Jay Leno wants to leave NBC

January 13th, 2010 // 55 Comments

While NBC wants him back on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno might be following Conan out the door thanks to the network’s unbelievably retarded handling of the situation, according to PopEater:

Sources close to former ‘Tonight Show’ host Jay Leno tell me he is furious with the way NBC has treated him and Conan O’Brien and is considering walking away from the entire mess with his head held high. “Now that Conan has made it clear he is leaving the troubled network, Jay is considering doing the same. They have put Jay in a terrible position. It looks like he is the reason that Conan is now without a job. Jay is a great guy and it’s not fair that due to NBC’s stupidity he looks like the bad guy,” a TV insider tells me.
“Plus, what happens when Jay does return to the 11:35 slot if his audience doesn’t immediately follow? How can he possibly trust the same network that canceled Conan after only seven months?”

So basically NBC’s entire late night lineup is about to be reduced to Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly which proves Jay Leno really can make me laugh. Never would’ve called that one.

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  1. Shinner23

    Seems to me that Leno is trying to look like a fellow victim here. Woe is me. F him!

  2. killerabbit

    That photo is adorable.

  3. Dr. Beardo

    That would be FANTASTIC…f**k NBC

  4. Dr. Beardo

    That would be AWESOME…f-ck NBC

  5. Stinky Louise

    I agree. Retire Jay, you suck anyway.

  6. stupidass

    i will either respect or really loathe jay in the coming weeks, depending on this outcome. if this is just talk to alleviate the heat he’s drawing, but then goes ahead with the move…..he’s a douchebag.

    okay okay , a BIGGER douchebag.

  7. jay leno is awesome!

    Why does everyone have a problem with Jay Leno? He is funny, imo! I have watched him since he took over the tonight show….and I was only around 10 years old then! I like Conan too, but his Tonight Show really has sucked…sorry everyone. I would laugh if they both up and left. Hehe….NBC is really going down the toilet!

  8. Jeff Zucker

    From what I’ve read, Leno doesn’t need the job or the money. Every penny he’s ever made from his Tonight Show salary went in the bank and he’s lived off the comedy income from his stand-up shows. Leno should take one year and move his late night show to Fox. The audience would dwarf Letterman and anything the maroons at NBPee could come up with.

  9. Another hater

    That would be the class thing for Leno to do, let’s hope he commits and pulls through with it. NBC screwed it all up, and they should be the ones to suffer all the BS. Right now, with their trying to make Conan look like some sort of stooge, even Fallon should think of running the other way..I, too, will be looking to see what Jay does before I pass final judgement on him.

  10. jzz

    FUck LEno, he is just trying to cover his ass after realizing everybody hates him now. This whole mess wouldn’t have started if he had refused to snatch back the 11:30 slot in the first place. He should have realized it is ridiculous to have a talk show on prime time Leno is a sneaky greedy bastard and it is almost too late to fix this mess. He should just leave and disappear . Stop pretending like he’s a victim because it is insulting to the viewers.

  11. I think it would be AWESOME if Jay and Conan left NBC. It’s what they deserve. The “Tonight Show” won’t be..”TONIGHT” if it’s at 12:05.. Won’t that be part of “Today” ?

  12. Another hater

    BTW, did anyone catch Jimmie Kimmel doing his whole show as Leno last night. It was spot on and hysterical….

  13. Area Man

    Nah – Conan is not out of a job because of Jay Leno. He’s out of a job because he’s not funny.

  14. twellve

    would be the first time he’s ever made me laugh. think late night tv’s better off w/out him. what we need is more craig ferguson!

  15. steve


    He is the funniest thing on NBC anyways.

    Also, please get rid of Fallon, and Carson Daly.

  16. that would be so epic if both conan and jay went to fox.

  17. Jon Slamm

    Do you people not see this as nothing more than damage control? Leak a rumor that he too is upset with the situation while in reality merrily hops back to the Tonight Show desk.

    If Jay was unhappy with the situation he could come out swinging instead of acting like a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar like he did during last night’s monologue.

  18. Tell NBC what you think about Jay,

    Jay Leno told Hitler his art was no good, and caused the Holocaust.


    Follow @weheartconan

  19. John

    To be fair to Jay, there has never been any real indication he was party to the insane decisions NBC has been making. It is a matter of record he had planned to retire when NBC conned him into the other show, and there hasn’t been anything to come out that paints him as having been the one behind any of the ongoings. His only real statement in the fast days was basically a big “I have no idea what’s going on”. And I think we can all agree that NBC is retarded enough to get something like this started without seeking the approval of any of their talk show hosts. The biggest condemnation of Jay on the publicity side has been based on something that was actually Jerry Seinfeld’s idiotic NBC party line comments about Conan which possibly unfairly got connected to Leno.

    The big thing now will be to see what their more neutral peers have to say about it. If guys like Patton Oswalt stand by their anti-Leno stance then it’s bad news for Jay since the odds are they are privy to things we are not–though as that goes both ways if you see similar people coming out saying “Jay had nothing to do with it” then he’s off the hook. (Assuming of course he doesn’t take the job back. If he does, all bets are off and it doesnt’t matter what his original role in it all was.)

  20. Valerie

    Who fucking cares?

  21. juggnuttz

    Conan should go to Fox, then he could get away with alot more like he did at the later time. I always did like Leno, but yeah if this is just some lip service, then screw him. If he does go and NBC is left with just Fallon and Douche… err i mean Daley, i too will laugh my fucking balls off!!!

    Maybe Jerry Seinfeld will come to NBC’s rescue and do a show that we can all not watch….

  22. Roughgasm

    Why do Jeff Zucker keep whistling when he’s sitting on his private toilet? Because it helps him remember which end he need to wipe. Hi ooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. jax

    conan signed that contract SIX YEARS AGO….why was Jay whining for his show up until a month before it came to fruition…did HE not know that Conan was signed sealed and delivered SIX YEARS before Jay was supposed to ‘retire?’

    jay is a whiny bitch who can’t take NO for an answer.
    “hey guys, am I funny?”


  24. Fat Chicks Suck

    I love Conan and for the most part find his version of The Tonight Show entertaining…but I can understand why the ratings have dropped. A good portion of people that watch the show are the typically older crowd that watch their crappy local news. The shift in humor between Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and Conan’s Tonight Show is significant and, while I find Conan much more entertaining, most older people do not. I think Conan’s Tonight Show started out strong with all of the footage he had from his time off…but it’s definitely slowed down and a lot of the jokes and sketches fall flat even for me. Not to mention in the 7 months Conan has been hosting the show there have been a lot higher percentage of lame guests. He’s had like 5 hot chicks on there TOTAL. Last night he had Tom Brocough (who I could see on TV every day) on with nothing great to say and the guy from CHUCK who talked about video games for 15 minutes. I’d never even heard of the musical guest!

    I wouldn’t watch The Tonight Show if Conan wasn’t the host…but I understand what is motivating NBC’s decision. They have lost viewers, they aren’t gaining viewers, and they’re under pressure in a desperate situation to revive their network. I’m not saying they made the right move (because they didn’t) but they obviously needed to do something and apparently this is the best thing they could come up with.

    I don’t think anybody is in the wrong here – I just think NBC could have come up with a better solution to this situation. If I was running a network with rapidly declining ratings and I had sponsors hitting the panic button I wouldn’t sit around and ride it out for a year or two to see what happens – I’d act immediately.

    No Tonight Show host is going to make everybody happy and save the network.

  25. Jeff Imelt

    How that retard, Jeff Zucker and the clowns running NBC still have jobs is beyond me!! GE stock is in the tank, loosing MILLIONS in value, and now the network and company are run my imbeciles!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ratings are horrible!
    F NBC!!!

  26. Roughgasm

    What a disaster! No, not these fat cats i mean Haiti…Im sending my next pay check over there….

  27. havoc

    Damage control. And pretty transparent at that…..


  28. Name (required):

    I can’t believe no one has made a “Conan is being treated like a red-headed step-child” remark.
    I’m losing faith in the commenters…..

  29. rumble grumble gurgle roar

    Jay Leno is a shark. This is nothing but a PR stunt…in the end, Conan will bow out gracefully…..Jay will accept, begrudgingly “a temporary thing” that leads to permanence. He screwed Letterman may years ago. Now, he’s cornholing Conan with that ego-heavy chin…in the end, it will look like NBC’s fault. And everyone will run back to Leno and his totally vanilla schtick.

  30. David L. New York, NY

    Jay, if you do it you will become worthy.

  31. George

    Something tells me Leno is trying to use the bad press/karma the world is giving him into getting an even bigger pay raise. Man, this guy is awful. Kimmel’s impression of him was dead on.

  32. Rick

    Leno is just doing damage control. He is being made to look as the bad guy, because he is the bad guy.

    He’s not even been close to being funny since starting the tonight show. Any “comedian” who will dumb down/tame his act that much for money is nothing but a whore.

  33. justin

    He’s totally trying to look like the good guy. What an ass.

  34. name

    well lets point it out jay was thinking bout retiring or going to a different network nbc did not want to loose jay to a different network because he would do a late nite show that would take viewers and ratings away from nbc they gave jay anything he wanted to keep him on the network that is why nbc did an ass move and put him on 5 days a week in prime time.
    connan was in place for 6 years to take over jay knew this its an a-hole move to get more money and now the whole network is suffering

    with all the other networks under the nbc banner jay could have been on cnbc ,bravo,MSNBC,TRIO,USA Network just to develop and test his show and nbc would not have suffered it is known the cable channels need fewer ratings to be a hit and if they wanted to shorter seasons and the replay of the show next day or all week would only help his show get better
    but its too late now

  35. BennyfromThames

    So let’s get this shit straight… NOW NBC might lose both Jay & Conan, but somehow decided to keep Jimmy Fallon, Carson Daley, and the whole SNL show still hasn’t been cancelled yet! REALLY that’s how NBC is rolling nowadays?! LOL, at this rate they would have better ratings if they put on nothing but dead air from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm followed by a picture of a turd for the next 3 hours.

  36. The Listener

    IMO Jay Leno is funnier than Conan.

    In all fairness, I watched 1 or 2 episodes of The Tonight Show when Conan first started hosting. I figured I’d try to keep an open mind and give him a chance. He’s OKAY, but not hilarious.

    I don’t blame Conan for leaving. NBC execs don’t know what the heck they’re doing. I don’t blame Jay for Conan’s leaving either.

    Let’s be honest, people. They both got screwed. Jay’s right to not trust NBC. If his ratings don’t rise back to what they were when he first had the 11:30PM time slot, NBC might let him go or shift his time slot again.

    I guess NBC execs have never heard the expression, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

  37. Justathought

    Hell people Jay may not be side splitting funny, but apparently neither is Conan or his ratings would be higher. I feel kinda bad for Conan but hatin’ Jay for getting paid, fuck what do you want him to do just walk away when NBC is practically throwing cash at him for Conan’s sake. Get real Conan is a grown ass man that is also another millionaire for god’s sake. Up until now NBC didn’t want to fire either of these plain white bread comedians just move em round a bit. Being mad at Jay is like being mad at Mickey Mouse over the fact that Disney doesn’t show Goofy enough. The clown in the mouse suit isn’t calling the big shots folks he’s just a dude waiting for his pay check.

  38. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD

    How much of a mega-bonus will the head of NBC get this year? I’m sure the people he surrounds himself with are praising him as a genius.

  39. Spin it all you want Jay, you’re still an unfunny fuck.

  40. Helena Handbasket

    What is wrong with these frickin’ baby boomers? Even when they’re sitting on a pile of gold, they won’t retire. It’s still all about their personal fulfillment, a bigger pension, their stupid grandkids, bla bla bla. Even at 65 they can’t stop competing. This same shit happens in my workplace. Move on, Jay.

  41. me again

    I wish Jay luck in whatever he does.

  42. Rags

    Good for Jay Leno, if he follows through.

    On a side note: How does Jimmy Fallon still have a job? He is NOT funny! He makes David spade look like a comic genius.

  43. Jay Leno have great action when he still at NBC. Good luck Jay….

  44. italvic

    Jay is an unfunny unattractive whiner. How he became famous is unbelievable to me. I dont get him. Hes hard to look at and hes not funny and he seems to always work in the background and people seem to fall. He wormed his way onto the tonight show when Johnny left and nows hes jerking Conan. What is the attraction to this guy that people want to watch him.

  45. TR4TEX@GMAIL.com

    Conan’s high school humor didn’t appeal to me when he was on after Leno. When he took over Jay’s spot, I never watched the tonight show. Good riddence!

  46. TR4TEX@GMAIL.com

    Conan’s high school humor didn’t appeal to me when he was on after Leno. When he took over Jay’s spot, I never watched the tonight show. Good riddence!

  47. gigi

    people actually watch NBC & give into this BS? f* them — watch Craig Ferguson!

  48. AMO

    After all that havoc he raised NOW he wants to up and leave? He’s such a f#cking brat! Just quit, drive around in your stupid old cars with your big a$s chin and your annoying voice and studdering self bc nobody thinks you’re funny anyway!

  49. joelseph

    It’s not NBC’s fault that Jay Leno left the TS (retired) and was claiming to be looking to do something else on a network. They had to move fast to find him something. NBC invented the 10pm thing. Yes, it did not work and it is NBC’s fault for considering moving him back to 1135 but it is JAY’s initial retirement that has caused the greatest amount of crap to happen.
    Jay “Brett Favre” Leno

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