Jayde Nicole in a lettuce bikini

July 15th, 2009 // 122 Comments

Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole wore a bikini made of lettuce while handing out free veggie dogs on Capitol Hill today to help PETA celebrate National Veggie Dog Day which I guarantee was invented two days ago in a marketing meeting that ended with someone crying because the hummus wasn’t organic. That said, I actually don’t mind veggie dogs. They taste just like real hot dogs but without playing Russian Roulette with your stomach. “Hmm. Am I eating cow ass or the homeless? Better use more mustard…”

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  1. lol

    lol @ respect

    yeah…ppl respect girls with twat tattoos

  2. EB

    What’s the lower piece of lettuce covering? Her VEGina?

  3. lim

    I’d like to eat thats vegan’s roast beef.

  4. karly

    i am surprised brody jenner is dating this piece of trash.

    or maybe i’m not.

  5. Ben

    Well, I’ve got my masturbation material for the afternoon. Wish me luck!

  6. Monie

    Sexy. But what’s wrong with her eyes??

  7. Biden's plugs

    Hey, I’ve always been a vagitarian…

  8. Annie Rexia

    How come Peta never invites the public when they are slaughter ing puppies and tossing them into trash bins? Peta never wants us to know the cool stuff they do….

  9. Deacon Jones

    I’m sure the feminists (which make up 80% of PETA) loved this one..

  10. Darth

    Babies do come from the cauliflower?

  11. Tom

    I love the “respect” tattoo right above her snapping gyro. Believe me, I would give her tight tunnel of love every single once of respect found in my jackhammer.

  12. watssssup

    Is she missing a couple inches of ass crack?

  13. anastasia beaverhousen

    i agree, her eyes are lopsided

  14. anastasia beaverhousen

    i agree, her eyes are lopsided

  15. darin

    She looks asian and her nose looks fake too..do not find her face attractive. weird eyes..

  16. darin

    She looks asian and her nose looks fake too..do not find her face attractive. weird eyes..

  17. Speaking of Vag, did she show any in her PB lay outs, I wonder…

  18. The Jerk

    Im loving pic #8 with her right deflated ass cheek with the cellulite. But I dont recall asking for my buns to be flat when I order my meals. How the hell is this cumdumpster a playmate of the year? I’ve seen clowns that do a better job of putting makeup on their face than this one.

  19. Dave

    Fuck PETA. They’re one very small step shy of a terrorist organization.

    And “Go Veg?” No thanks. I’d rather go Vag.

  20. meh!


    1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
    2. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

  21. huh?

    Another case of butterface…..
    WTF is wrong with her face? She looks retarded.
    Guess she’s great if you put a bag over her head.

  22. DrainBamaged

    Hit the nail on the head there Dave.
    Screw PETA, they need to be shut down.

  23. Mole

    How the hell did she become playmate of the year? She looks like she’s trying to become the bride of Wildenstein. Did the judges not get past her tits?

  24. Tad Bit Tipsy

    She’s got a pig face and weird ass… yes very weird just look at it all hanging there like two curtain with no shape… it’s all… back and then curtains… anyway I guess most guys are staring at her fake tits and her Vagina Signpost Tattoo.

  25. just sayin

    I think she has a great body but yet shes not very attractive. She has a white trash crazy girl vibe going on behind that fake smile.

  26. Annie Rexia

    What I love about these hollywoods celebrity fucktards is that they believe anything an organization like Peta tells them. Thank God Hitler wasn’t born there.

  27. Tom K

    Weird face!

  28. Katie

    haha! she could have a cabbage patch baby (that wasn’t very funny, i know :P)
    but she really does look weird! Her eyes are doing the Paris Hilton thing.. but she looks worse, if that’s possible!! What has Playboy become??? Another non-nudity tease (it was almost that to begin with!! ! One issue back in 98 only had ONE set of tits!! And that was in an ad!!!!!!) with ugly reality skanks. As for PETA, there are several other organizations that treat animals humanely without being utter douches.. I’m vegetarian(for the ethical reason… I actually loooooove pork and chicken.. but alas, read of the horrors they go through before they make it to your mouth) but for fucks sake, PETA is crazy.

  29. havoc

    She’s kinda got this Bjork thing going on in the face. Elfy eyes for sure.

    I don’t care. I’d still put 16 ounces of throat yogurt down her gullet….


  30. I hope they dont throw away that warm secretion on that lettuce afterward, put it on ebay or something. I hate to see food go to waste….

  31. Annie Rexia

    Pam Anderson: “I’d rather go naked than be a Jew!”

    Reporter: Isn’t it true, Ms. Anderson, that Jew’s are being slaughtered by the millions?”

    Pam Anderson: “Nuh – uh. the Nazi’s gave them all time shares in a far away island made of chocolate and lollipos. Hitley told me so!”

  32. yeah I wonder if they told her they euthanize 25,000 adoptable animals in there care every year. Cute little puppies and kitties not livestock like what hotdogs are made from. No because PETA are like a giant orginization of parents wose motto is “do what I say not as I do”

  33. bribios

    She looks like the wax statue of a beautiful exotic looking girl that was left out in the sun a little long.

  34. this is so dumb!!!!

  35. Dave

    @31…go back to the asylum

  36. Polk

    Laughing at #19, who is terrorized by girls in bikinis who like to eat vegatables.

  37. therush

    When does PeTA celebrate “National Domestic Terrorist Day”. You know, them being ardent sponsers of domestic terrorists and all.

  38. go Meat!

    Nice lettuce cups!

  39. Grizzlies

    She looks like Joan Rivers daughter

  40. techman

    That girl is in desperate need of some steak, or a hamburger or something to put a bit of meat on her bones. Her legs are like sticks, her ass is nonexistant and her tits are fake. Gotta be the most pitiful Playmate of the year I’ve ever seen.

  41. Valerie

    YAY Fish! Kudos to you for liking veggie dogs–hot dogs are NASTY

  42. ralph

    Average looking at best and a whore on top of that. BTW who the hell is that cunt?

  43. bitingontinfoil

    WTF is up with her face? She makes Chloe wazzhername (Olivia Newton John’s) daughter look normal.

  44. Too many eye lifts

    She makes Octomom look like a babe.

  45. Kmm

    One way or another she WILL be eating meat. Some nice tube steak smothered in white cream nut sauce.

    Hillshire Farm, Go Meat!!

  46. eric

    lol @ all these keyboard warriors calling her ugly

  47. Danny

    She looks really crazy, crazy eyes and everything. I’m sure she regrets getting that tattoo. I thought it read ‘teapot,” which would be about right. Hopefully, she can tattoo over it and make it look like my moustache, now that would be cool.

  48. Rick

    Bad butts.

  49. dsg

    another example of the aging hef’s disabling advancing state of blindness.

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