Jay-Z Still Won’t Admit He Banged Rihanna In 2014

Jay-Z has finally opened up about the 2014 elevator incident with his sister-in-law Solange Knowles. In case you forgot, Solange slapped the hell out of Hova in an elevator while attending the Met Gala while Beyonce hissed like a reptile and spit acid on his face. Ok, that last part might not have happened, but the security footage was leaked to TMZ and it’s a firm reminder to never cross a woman from Houston, especially if she’s brandishing high heels as a weapon.

The only logical explanation as to why Solange threw claws on Jay-Z was that she had just found out first hand that the bazillionaire rapper probably has an affinity for butts other than his wife’s (**cough** Rihanna **COUGH-cuh-cough**). Despite some hints in his lyrics, Jay still won’t admit that he has been slamming side chicks throughout their relationship. He will admit that Solange is like a brother and that’s what brothers do… beat the shit out of each other.

“We’ve always had a great relationship,” the music mogul said on the podcast. “I fought my brothers and argued with my brothers my whole life. It just so happens, who we are, these things go into a different space, but it ain’t nothing.”

“We’ve had one disagreement ever,” he said. “Before and after, we’ve been cool. She’s like my sister. I will protect her. That’s my sister. Not my sister-in-law. My sister.” (HuffPost)

It’s interesting that Solange calling out her brother-in-law for cheating on her sister is what Jay-Z calls “a disagreement”. Most folks would classify that as an “I got my ass handed to me” moment.

I doubt anyone will admit who (or what) Jay-Z put his penis inside to warrant Solange’s elevator attack, but until then we just have to come to terms that the Beyonce/Jay-Z mafia won’t ever let this information out. When you’re one of the entertainment biz’ mafia’s Nuova Camorra Organizzata – these kinds of things tend to stay under wraps… if you know what’s good for ya.