Jay Leno wants to leave NBC

January 13th, 2010 // 55 Comments

While NBC wants him back on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno might be following Conan out the door thanks to the network’s unbelievably retarded handling of the situation, according to PopEater:

Sources close to former ‘Tonight Show’ host Jay Leno tell me he is furious with the way NBC has treated him and Conan O’Brien and is considering walking away from the entire mess with his head held high. “Now that Conan has made it clear he is leaving the troubled network, Jay is considering doing the same. They have put Jay in a terrible position. It looks like he is the reason that Conan is now without a job. Jay is a great guy and it’s not fair that due to NBC’s stupidity he looks like the bad guy,” a TV insider tells me.
“Plus, what happens when Jay does return to the 11:35 slot if his audience doesn’t immediately follow? How can he possibly trust the same network that canceled Conan after only seven months?”

So basically NBC’s entire late night lineup is about to be reduced to Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly which proves Jay Leno really can make me laugh. Never would’ve called that one.

Photo: Getty

  1. Its a good photo, Jay looks good. Well seems that he is not sure himself if he wants to be with NBC or not.

  2. Kit

    “Jay is a great guy and it’s not fair that due to NBC’s stupidity he looks like the bad guy.”

    Yeah. Sure. A great guy.
    This “great guy” could have simply said NO like the real great guy did when NBC decided to completely disrespect the iconic historic show known as The Tonight Show by moving it LITERALLY to air during the morning hours.

    Conan simply said no. Couldn’t have been easier.
    But, yeah, sure, Leno’s a great guy…
    Apparently Leno’s so thick even easy is difficult for him to do…but then again…Conan’s is a Harvard grad…so clearly things like logic and respect don’t escape him.

  3. Kit

    omg. are you serious people?
    you think that looks good?
    that looks like a f*ckin muppet.

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