Jay Z Is Cheating On Beyonce With This?

June 10th, 2014 // 48 Comments
Here Comes Capt. Obvious
Jay Z Solange Fight Elevator
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Rumors that Jay Z allegedly cheated on Beyonce with 1Oak VIP hostess Casey Cohen have barely had time to make the full Internet rounds, and yet here are bikini pictures of her already because clearly some asshole will run them without hesitating to rack up pageviews. – *pets white puma* – As for what Casey gets out of this, the options are literally limitless: A book deal. Her own reality show without other bitches on it. A famous rapper’s baby in her. This is America. Fortune favors the shitty.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Deacon Jones

    Surprise, surprise.

    Busted, but the brothers love the white women!

  2. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
    Commented on this photo:

    Rachel Uchitel was a “hostess” too, right? And look what wonders she did for Tiger’s career. Goodbye, Jay Z. You had a good run. 99 Problems and a bitch is one!

  3. Trencher

    Which one the blonde or the leprechaun?

  4. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
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    Beyoncé’s better looking, but at least Casey’s sister won’t smack him around in an elevator.

  5. I was going to ask: “Cheating with the ass or the man face?” Then I saw I had miscounted the man faces.

  6. If you’re crazy enough to risk half of your $550 million fortune over some pussy… shouldn’t said pussy be way hotter than that?

    I know Jay Z wakes up every morning looking like that butt-ugly mofo Sean Carter (see what I did here?), but he’s still Jay Z, dammit! Get better side-pieces, you dumbass…

    • … or, you know, do not cheat on your wife at all.

      LOL, I know, I know… just inconceivable, amirite?

      • TurdBurglar

        If mother nature didn’t mean for us to sleep with multiple women, we would only have one penis.’

        Seriously though, MightyMad, nothing is more glorious than new pussy.

      • Deacon Jones

        Especially if you met her at a bar that night!

    • Exactly – if you’re going to risk a total PR meltdown by cheating on your powerhouse wife, at least get with someone who has the appropriate hottness to the situation.

    • How the hell is he risking half his fortune? Beyonce is as rich as he is, maybe even richer, plus they have a pre-nup I am sure. Beyonce is not some brokeass gold digger nanny with no job and no means of support.

      • Beyonce is worth around $350 millions – a goddamn fortune, but obviously not at all close to what Carter is pulling.

        And if you truly believe there’s no ‘cheating clause’ in their prenup that won’t make Jay wishes he kept it in his pants, you have no idea how vindictive a scorned black woman can be.

        Even when they come as lilly-white as Beyoncé.

      • You only get spousal support if you need it, she does not need it, she would not get a dime. Even in Tiger’s case where he ponied up more money than he was required to in the prenup, he only gave up about a tenth of his net worth or so, maybe just a little bit more and that was because his wife was an unemployed brokeass gold digger and he banged about 30 women. Jay Z will be just fine.

  7. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
    Jack Ketch
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  8. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
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    “Ha, ha, you’re right, Casey! I’m on this side of the fence with you, and your ass is STILL greener!”

  9. it had to be said

    This whole issue has already been settled in the rap community. Beyonce needs to get with the program. Big Boi helped clarify that these blonde white girls are kryptonite for black men, and Common clarified that getting a little head isn’t even cheating.

    Sheesh. Why’s Beyonce being such a bitch?

  10. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
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    Make sense to me

  11. Harriscandoit

    I would take this chick over Beyonce any day of the week. That’s just personal preference though to each their own.

  12. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
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    I’d rather bang the chick in the background. She’s already in position.

  13. Oh BABY

    Because ‘Murica.

  14. Perfect

    UMMMM… That chick was on a reality show. She was on that “Princesses: Long Island” about those useless rich Jewish girls. It was on Bravo (surprise, surpise) . The leprechaun with her, Ashley, was the worst of the bunch. That girl is a dumb bitch.

  15. paul

    The girl in the back has a much better ass…

  16. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
    Commented on this photo:

    Homewrecking is hilarious! Don’t get me wrong, if it’s true I blame both this chick and Jay-Z equally, but alliteration makes me giggle and I’m really here only for my own amusement.

  17. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
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    She looks like Judith Light from Who’s the Boss.

  18. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
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    Rule 1: Always surround yourself with trolls and reptiles to make yourself look that much better.

    Personally, I think she looks hot without the fat chick next to her.

  19. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
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    She’s not too terribly bad. Good legs. Decent tits. Acceptable face and hair. Her waist-to-hip ratio could be a little more defined, but what the fuck, nobody’s perfect.

  20. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
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    Is the peculiar-looking brunette just a friend of hers, a lover, or her baby sister who was dropped on her head when she was 4 months old?

  21. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
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    Giggle, giggle, giggle…What the fuck have these women been smoking?

  22. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
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    She was on Princesses: Long Island on Bravo last year. Her friend is a bizarre little troll, Ashley White. Me thinks something in the milk ain’t clean!

  23. She’s not bad at all, if you know you can’t keep your dick in check, why get married in the first place? Why risk losing half your shit when you can just keep it and do whatever you want with it?

    I’ll never understand why rich people get married.

    I believe Jay-Z and Beyonce’s marriage is a sham anyway.

  24. Homey

    Face of Butter

  25. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
    Sim sim
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    Well they say, you havent made it, til you had a white girl….

  26. Well, there goes half a billion dollars.

  27. anonym

    Jew likes the black dick.

    She looks like Nina Hartley when she was younger.

  28. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
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    Sandy! Long time no see! How have you been?
    Lost weight? Looks like it.
    I told you those brown streaks would heal.

  29. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
    Don Draper's Dad
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    The Tiger Woods is strong with this one.

  30. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
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    look like another T.WOOD!! i hope not.

  31. Casey Cohen Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce
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  32. Not a bad looking woman. Presents me as the type that was willing to get crazy freaky with Jay Z, just like those ugly chicks did with Tiger.

    Keep in mind that when women like this get banged by famous dudes, the guy isn’t doing it because he wants a relationship, he’s doing it because the woman he is banging is disposable and available. Jigga Man didn’t want a relationship, he wanted a distraction.

    The problem is that these women think that just because they were/are some famous dudes cum dumpster, that makes them special. No, no it does not. It just means you were available.

  33. AP

    BAHAHA. This girl was in my graduate Art Ed classes at NYU. We all weren’t sure what she was doing there, as she was a club hostess and seemed to completely not care about teaching…

    I watched her in a couple episodes of that deplorable princesses of Long Island reality show. Good to see she’s really making the most of that degree.

  34. Jamal

    With this? Are you kidding??? Fuck yes with this!!!!!!

  35. Huh. I guess you can get sick of steak.

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