclose. Bad complexion and totally shopworn even then.

  10. @108

    I don’t know if you meant it the same way – but the people on this site have been saying Asian people look like the have down syndrome – this was directed at Kelli – i guess U might be a girl too – but who knows and who cares. But if you hadn’t noticed all of the slanty eyes comments then I guess someone didn’t pass reading comprehension.

    So maybe U should read more closely and U should actually read other people’s posts and U should actually get your head out of your behind

  11. Looks good to me!

  12. Josh

    I’ve got the perfect “dressing” for that lettuce…

  13. all I can say is YUMMY!

  14. jasnaaz

    Is it me or does she look like Joan Rivers with black hair? Where did she get her plastic surgery done? I would ask for my money back.

  15. hobo

    #1 put it best….. who gets a tattoo on their vag that says respect???? And yes she has a very fugly face.

  16. hobo

    #1 put it best….. who gets a tattoo on their vag that says respect???? And yes she has a very fugly face.

  17. Leather's not vegan

    She wears suede and leather for sure and drags a leather Louis Vuitton purse around like a gold digger’s security blanket. Either she’s a major hypocrite or she thinks the LV’s stamped all over her favorite bag stand for “Loves Vegetables!”.

    At this point I don’t even care what she looks like. Her soul needs a makeover. She’s a leather lovin’ Peta puppet(there’s gotta be some hypocrisy in that). Oh and she hates rudeness. Says it’s the worst. Then by her own standards she’s the worst. Hmmm, tough to love a self-loathing hypocrite.

  18. Dorothy Stratten Remembered

    Only 2 great beauties from Canada ever graced the pages of Playboy. The late Dorothy Stratten and a pre-plastic surgery/pre-petri dish lifestyle Pamela Anderson. Jayde’s fellow playmate of the year Shannon Tweed, while much prettier than Jayde(even now and that says a lot) was never as lovely as Dorothy or Pamela.

    Appreciation for beauty is hardwired into the human brain. Infants can differentiate between pretty and fugly. Facial symmetry is a huge part of what we’re naturally programmed to find beautiful. The left side of Jayde’s face is 1/2″ to 1″ higher than the right. It’s clearly visible from every angle. It’s a scientific fact that a woman whose face is that unsymmetrical is unattractive even to infants.

    She’s downright fugly. That’s okay though because most men’s eyes don’t venture any higher than a woman’s clavicle.

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  20. The girl some steak or a hamburger or something is in desperate need of a bit of meat on her bones put. Her legs are like sticks, her ass is nonexistant and her tits are fake. Year will most miserable childhood friend I’ve ever seen.

  21. Commented on this photo:

    Also in “vegetable style” she’s irresistible…but that greenish bikini is really terrible!

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