Jay Leno: Master Of Disguise

Since leaving The Tonight Show, Jay Leno has continued his web series about cars, which I guess NBC also runs somewhere because they have a certain number of Monica Lewinsky jokes they must air or they’ll die. Anyway, according to IMDb there’s a new 60 min version in the works, so in classic network television style, they through together a lazy promotional stunt with one of those hot new apps the youth are all playing with. Which meant, last night, a few lucky UberBLACK customers in LA got Jay wearing Leonardo DiCaprio’s beard to drive them to an ironic reading of a bad screenplay at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery — A promotion I’m sure didn’t backfire spectacularly when the only passengers he picked up were hipsters who didn’t give a fuck because they were always more into vintage Tom Snyder VHS tapes that were being passed around when Jay was on the air.

Jay Leno Undercover Uber Driver
“Let’s test this out, ‘Hey, Jay!'”
“Ready to go, guy!”
“NO! You’re only supposed to respond to Jimmy! I don’t know if we can pull this off…”

Jay Leno Undercover Uber Driver

“Right, I get the goatee, these guys are probably all rapists, but why did you cover my neck with cocaine?”

Jay Leno Undercover Uber Driver

“Alright, whoever’s feeding my lines through this thing, give me all the Dale Earnhardt material you’ve go– the fuck you mean dated reference? *tears out earpiece*

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Photo: Maciel/NGRE/Roger/AKM-GSI

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