Jax Taylor Just Realized He Told Everyone He Banged Lindsay Lohan

“Who’s got a gram of blow and doctors who told him these lesions were only the beginning? THIS GUY!”

Jax Taylor went on Watch What Happens Live on Monday and sat there while his friend basically told the world that Jax would fuck the Outbreak monkey if it had giant freckled tits. And even though his dick just got called Typhoid Mary, Taylor just sat there cheesing and acknowledging the whole thing, because cocaine makes every idea seem great. Via People:

“It was just once,” a blushing Taylor, 36, revealed. “She was great. It was a long time ago.”

Which brings us to two days later, the exact amount of time it took everyone in this twat smear’s life to go “Thanks, man, now we have to burn everything in our house that you touched,” because he’s telling TMZ he didn’t touch her. Of course, we’re dealing with the same asshole who got caught stealing sunglasses, so maybe Lindsay Lohan was just using her most effective weapon to eliminate the competition. In case I’m not being clear. I’m talking about her vagina. Lindsay Lohan’s vagina will kill you dick first.

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Photo: Instagram