Jayde Nicole in a lettuce bikini

July 15th, 2009 // 122 Comments

Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole wore a bikini made of lettuce while handing out free veggie dogs on Capitol Hill today to help PETA celebrate National Veggie Dog Day which I guarantee was invented two days ago in a marketing meeting that ended with someone crying because the hummus wasn’t organic. That said, I actually don’t mind veggie dogs. They taste just like real hot dogs but without playing Russian Roulette with your stomach. “Hmm. Am I eating cow ass or the homeless? Better use more mustard…”

Photos: Splash News

  1. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    That’s not even real lettuce, were they expecting killer bunnies to show up? Too bad. However, her friend seems pretty adept at ramming a wiener down her throat.

  2. Hello Kitty

    She really does have a pig face. Maybe she was once was a pig eating lettuce during a nuclear war. Then this happened!!!!

  3. dirk

    Playboy? Seriously? Those whores are BEAT.

  4. dee


  5. ARMY Girl

    I had a boyfriend once that had a vintage playboy collection, and all I can tell you is that either women have gotten a lot uglier since the ’50s, or only the ugly ones are now in Playboy, and the good looking ones can all find better paying jobs.

  6. California Red

    since when did Playmates start having tats that say respect on thier pubic areas? Seems more like Larry Flynt or Bob Guiccione material than Mr. Hefner.

  7. Miss Piggy

    Stupid Pig-Elf. Elfing Elf-Pig. Oink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Grace

    She has a tattoo of the word respect above her vagina?

    Stay classy Jayde.

  9. titsonsnack

    What the frig is wrong with her face? This chick makes a living off people looking at her?! How?
    P.S. Fuck PeTA up its ass.

  10. Are we supposed to like what we see? Me thinks not!

  11. ill

    I just vommited in my own mouth again.

    Those eyes are too fucked for words…. well except for these few i let go with here.

    Brodi…… quit banging this retched skank and give Audrina another run for her money.

    ps – I can’t bat off to these at all…… my penis knows what it likes and this certinly isn’t IT….!!

  12. Hotbox

    Gotta love it when the ‘celebs’ come out into the sun. It shows EVERYTHING. Can’t hide the cottage cheese, moles, razor stubble, and other imperfections. They’re used to heavy makeup, camera filters, Photoshop, and multiple printings to reduce clarity and realism.

  13. del

    All about RESPECT, huh?

  14. dude

    That close up shot of her belly/crotch looks like she’s 78.

  15. dirk

    “respect” tattoo on her gunt? Bwaaaaaaaaa!

  16. This is a nice photo of the “Respect” tattoo if you click on my name.

  17. Chatham

    Does she have Downs syndrome?

  18. guy rossi

    Brody……you could do so much better.

    She was on the radio today.Shes fucking annoying also. I would prob do Spencers sister if this bitch couldn’t shutup for 15 min.

  19. Mellissa

    hahaha, you’re funny Mr. Superficial.

  20. ang

    she’d be a lot better with a bag over her head. yeah Hef is nuts for making her PMOY. she looks like she has Bell’s Palsy.

  21. Angel

    This chick is the ugliest PMOY I’ve seen! Her body is awesome but her face is weird looking. She is a butterface for sure!

  22. hamper_lint

    Is swallowing considered to be vegan ?

  23. carly

    How is she actually considered pretty?? Her body isnt even anything special or even nice for that matter??

  24. cavy

    Vegans ARE sexy! Cruelty Free FTW!

  25. timmy the frisky virus

    “Respect.” It’s a reminder for Mr. Hefner to show her some as he hauls his sad wrinkled bulk up on top of her.

  26. dog

    You’re a fucking pig dog whore.

    Respect..?? Respect my massive cock as it pounds your flabby arse biatch..!!

    Peace out niggaz.

  27. josh

    all the more reason to eat my GREENS

  28. josh

    all the more reason to eat my GREENS.

  29. josh

    all the more reason to eat my GREENS.

  30. uh Uh UH! Yeah

    Its nice that she is serving up some cottage cheese on her butt along with the lettuce bikini.

  31. Schneeby

    Lol – I thought that was Bjork at first glance, with those crazy eyes.

  32. Are these chicks suppose to be ugly or something? rightttttt

  33. Tan

    her tummy is so big

  34. melanie

    #12 – i was totally thinking the same thing about missing half a butt crack, i thought maybe i was insane… but it seriously is missing… check out the other chicks butt, she has a full crack… something is terribly off about her butt, crack! ha.

  35. What a sorry excuse for an set of asses… and I mean PETA and those two beeotches.

  36. green giant

    Plain lettuce sucks. I’ll splatter some dressing all over those cups.

  37. Solo


  38. larry

    Playboy, just because the economy is in the shitter doesn’t mean your standards have to be. You’re suppose to be the best of the best – do better.

  39. david

    this is so sad. she is doing the job of a lunch lady, in a bikini. it just looks so desperate. “ooh, pose for the camera, look like you’re about to serve the guy behind the camera a hotdog, ooh perfect”, you look like you were slapped in the face with a frying pan. 15 minutes up yet?

  40. £it

    Way to go, Hugh! Now, Jayde, I’m gonna break out the salty beef frank, full of all those nasty free radicals and nitrates, baby. Open up, ’cause I’m gonna split your bun with my foot long! Yeah, relish it! Bring a Dr. Pepper, ’cause sex makes me thirsty.

  41. haha

    “I had a boyfriend once that had a vintage playboy collection, and all I can tell you is that either women have gotten a lot uglier since the ’50s, or only the ugly ones are now in Playboy, and the good looking ones can all find better paying jobs.”

    translation…”Im jealous fat and ugly”

  42. arealcad

    You could land a Cessna between those eyes.

  43. lol

    @55 Agreed.

    I don’t find her overly attractive at all. Would I hit it? Sure. But I’d also hit a lot of things. And I have pretty low standards. That said, my Sears catalog just arrived. See ya.

  44. angela

    Is it me, or does she look like Joss Stone (esp. in pic #10)?

  45. Biel

    Wow, her face is ugly. How in the hell was she PMOY? Hef has lost it completely. Oh wait, she was the only one without any self respect and boned his old nob to get he award. Silly mistake.


    # 91 -

    Guess what, I’m not jealous, fat, or ugly. So, poop on you, and I’ve got a secret tattoo that you’ll never see.

  47. cassie

    BAH! playboy picked her? I thought they picked pretty girls?

  48. angus

    Sexy curves!

  49. Optometrist

    Looks like Brody Jenner likes to screw things with wonky eyes.

  50. I kinda skimmed, but has no one said… I’ll take two… hold the lettuce!
    Well I did!

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